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How to Find and Remove Inactive Instagram Followers in 2021

This blog collects the feasible methods on how to find and remove inactive Instagram followers. Please read the following page to learn about more.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Neal

It is easy to see that inactive Instagram followers will not bring you any value. Even they will hurt your Instagram popularity. But don't worry much about that. Just reading this guide, you will know how to find and remove inactive followers on Instagram. Besides, this guide will show the right way to grow your active Instagram followers. 

Inactive Instagram Followers

Title List

How to Find and Remove Inactive Instagram Followers: Basic Solution

Before removing them, you'd better check if they are really some unknown accounts. Inactive Instagram users usually are bots or abandoned accounts, owning some similar features. Here are the lists of the features of these Instagram inactive followers: 

  • No profile picture and bio

  • No posts and followers

  • No posts in the latest months

  • Random numbers in usernames (fake or bots)

If you see accounts with these features, you should consider them as inactive followers. You’d better remove them. Here are the steps on how to remove inactive followers on Instagram by hand.

Step 1: Click “Followers” and check the follower list.

Step 2: Tap on “Remove” on the right of the inactive followers

Step 3: Confirm “Remove” and you make it.

How to Remove Inactive Followers on Instagram

Find and Remove Inactive Followers on Instagram: Premium Way

If you own a large number of followers, it becomes hard to verify and remove them one by one, which wastes much time. So to figure out the problem, Here are 2 useful apps that work in 2021 to help you find and remove inactive followers on Instagram easily.

Crowdbabble – Find Inactive Instagram Followers Easily

If you own a large number of followers, how to find inactive Instagram followers fast and easily? Crowdbabble, designed to provides powerful social media analytics for busy marketers, allows you the function to analyze your Instagram followers. It will report to you about how they interact with you on Instagram, like the number of likes and comments. You just need to check the last part of this report, 0 likes, 0 comments, and low engagement. You can easily find inactive Instagram followers by data and clean them. 

How to Find Inactive Followers on Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram – Remove Batch Instagram Followers

This is a simple app to help you clean batch Instagram followers easily. After you launch this app on your device, you can select all Instagram inactive followers and then clean them with one-click. Besides, if you want to clear inactive users in your following list, it works too.

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Then: How Should You Get Active Instagram Followers?

After removing inactive followers on Instagram, you will lose some or many followers. You'd better get active Instagram followers to make up for it? So is there a feasible and easy way? Yes! Here is the best Instagram followers increaser, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita.

InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita builds a platform gathering over 5M+ real and active Instagram followers to follow each other. Once you publish an order with free coins, plenty of Instagram users will come to follow you. Now once you register and log in to the app, you will get coins. Besides, you can get more coins by doing tasks on InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita. Thus, you can gain unlimited free Instagram followers on this InstaModa followers APK & App.

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Besides free and active followers, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita also guarantees instant delivery. Once you publish the order, you will see an instant increase within 5 minutes. Usually, all followers will be sent within 24 hours. And InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita also protects the safety and privacy of your account. You don't need to enter your passwords or verify your email to gain real followers. And no survey will be sent to you. Just try InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita to get real Instagram followers quick & free.

Why Should You Remove Inactive Followers Instagram 2021?

Make sure Instagram won't treat your account as inactive.

You should keep in mind that Instagram is a social media to build relationships among people. So Instagram doesn’t like inactive accounts. If you own a large part of followers you make little interactions with, Instagram is likely to treat you as an inactive account too. Then your engagement and exposure will be reduced, which is harmful to your popularity on Instagram.

Make sure Instagram users won't treat your account as a cheat.

Although it seems that you own a large number of followers, only a few interact with you. It may give a sign to your audience – you may buy many followers to cheat them. That is really not good.

Make sure you can manage Instagram accounts better.

If you have any business purposes on Instagram, you’d better get rid of inactive Instagram followers. On the one hand, they won’t create any value for you; on the other, they will mislead you in making judgments on real followers.

Bottom Line

After reading this, believe you have known how to find and remove inactive Instagram followers, how they affect your account as well. Sometimes it is a warning that deserves observing and you need to take measures to manage accounts better. All the solutions to get rid of them are worth a try. Besides, if you want to get more followers and popularity on Instagram, never try to buy inactive, fake, or bot followers. The better way is to use an app, like InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita to get real and verified Instagram followers, which will bring you value.

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