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How to Stop Following Someone on Instagram in Simple Steps [Ultimate Guide]

Whatever the reason you want to unfollow someone, this guide shows you how to stop following someone on Instagram easily. Let’s check it out.

Updated 2022-12-29 14:00:33 | by Albert

Time to ax those pity and courtesy follows. Not everyone on Instagram is a social butterfly. Some come for entertainment and making friends. Maybe you have followed someone while you were new to the platform, but now the lists go long, and you hardly interact with any. It might influence you to browse for how to stop following someone on Instagram, or maybe you want to shuffle your following list. This social media portal is a sensation for many becoming influencers from their home's comfort. However, stopping to follow someone can be a contentious situation as it needs wise information to keep an eye on.

How to Stop Following Someone on Instagram

Reasons to unfollow someone can be many. Aiming to make it hassle-free for users to manage the accounts they follow on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform has featured group followers into categories. It helps them decide whom to follow and whom to unfollow. No doubt, following unfollow method is a prominent strategy for boosting an Instagram account. However, it can ban your account if you are unaware of what you are doing.

Therefore, a helpful guide is essential to learn how to stop following someone on Instagram flawlessly. Read on-

How to Stop Following Someone on Instagram

If you are thinking about following or unfollowing, then most probably your topic of discussion is Instagram. Though it is addictive, one cannot spend the whole time here amid hectic schedules, exam times, or assignment preparations. Regular users might be thinking that unfollowing someone is easy.

Step 1: Just go on an individual's account.

Step 2: Click on the following button.

Step 3: Navigation drawer open.

Step 4: Tap on Unfollow.

And that's it!

Unfollow on Instagram

But, what if you have 5000 followings and want to limit them to 1500? Do you have time to unfollow all in one go? What if you don't want to unfollow all? Do you have time to go through one's profile and then remember why you follow them? Isn't it time-consuming? If you still think that you can do it one whole day, then think twice if you will do it on that one day or not.

However, manual work seems to be an inadequate option in the tech-driven world when the automation process is available in one click. Thus, it is crucial to know how to stop following someone on Instagram in a clever way. For example, you can use the Instagram follow unfollow app to quicken the process. But it should be considered carefully. To prevent your information be leaked or some hacking issues, you should choose a proven app.

How to Stop Following Someone on Instagram without Them Knowing

To unfollow someone on Instagram without letting them know, you can mute, block, or remove them from the following list. But, how would you perform all these functions? Learn here-

Block: The first alternative to unfollow someone on Instagram without making them know is to block them. It's simple to do-

Step 1: Search for the user.

Step 2: Click on the user you want to block.

Step 3: On the user's profile, tap on the triple dots icon on the right-hand corner of your screen.

Block Users on Instagram - Step 3

Step 4: You will get the option of a block. Click it.

Block Users on Instagram - Step 4

Step 5: A pop-up message will appear. Tap on Dismiss to return to the home page.

Mute or Remove: These two actions are simple to follow. Go to one's profile you want to remove from your account, click on "Following icon," and choose your option. Some users find this option under three dots. 

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How to Stop Following Everyone on Instagram

Note one thing that there is no way to unfollow everyone with one selection. If you are browsing for how do you stop following someone on Instagram, keep one thing in mind: the social media platform limits you to around 200 unfollowing per hour. For this, you need to follow these steps-

Step 1: Go to your Instagram Profile.

Step 2: Press the Following box, displaying the number of people you follow.

Unfollow Everyone on Instagram

Step 3: Press the Following button, displayed adjacent to the user's name.

Step 4: The button will turn to Follow button.

Step 5: Repeat the above step 200 times.

Step 6: Then wait for an hour and proceed.

However, this step can be monotonous and test your patience level. But, if you have a shortage of time, you can look for professional support. 

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What Happens If I Stop Following Someone on Instagram?

Unfollowing someone on Instagram means you will no longer see their updates in your Instagram feed. You can still see posts of public accounts. However, you won't prefer to like their posts. Though they won't receive any notification when you unfollow them, it doesn't mean they cannot know it. For instance, if a person you have unfollowed notices that their number of followers has reduced, they can look for who has unfollowed them, and your name can strike their mind after a thorough scrolling.

Remove Instagram Followers

Thus, to manage everything appropriately, pen down more about how to stop following someone on Instagram with science affairs.

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Publish A Task to Get Free Followers on Instagram with GetInsta

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The Bottom Line

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