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Want to Buy Instagram Likes in iDigic? 3 Things You Need to Know About iDigic Likes

iDigic claims to offer high-quality Instagram likes. Are iDigic likes trustworthy ones? This passage will analyze its services in terms of safety, price, and quality.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gary

Something that Instagram users always struggle with is how to get authentic followers. This dilemma could be less challenging when you get enough Instagram likes as supplements. Nobody would bother to check out if your likes come from real people. This phenomenon gives so much room for Instagram likes hackers – iDigic. ‘How’re iDigic likes?’, ‘Are they legit?’ Today please walk along with this article and check out if this tool is a trustworthy one. 

Cover of Buy iDigic Likes

IDigic Likes Review 

iDigic emphasizes providing a quick and easy solution for those who want to improve their Instagram accounts. Basically, there are three major ways of doing so, they are buying likes, buying followers, and buying views. Three elements decide the engagement of any Instagram users' profiles.

Frankly speaking, iDigic Instagram likes to some degree, do comply with the statement that they deliver instant likes, but, when we dig deeper, imperfection occurs (which will be explained later). 

iDigic follower is undoubtedly the best-selling service of iDigic. But the level of popularity cannot match with users’ satisfaction. In fact, in many users’ eyes, iDigic follower is a total letdown to them. Details for this condition will be demonstrated later, you can also click the link and reach them right away. 

All right, the words above are some brief introductions about iDigic’s main products. Let’s start with an analysis of iDigic likes and then dive into everything you need to know about iDigic – the price, safety, and quality of its products.

Buy Many iDigic Likes

[The First Thing You Have to Know] Is iDigic A Legit Tool to Increase Instagram Likes?


iDigic is an experienced company whose history could trace back to the year 2011. It is a mature company that commits itself to sell packages of likes and followers to users and helps build up their accounts' strength. This site operates so far so well, and very rarely does it violate the policies of Instagram or more severely, the Internet.  

[The Second Thing You Need to Know] How Much Do I Need to Spend on Buying iDigic likes?

IDigic offers different plans to meet different demands. The sheet given below could be good references for you to choose the most suitable plan.

Total ExpensesPrice Per Like
100 Likes2.95 Bucks0.029 Buck
250 Likes4.95 Bucks0.019 buck
500 Likes6.95 Bucks0.013 Buck
1,000 Likes12.95 Bucks0.012 Buck
1,500 Likes29.95 Bucks0.019 Buck
5,000 Likes39.95 Bucks0.007 Buck
10,000 Likes69.95 Bucks0.006 Buck

The most cost-effective plan definitely comes to the last package, but for those who don’t wish to invest too much, the middle one – 1000 likes should be the best choice.

Steps to buying Instagram likes:

Step 1. To purchase a specific plan, firstly you need to type in your Instagram username, 

Step 2. Then, select the photos or videos on your profile that you want to boost, and hit 'Continue.’

Buy iDigic Likes By Inserting Ins ID

Step 3. Finally, complete the checkout and wait for the bill to come into being.

[The Third Thing You Need to Know] How’s the Quality of iDigic likes?

Above the pass line.

Users do need to take this site critically since it is most likely to exaggerate its products. iDigic Instagram likes, according to iDigic’s propaganda, mainly have 3 merits. They are quick deliverance, split likes for other pictures, and qualified likes from real people. 

Yet the thing is that iDigic never fulfill its commitment to distribute real likes from real people and this truth is exactly why users leave negative comments to this site one after another. 

The locations of the profiles remain to be big problems too. Most of the likes that users bought are from developing countries like Asia, Russian, and India. Very rare profiles are from developed countries, this is really annoying if you plan to cultivate a reputable account in your neighborhoods, but not that big deal if the audience of your account comes from the world. 

Extra Tips for iDigic Likes – Other Services & Users’ Comments

• How’s the Performance of Other iDigic Services?


We all know that a successful Instagram account is determined by the number of its followers and then the number of likes of every post. The number of views also adds weight to an account. iDigic offers Instagram likes, followers, and video views, and rolls out different packages for users. Let's see if the followers and views are worth our money.

Buy followers:

Let’s get straight to the point and accept the fact that iDigic followers are not qualified enough. Even though they do have positive sides like quick delivery after payment, but that cannot offset the bad influence of its unstable followers and fake account problem – these issues won’t improve even if you buy its premium plans. Click to see how to hack real followers in minutes.

Here are the expenses of each plan of iDigic followers: 

Total Expenses Price Per Follower
100 Followers2.95 Bucks0.029 Buck
250 Followers4.95 Bucks0.019 Buck
500 Followers6.95 Bucks0.013 Buck
1,000 Followers12.95 Bucks0.012 Buck
2,500 Followers29.95 Bucks0.011 Buck
5,000 Followers39.95 Bucks0.007 Buck

Here are some real comments from users of iDigic: 

1. It is good to split likes into several posts respective.

2. The deliverance is truly quick.

3. iDigic likes grow unnaturally and they are from bot accounts.

4. iDigic followers are inactive and from developing countries. 

5. iDigic followers are decreasing several days after dealing. 

How much iDigic needs to catch up with its alternatives remain unknown, but for users, it is better to save their energy and turn to another buying likes tool. The next part is a dedicated Instagram marketing tool. As an optimum alternative to iDigic, let’s see how does it surpass iDigic. 

An Equivalent Product to Substitute iDigic Likes

GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is another complete solution for increasing Instagram followers and likes. Possessing intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use functions as well as responsible after-sales services, this application is receiving more and more positive comments from all over the world. 

Here is a sheet exhibiting all the features and prices of iDigic and GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita

iDigic GetInsta
Multiple Packages for LikesYESYES
Price of the Best Seller (1K likes)12.95 bucks15.59 bucks
Quality of LikesLOWHIGH
Speed of DeliveringFASTFAST
Free LikesNOYES
Credible Source of LikesNO YES
Drop ProtectionNOYES

The sheet above reveals that GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita cares after-sale experience, it rolls out a special function called Drop Protection to prevent users’ likes or followers from disappearing. GetInsta offers real and organic Instagram likes and moreover, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita also devotes itself to boost users’ accounts naturally. You can choose the auto likes package to grow likes every time you publish a post, or you can select the daily likes package and receiving a fixed amount of likes every day. Every interaction happens so humanly and nobody will suspect you are hacking likes.  

GetInsitaGetInsmartaGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • Organic daily IG followers & likes with various subscriptions.
  • Instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

• How to Get Free Instagram Likes/Followers with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita?

Step 1. Hit the download button and install GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita First. 

Step 2. Type in your Instagram ID and click Next.

Type in Your Instagram ID to Get Followers

Step 3. Follow the guidance to finish daily tasks. 

Every action of like and follow will repay you hundreds of coins. When you collect enough coins, go to the interface given below to exchange your free likes and followers.

Final Words

This era is all about traffic and reputation, and choose a reliable Instagram improvement tool is more important than ever. In this article, surrounding the topic ‘iDigic likes’, two digital strategy tools are introduced, both received a warm welcome from Instagram users. iDigic is stronger in embellishing more aspects of users’ accounts – the followers, likes, and views. While GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita focuses on delivering users stable and responsible services. Don’t hesitate now, earn yourself quality Instagram likes and followers with these two tools! 

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