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How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account [2021 Guide]

Wondering how to set up an Instagram business account? How to increase your Instagram followers? Check this and you will find the answer.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Wisdom

Instagram, or Ins for short, is one of the biggest social media platforms across the world. With almost 100 million active users per month, it is an enormous hub where people from all over the world share splendid moments in their daily life and communicate with each other. 

Sharing photos and videos is primarily what users do on Instagram. You can enjoy and post whatever you want here, ranging from scenic spots, gorgeous clothes to delicious cuisines. However, there are two types of Instagram account: personal and business. What's the difference between them? Why some people choose the latter? And how to set up an Instagram business account? Take your time and read on to get the answer.

What Is a Personal Account

A personal account meets your basic needs on the platform as it enables you to post your content and view other accounts. Whereas, it's not fully public, which means that you can set some parts as private. In so doing, your profile, for example, cannot be viewed, and only those who followed you can view what you posted. Thus, if you mainly aim for acquiring inspiration and making friend, then a basic account is a good choice.   

What Is a Business Account

Unlike personal accounts, an Instagram account for business enables one who carries out business activities to keep tracking their engagement and interactions with partners. Not merely does it have copious amounts of followers but it's completely public to any Instagram users. This is the greatest advantage of a business account since it helps you increase new followers and expand the exposure of your products. On the top pf that, companies and brands seek more cooperation so much so that they make profits. Therefore, a business account serves as a perfect platform for online business and marketing strategy.   

Who Should Have an Instagram Business Account

No matter who you are, an online celebrity or entrepreneur, anyone who wants to start his own business or marketing online should set up an Instagram account for business. Particularly, for marketing influencers online, retailers and those who provide services. Of course, it doesn't matter if you just want to have a try as a common user. But if you have decided to start your own business online, then you need to think about a necessary question before getting started: How to create an account for business? Here is the answer as follows:

How to Set Up an Account for Business

Step 1 Download the App 

If you haven't had Instagram on your phone, just search it in your app store, and download it.

Step 2 Sign Up with Your Phone Number or E-mail

If you have had an account, just log in and jump to the step three.  If not, you could sign up with your phone number or e-mail.  Oops, attention, please. If you sign up with your e-mail, say, work e-mail address, then your contacts may find you via your e-mail address. If you do want to use it, you will receive a confirmation code. Enter it to the next step.    

                            To Set Up a Business Account on Instagram                                         

Step 3 Set Your Full Name and Password

After entering the password, you could check "Remember password" so that you don't have to enter the password again when you log out. 

Step 4 Find Your Facebook Friends and Contacts

You could choose whether allow Instagram to read your contacts in your cell phone and your Facebook friends or not.  If you do, they will have an opportunity to follow you and share your upgrade. But if you don't want to do so for now, you could click "skip". But don't worry, you could reset it anytime.

                                      Set Up an Instagram Account for Business                                        

Step 5 Select a Profile Photo

A proper photo will defintely attract more people. For a personal account, a selfie is the best choice. To create an Instagram business account, however, the logo or the sign of your business may be much more appropriate to be the profile photo. But if you haven't found a satisfying one, you could skip it and add later.

Step 6 Finish Your Profile

Click "Edit Profile" to finish your introduction. If you don't want to show your real  name here, it's ok, just leave it. But a good username is important, so is the pronounce that makes a good impression on your clients. 

How to Set Up a Business Account on Instagram

Step 7 Turn Your Account into a Business One

Here comes the most important step. Click it to start switching.

                                                              Set Up an Instagram Account for Business                                                                          

Click "Continue" to make your account a professional one.

Set Up an Instagram Account for Business


Then you will be asked to select a category. You could select one that fits you best from the list.How to Create an Account for Business on Instagram        

Well, it's all up to you to show the label in your profile page or not. By the way, this category can be more specific. Click your selection, and you will be presented more choices you chose previously. 

Set Up an Instagram Account for Business

Step 8 Are You a Creator?

After your selection, you will be asked if you are a Creator. Just as what it described, Creator is also a category that fits those who engage in painting, writing and among others. So, you could ignore it and just choose the second one—Business.

Set Up an Instagram Account for Business

Step 9 Review 

Next, you are asked to review what you have done. This step is reminding you to make sure that your contact information is correct and there is nothing missed.  You could also refuse to use your contact information.  Next, you are asked to complete five steps.  And it's also okay if you want to do it later. 

Step 10 Start a Trip!

It's time to start your "business trip" from here since you have set up an Instagram business account. You could post your content and make contact with your new partners to launch cooperation. 

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes 

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4. User-friendly

Is it complicated? Does it take long to operate? No, only two steps are needed. First, sign up and log in. Second, enjoy the followers swarming into your account. 

High-quality Content and Products 

More followers and likes bring you more customers. But how to make them die-hard followers? Since you are running an account on Instagram for business, posting content and products with high quality matters more than anything else to promote your business and make money online. Only in this way can you earn more likes and expend your reputation among customers. 

Post Content with Proper Frequency

The right frequency of posting is also crucial. Neither should you post a hundred pieces ONE DAY nor one piece ONE YEAR. It is not easy to post within an accurate range. Once you get the hang of frequency and time, however, your business account will earn more attention. Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, said 2 to 4 pieces a week is ideal.  "it's also ideal that you post every single day, but just remember, do not over two times a day", added him. 

The End

Now I bet you have been clear about how to create an Instagram account for business on your own. If you have made it, congratulations. Every step of your "business trip" from the very beginning is not easy but important. Some free Instagram followers may make your "trip" easier. Additionally, these passages as follows may be helpful to you. Have a good trip.

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