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How to Use IGTV on Instagram to Reach Your Goal Successfully [2021]

IGTV is a well-received feature on Instagram. How to use it and get more views? The article shows you the ultimate guide to use IGTV on Instagram.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

We all know that you can only post a video within 60 seconds long on Instagram feed and within 15 seconds in length on Instagram Story. How to be competitive and attract more users from YouTube who are keen on making videos without limit in length and convert them into Instagram users? Then a new feature on Instagram appears - IGTV, or Instagram TV, allowing users to create longer videos. Where is IGTV and how to use it to promote your brand? The article shows you the ultimate guide about how to use IGTV on Instagram and how to get more IGTV views. Keep reading and know more things related to IGTV. 

IGTV on Instagram

Title List

Where is IGTV on Instagram?

IGTV has a similar function to YouTube, on which you can create a channel and upload long-form videos on it. It is accessible from Instagram or as a standalone app. If you want to have one more app, then download IGTV from App Store or Play Store. But if you want to use it only on the Instagram app, it is easy. The first thing is to make sure where it is. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone. At the top right of the homepage, there is an IGTV icon that closes to the Direct icon. Before using IGTV, there are some requirements for videos you need to know for a better experience.

IGTV requirements

Detailed info about the rule and specifications of IGTV is below.

Video length

It’s the most appealing point that urges users to use IGTV. For common accounts, videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long are allowed. The good news is that if your account is verified, uploading a video up to 60 minutes long is fine. Anyway, the length is longer than videos on Instagram feed or story.

Video format and size

Even though there are various formats for a video, only videos in MP4 file format are accepted. To meet the demand of most video creators that use smartphones all the time, videos should be vertical with a minimum aspect ratio of 4:5 and a maximum of 9:16. As for the video size, the maximum size for a 10-minute video or less is 650MB and 5.4GB for a video up to 60 minutes.

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How to Use IGTV on Instagram to Post Videos?

Knowing where the IGTV is, you can post videos to IGTV as many as you like. Same as YouTube, you need to create a channel before starting to upload a video. To publish a video on IGTV Instagram is simple. Here we show you detailed steps to post videos to IGTV from the native Instagram app, which is easy and saves the storage of your phone without downloading another app.

1. Open the Instagram app and tap the IGTV icon in the top right of Feed.

How to Do on IGTV Instagram - Step 1

2. Tap the gear icon, “Create Channel”, and following the steps. Channel is created.

How to Post IGTV Instagram - Step 2

3. Tap your profile icon, “Upload Video”, and choose a video from your Camera Roll. 

How to Use IGTV Instagram - Step 3

4. After choosing a video, you need to decide on the cover image, write a title and description. 

5. The final step is to tap “Post” and the video is seen on your IGTV.

How to Use IGTV on Instagram - Step 5

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How to Use IGTV on Instagram to Watch Videos?

IGTV is built for full-screen vertical videos. So on mobile, you could get the best experience for watching a video. How to watch your own IGTV videos? Simple! Tap the IGTV icon and your profile, you’ll see all the IGTV videos. Others can like, comment and share your videos with others. As for videos of others, you’ll see the four sections after tapping the IGTV icon: For You, Following, Popular, History. In the first section, you’ll discover more videos that recommend to you automatically. In the “Following” section, videos from users whom you follow on Instagram are displayed one by one. The “Popular" section shows you the latest highly praised videos. The last section displays videos you’ve seen before. 

What if you want to promote your brand as much as possible and increase reach on Instagram? You can share a video of high-quality on Instagram story to enable more users to view your videos. 

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How to Get Free IGTV views?

  1. Add hashtags to your video caption

  2. Create high-quality and UGC videos

  3. Encourage followers to view IGTV videos

  4. Promote your video on your Instagram story

  5. Try to add your video to the "Popular" section

  6. Choose the best time to post a video

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Bottom Line

IGTV is a fantastic feature that assists you to create and post a long video. Like, comment, share, these functions are also accessible on IGTV on Instagram. If you use IGTV well and post videos contain user-generated content, it is likely to increase engagement and become a new platform for you to promote a brand in the way you like.

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