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How to Get FREE Instagram 5000 Reels Likes 2022: Real & No bots

Are your reels likes few even though with over 10k views? Read "how to get Instagram 5000 reels likes free 2022" and get the problem solved now after!

Updated 2022-01-26 14:50:30 | by Wen

August 5, 2020, Instagram announced Instagram reels to meet the challenge brought by TikTok. Instagram Reels went viral in a short time, as it gives people more freedom to produce content that can capture others’ attention fast. It also becomes the new element that can make a difference with Instagram engagement. However, did you find that even if the video views are over 10k, it's hard to get more than 5000 reels likes? Here comes the question, how to get reels like on Instagram, and how to get them free?

Today, we will discuss how to get Instagram 5000 reels likes free and the reasons why 5000-likes is important. Keep reading and you’ll know.

Instagram 5000 Reels Likes Free

Benefits of Instagram 5000 Reels Likes

Some of you might say it’s hard to get even a hundred likes, how could I get 5000 Instagram reels likes? Let’s first see what do 5000 Instagram reels likes mean.

Increase profile visits and get organic followers

First of all and also the top reason, reels can turn the people who like your post into followers furthest in a short time.  As reels goes viral on Instagram, the main followers and profile reach are now come from reels instead of from posts before.

The Benefits of 5000 Reels Likes on Instagram 

More visibility

If we reached 5000 reels likes, Instagram seemed to pick up our videos and show them to the non-followers. Getting more visibility is inevitable. What does that mean? It means that Instagram would do a free promotion for our Instagram and we would get new followers and visits to the profile. Good data brings good results.

Business: Brand recognition 

As mentioned above, Instagram 5000 reels likes will increase our account visibility and bring good results, and brand recognition is one of those. How many views do 5000 reels likes have? The number is 100% higher than likes. 5000-likes means that your brand was seen by over 10k people and even more. The proportion between views and likes is different by the engagement rate.

How to Get Instagram 5000 Reels Likes Free & No Bots

#1. Hashtags always matters

Hashtags has been emphasized on many platforms by lots of bloggers. It’s also the crucial tip to start the work if we want to get Instagram 5000 reels likes. Hashtags can strengthen a brand image, increase engagement, attract followers and help to categorize posts, so forth. There's an advantage that only reel hashtags have is that reel video will be on the top of the hashtag for a few days. 

Instagram Reels Hashtags for 5000 Instagram Reels Likes

Q&A about Instagram reels hashtags

1. How many hashtags can we add?

The more the better, but the maximum number of hashtags on Reels is 30.

2. Will our reels caption be confused with too many hashtags?

No, it won’t. While adding hashtags, leaving several blank lines, and adding hashtags at the end. Reels caption only shows the first line. 

3. What kinds of hashtags should we use for reels?

The more the hashtags are used, the greater the competition is. We should use hashtags with good content and related to the videos.

4. Where to find hashtags?

Find out what hashtags do other similar videos use, check the quality of the hashtag. Or, we can use the GetinsCap app, which can generate quality and related hashtags for the video.

#2. Make the video quality higher or the content attractive

Hashtags is the way to guide people to our reels, while the video content can decide whether they would stay. How to make the video quality higher and the content attractive so that we can win Instagram 5000 reels likes free?

Step 1:  No matter what devices to shoot the video, make the video images clear and stable. 

Step 2:  Write down a video script based on the 5W1H principle – when, where, who, what, why, and how.

Step 3:  Camera movement plays a vital role in filmmaking. Use it well.

Step 4:  Edit the video, combine several clips into a whole video, make the transition between clips smooth, and add BGM. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit videos, here are apps that can help you edit videos as easily as possible. 

Video Editor AppsCompatible Devices
InShot Android, iOS
SpliceAndroid, iOS
FilmoraGoAndroid, iOS
KineMasterAndroid, iOS
VN Video Editor Android, iOS

#3. Schedule the update frequency & know the best time to upload

As professional reels makers, to get more Instagram reels likes, we must schedule the post time and stick to it. It’s a way to build trust between you and the audience. For example, you made a schedule for 1 video per week and upload it every Wednesday, then you can’t miss the day to upload. The update frequency might bring loyal followers to your Instagram. But too many uploads will decrease people’s curiosity.

To get Instagram 5000 reels likes free, there’s one more thing to focus on – what are the hot topics to participate in currently. Under that condition, we can change the uploading date.  

After we have decided on how often to upload the video, next we need to know what the best time of a day to upload is. We can figure it out from 2 questions.

First, what’s the active time of your followers on Instagram?

Second, what’s the active time for Instagram reels in your country? For example, the best time to upload reel in EST are as bellows:

  • Monday: 6AM - 10AM; 10PM - 11PM

  • Tuesday: 2AM - 4AM; 8AM - 10AM

  • Wednesday: 7AM - 8AM; 10PM - 11PM

  • Thursday: 9AM - 12AM; 7PM - 8PM

  • Friday: 4AM - 5AM; 1PM - 3PM

  • Saturday: 10AM -11AM; 7PM - 8PM

  • Sunday: 7AM - 8AM; 4PM – 6PM

Instagram 5000 Reels Likes Free – Best Time for Reels

#4. Promote videos on other platforms

Instagram loves the content that is viewed from other places. After we upload the video, don’t disregard it. To get 5000 Instagram reels likes, it’s also important to promote our videos.

We can share the video on other platforms, such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, or chat groups, etc. The more views we get from the third-places, the more chance that Instagram would increase the video visibility. Or, you can ask for the help of your friends and ask them if they could share videos in their feeds or other platforms.

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#5. Get new followers, build loyal audiences

One last thing that we can do to get Instagram 5000 reels likes free is to get Instagram followers and make them be our loyal audiences. Followers affect Instagram reels views, and views affect likes. Why not solve the reels likes’ problem from the source? However, how to get new and free Instagram followers fast? That is a question.

InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita is a free tool to help people get real followers fast. It offers a fast but safe way to get more Instagram followers free. Some services support followers speedily increase in a short time whereas InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita provides a more organically and reasonable increasing mode. The app is available both in App Store and Play Store. It’s a trustworthy tool that is also used by many influencers’ managers. 

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Follow the steps below to get free and real followers fast. 

Step 1: Download the Instagram followers app and sign up. (Android)

Step 4: Receive the welcome bonus, and add your Instagram ID. You are allowed to 5 accounts at most.

Step 3: Do tasks to collect coins on the “Get Coins” page, such as “follow” tasks and “like” tasks. The more coins you have, the more followers you will get in this Instagram Reels likes app.

Instagram 5000 Reels Likes Free - GetInsta

Step 4: Go to the page next to “Get Coins”, select the follower’s number you want to get, and publish a task so that other users will follow your account.

5000 Instagram Reels Likes Free

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Final Thoughts

Instagram reels is a good opportunity for business and personal. It has a bright future and will keep developing. It can also improve the overall Instagram engagement. To get Instagram 5000 reels likes free and Instagram reels views free might be hard but possible. Now, start to make your reels videos viral!

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