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How to Use IGTV to Gain Followers on Instagram - 5 Easy Ways

How to use IGTV to gain followers on Instagram? Read the article to find useful and practical methods to gain Instagram followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Sharing videos online has been a trend in recent years and many video sharing sites and apps are designed such as YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and so on. Instagram also wants to seize the big chance to increase the market share though it is designed as a platform to share images and videos within a limited time initially. So it creates a new feature on Instagram in 2018: IGTV where only videos are allowed to post and share. Most of you must have used this feature to share videos with people if you’re active on Instagram. Why not maximize the benefits of using IGTV and gain Instagram followers and earn money? As for how to use IGTV to Gain Followers on Instagram, the article will give you 5 practical methods to save time and gain more benefits instead of getting followers only.

How to Use IGTV to Gain Followers

Use An Amazing Frame as IGTV Video Profile Cover

Opening IGTV on Instagram or IGTV app, you’ll see a video’s profile cover at first. Those videos with amazing, creative, and superior profile covers must attract your attention and induce you to view them. Likewise, if you want to gain Instagram followers through IGTV, you need to get more viewers. How to create a good first impression for other users? Take some time to choose and edit your profile cover. 

You can choose a video frame as IGTV video profile cover or add an image from your gallery. If there is a perfect video frame with high resolution, you can set it as a profile cover. As a part of a video, the frame can tell people what’s the content of your video. If you have a better choice in your photo gallery, then add an image from the gallery and edit it properly. 

Pay Attention to IGTV Title & Description

Before writing the title and description for IGTV, you should understand its character limits. You can write a title containing 75 characters max and a description with up to 2200 characters. Some may have a wrong thought that the IGTV title and description make little sense. In fact, proper and video-related titles and descriptions could improve reach and visibility on IGTV as it allows you to search videos from a specific account or tag included in the description. When people are interested in your videos by searching relative keywords or hashtags, they’ll follow you immediately. 

If you are not so skillful about writing a fine IGTV title and description for IG followers, here are some small tips:

  • Include concise but important keywords

  • Be highly relevant to your video content

  • Use clickable @mentions to tag other Instagram account if possible

  • Add related, clickable, and searchable hashtags in hot topics

  • Give clickable hyperlinks to your websites, stores, or other platforms

  • Share a personal story with description and persuasive words

  • Encourage people to follow you by leaving the Instagram username or brand name

  • Use Instagram Fonts tool to create 100+ fancy fonts & 1800+ cool emojis and decorations

IGTV Title & Description for IG Followers

Post Good Content and Create IGTV Series to Arouse Curiosity

Content is the essence of your IGTV videos. But you have to be aware that there are thousands of videos posted or shared online every day. How to make your video stand out and be appealing on IGTV? That’s what you should have second thoughts about before posting a video. 

First, you should decide which kind of video to post. Then you could make research and find people what they want to watch. Combing your initiative ideas with user-generated content, you can get views and IG followers free naturally. To gain targeted and loyal Instagram followers, try to create IGTV series to encourage people to view your IGTV videos regularly. Except for the video content itself, you should pay attention to the video quality as well. 

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Discover the Best Time to Post on IGTV Videos to Gain Followers

Instagram tools including Instagram followers analytics tools are popular for they give reports about the performance of your Instagram account. Post time has been regarded as one of the most important factors on Instagram so you can get best time to post on Instagram with Instagram analytics online tools, such as later and squarelovin. They get detailed data of your Instagram account and show when is the best and worst time to post on Instagram. When you post videos at the best time, you’ll get more viewers and gain Instagram followers naturally.

Best Time to Post

Cross-Promote IGTV on Other Platforms to Gain New IG Followers

Cross promoting is a regularly used trick on social media platforms to reach visibility and get views. Instagram users share the link of their Facebook profile page, post stories to feed, share video links to YouTube... These are examples of cross-promoting for IG. Instagram also allows you to share IGTV videos to Facebook with ease: choosing to make videos visible on Facebook by toggling the switch labeled “make visible on Facebook”. Except for the easy way, you can also share the IGTV link on other popular websites such as Quora and Reddit. Hence you can attract new followers on Instagram from other platforms.

Cross Promote IGTV Videos

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Bottom Line

IGTV allows you to share 60-minute videos while Instagram story only allows you to share 15-second video for per individual. It means that on IGTV, you could share anything you want without worrying the time limit. Don’t ignore the great platform to help you gain real free Instagram followers. The article has offered 5 tricks to use IGTV to gain followers on Instagram. 

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