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Best 12 IG Marketing Tips: Promote Your Business and Make Money

Read this page and get to know top IG marketing tips. Use these Instagram marketing tips to improve your business and make money!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

There is no doubt that Instagram has already become the most popular social media. Because of its popularity, lots of business work happen on it with 200 million people involved. According to the data of Statista, the number of businesses on Instagram has more than 25 million till the last year. And the number will only go to get higher over time. This is when it becomes especially important to market effectively on IG. Read this page and learn 13 selected IG marketing tips. Promote yourself on it and make money.


Get a Business Account at First

At the very beginning of learning IG marketing tips, you should have a business account. Some functions that are only available for business accounts. If you have a personal account, you can easily change it into a business account with just a few taps.  

Step 1:  Download Instagram and log in.

Step 2:  Find the "Accounts" in the settings, and then choose "switch to professional account".

Once your account is set up, you are ready to market. The best 12 top tips for Instagram marketing will be introduced one by one. These tips are divided into four parts according to their different roles in Instagram marketing. Build up relationships with audiences, make posts attractive, boost Instagram profile, and hack followers.

Marketing Tips for Instagram: Promote Yourself

Apart from carefully design your personal profile, there is something more you need to pay attention to.

The cover of Instagram stories and highlights

This may be a place that always is neglected. You can choose your top stories and make them an album. Then the stories will not disappear after 24 hours. The covers of them are also can be customed. Interesting, thematic, and unified covers can make your profile more attractive and better understanding. Check the example of @heyvalinski, she is an illustrator. Her style is colorful, and these covers not only work well with her style but also allow first-time visitors to get to know her faster and better through them.


Set up a shop

Remember the first part that mentioned the need for a business account? Only a business account can set up a shop in its profile. Instagram allows business accounts to set up an online shop which is much easier and cheaper than to establish a brand or open a shop in bricks.

With the "View Shop" button, customers can directly access your shop and quickly look through your products.


Cooperate with influencers

This is one of the great marketing tips for Instagram. It can largely improve your exposure and awareness. Moreover, with their millions of followers, your products may sell out overnight. Remember to choose influencers with good reputations. Some influencers are hot popular but they have a bad reputation. Cooperate with them, even though your products have exposure but this is not good for you to build up a good brand image.

Instagram Marketing Tips – Make Posts Attractive

After setting your profile, you will now consider how to arrange your posts which is the most important part of how to market a business on Instagram. As a photo-sharing-oriented social platform, Instagram has many functions that can make your pictures and videos better. Let's see what functions can be used as IG marketing tips.

Carousel Ads

A carousel post can show more information about your products. Besides, compared with posts with a single picture, it is more active and attractive because people will want to see what is on the last picture. You can put the details of your products right after them. Check how to do a carousel post on Instagram here.

Post behind scenes by Instagram reels

Reels are short-term videos actually. People can make 15-second videos with effects and audios. There is no doubt that videos can get more engagement than pictures. In addition to that, reels can show your life and your products vividly to your audiences. A good video can bring you more IG reels views and that means more potential customers. You can release the production process of the product, you can also send behind-the-scenes footage, which can bring you and your customers closer together and enhance the credibility. Remember to share your reels in your feed, then your audiences can view them. Moreover, your videos can be found on explore page which gives you a chance to promote in a larger market.


IGTV is also helpful. It is another Instagram marketing tips for business. Compared with reels, it is much longer. If you have more information to deliver, you can try IGTV Instagram.

Using stickers on Instagram stories

IG Stories are one of the best Instagram marketing tips. people always tap one's profile photo to get to someone's profile, and Instagram Story takes advantage of this habit and makes profile photo the entry of IG Story. IG story can show your audiences the latest of your products and you can put a sticker on it to make the post interesting and attractive.

A countdown sticker is a good choice when you want to set up a time-limited promotion. A gift card sticker is a good way to connect you and your followers. A vote sticker allows followers to interact with you, increasing the connection between you and them and improving engagement. It is good for you to build a good relationship with your audience.

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Carefully write your captions

Although Instagram is mainly about photos and video sharing, the captions are also playing a role in IG marketing tips. If you are in the field of beauty, clothing, jewelry, etc. which is also the main focus of Instagram users, you can use some cute emojis and compelling fonts to decorate your captions. They can grab people's attention and also help you mark the key points, compared with traditional single captions. Furthermore, do not forget to "call to action" if you publish a new product. If you do not know what caption is the best for your post, you can use some Instagram captions generators for help.

IG Marketing Tips – Build up a Relationship with the Audiences

In this part, you will see 2 Instagram marketing tips that can help build up a good relationship with your audiences as audiences are the most important thing if you want to make money.

Find out what your audiences like

Many people will say, keep your character set is important, do not change yourself because of others. But you should know what your followers like or what they want then you can give them more and make them feel that they are listened, they are needed.

Go live

This can be regarded as the best method to shorten the distance between you and your audiences. The biggest difference between live and other forms of posts is immediacy. You can communicate with your followers with no time lag. Read their comments and answer their questions will be a good topic for going live. Do not forget to tell your audiences the time when you go live in advance.

Adjust IG marketing tips in time

The last but not least tip for you is to adjust your marketing strategies in time. You should adjust your current strategy according to changes in audience activity. People like to watch videos, then give them more videos. The carousel posts have higher engagement, then make more carousel posts or ads. In a word, give your audiences what they want, but remember that you should never satisfy every wish of them. You can monitor your followers' activity by Creator Studio.

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The Bottom Line

The passage introduces you 12 top IG marketing tips. they are divided into 4 parts according to their different roles. They are not isolated. When you start to market, you should combine them. The first thing to do is create a business account, the most important thing is to adjust your strategies in time. The most valuable thing to do is hack IG followers and likes for you cost no money. So, don't wait, move your finger and try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita!

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