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How to Turn off Commenting on Instagram for New or Existing Posts 2021

Instagram spam comments are a very big problem for users. Read the guide on how to turn off commenting on Instagram for new or existing Posts 2021.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

Do you receive spam comments on your Instagram post today? Have you been wondering how to turn off commenting on Instagram?

 Spam Comments on Instagram

One of the largest and most powerful social networks, Instagram is a magical virtual world in which each individual are keen to share ordinary things of daily life and transform them into extraordinary through images and videos, while business strives to do marketing on Instagram to promote products and raise the company’s wider profile. 

However, almost all people on Instagram, especially the influencers, celebrities, and business brands, are likely at war with spam comments every day -- there are horny spam bots, inappropriate rude comments, misinformation, and get-rich-quick schemes…, which are not in any way connected with your products or original images.

The spam comments can result in very unpleasant consequences, not to mention mass spam comments can take up much space of comment sections, therefore, very likely to reduce Instagram followers. This blog has been put together to help Instagram users to take more control over their posts by showing how to turn off commenting on Instagram.

How to Turn off Commenting on Instagram for New Posts?

While allowing users to comment on your new posts on Instagram can contribute to a much higher level of engagement, therefore enhance the overall online visibility of your new products, there may be a possibility that you will receive malicious negative feedback on your post, which lead your product a bad consequence in the future. So you need to know how to turn off your comments on Instagram timely.

Or maybe you’re posing some new images on a controversial topic, and you hope to prevent anyone from commenting on this post, you can simply disable comments on Instagram.

For innocent Instagram users, spam comments are now a very big problem. Fortunately, Instagram has been devoted to protecting its users’ privacy. It is very easy to learn how to turn off commenting on Instagram and keep your profile spam free.

So if decide that you want to stop the comments, here's the step-by-step guide on how to turn off commenting on Instagram for new posts.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: Start a new post.

Step 3: At the bottom of the screen where you can add a caption or location to this post, tap the “Advanced Settings”.

 Guide on How to Turn off Commenting on Instagram

Step 4: From the given options, tap "Turn Off Commenting", then commenting will be disabled for this new post.

 How to Turn off Commenting on Instagram

Perhaps you will change your mind later. Don’t worry. You can simply turn commenting back for this post at any time.

How to Turn off Your Comments on Instagram for Existing Posts

You probably have some very popular posts that get too much attention, but in an unfavorable way – with many inappropriate, offensive comments, or spam advertisements. You don’t have to delete the post or turn your personal account to private, as long as you know how to turn off the comments on Instagram.

Here below are the steps on how to turn off commenting on Instagram for existing posts you’ve shared.

Step 1: Open Instagram on your phone.

Step 2: Go to your Instagram profile.

Step 3: Open the post you want to disable comments and go to “Settings” by tapping on the "..." (3 dots) at the upper right corner of the screen.

 How to Turn off Commenting on Instagram for Existing Posts

Step 4: Select the "Turn Off Commenting" option to disable commenting.

In this way, all the existing comments for this post will be hidden. And once you turn commenting back on this post, the previous comments will be restored and show again. Other people can also comment on this post again.

Should You Turn off Comment on Instagram - Two Practical Tips 

So we’ve already known how to turn off comments on all Instagram posts, including the new and the existing posts. But do we always need to disable commenting once there are unfavorable comments?

Turning off comments can prevent spam from adversely affecting your Instagram account development. However, we will also have to deal with a serious case of fear of missing out. That is, turning off comments will hide (temporarily deleting) the previous comments on the post, therefore, unfortunately, prevent readers from giving an honest opinion of your post.

Simply put, whether or not to turn off comments can be considered from two perspectives:

First, if it is a spam comment sent by a spammer on Instagram or an offensive comment deliberately aiming to malign your business, there are several ways to stop it. Check above how to turn off comments on all Instagram posts. Alternatively, in “Comment controls” of the Instagram settings, you can “Hide offensive comments, Turn on “Filter most reported words”, delete a single comment that you don’t like.

 How to Hide Offensive Comments on Instagram

You can also block comments on your pictures or videos from specific accounts. Here’s the step guide:

Step 1:   Go to your profile and tap your profile picture.

Step 2:   Tap "..." (3 dots) in the top right on your screen, and tap “Settings”.

Step 3:   From “Privacy”, tap “Comments”.

Step 4:   Next to “Block Comments From”, tap “People”, and type the name of the account you wish to block, then tap “Block” to finish it.

Secondly, it is easy to learn how to turn off the comments on Instagram, despite that, if it is a negative but honest comment on your post, I suggest that you reply to the comment with facts and legitimate arguments, and elaborate the details further. It is good, because other users will see that you are trying to help the customer, and the brand will become more reliable. Deleting such comments is not recommended, as you may lose the customers and followers.

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As with any other social media, spam comments are everywhere on Instagram. We can use the Comment Control of Instagram to hide offensive keywords or filter most reported words, but it is also necessary to know how to turn off commenting on Instagram and make it work to keep your post spam free. While the spam comments are under control, your followers may get reduced simultaneously. Don't sweat it! GetInsta is sure to help you get free, high-quality Instagram easily and quickly.

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