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The Keys to Sell Product on Instagram [Quick Guide]

Introduce the strategy & steps on how to sell your products/ start your retail on Instagram. How to kick start your business with more followers joining you?

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Evan

The year 2020 has gone, it was an anomalous year and destined to be recorded in human history. The impact of contagious has changed everyone’s life to some degree and in some aspects. The social distancing has reduced the chance that people show off in the public, caused a decline in the average number of customers to get access to your physical store. Despite the head platforms like Amazon, eBay & Rakuten, as the general select to kick start their business, many independent retalier have looked at the Instagram shop and learning the technic that how to sell their product on Instagram with benefiting from the influencer and accumulation & expanding of their social networking. Hence that to sell goods on Instagram has a different operating strategy when compared to traditional e-commerce, let us dive into the skill & rules about how to sell on Instagram shop.

How to Sell Your Product Sell on Instagram

Steps to Sell Product on Instagram

Step 1. Planning your goods to sell & graphic present

How to Sell Your Product Sell on Instagram

Compare to other social networking platforms, Instagram is heavily visual presenting based. People come to Instagram to find things that they cared about, and they will land on the photo & picture you’ve posted. Their opinion will be based on the first impression they access your image. So, the essential step to sell your product on Instagram, is to make sure your product is the niche to sell. And to prepare a luring picture for your selling goods is important for us start to sell a product on Instagram. Don’t forget it also improve you organic follower growing in a long run. 

• Apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats)

• Accessories and DYI (stickers, phone cases, jewelry)

• Beauty products (makeup)

• Home goods and decor (wall art, mugs)

• Outdoor and sporting goods (joggers, hoodies, bags, leggings)

Step 2. Set up an Instagram Business Account

How to Sell Your Product Sell on Instagram

A business account on Instagram is like an interactive business card. Which also the prerequisite for managing any business activity on Instagram and extremely important for sellers who want to sell on Instagram shop no matter with or without a website. It offers you another identity other than your social character & coated your account as a businessman. With your business address, website, contact information, phone number, etc, the confidence of potential customers will be solid by showing up as reliable information about your business.

Make sure to utilize the URL in the Instagram profile bio, which is important for better access from your customer to your Instagram selling business.

Steps to set up the Instagram Business Account:

1. Log in your Instagram profile, then tap the icon of three horizontal lines on the upper right corner.

2. Then select Settings and Account.

3. Cilck “Switch to Professional Account and” then choose “Business.”  

4. Once you’ve switched, you’ll be able to add details to your profile (like contact information and business category).

5. Simply tap Done after you’ve added your details.

Step 3.Create attractive Instagram post & contents

How to Sell Your Product Sell on Instagram

Quality & creative content is what makes your product promotion outstands nearly 1 billion users scrolling through endless heaps of Instagram content. Only when eye-catching content is posted consistently & regularly so that the customer’s inspiration & the identity of your brand could be fortified. Your products selling on Instagram will better with more customers & followers are engaged.

1. Pick up a unique theme and aesthetic background music.

2. Photos and videos must in quality.

3. Focus on serve your followers & keep communicate.

4. Assist creation with productivity tools, like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Step 4.Use Instagram hashtag marketing

The hashtag is a label used on words or phrases on Instagram posts that help your potential customers to locate the Instagram selling product they’re interested in. Also, categorizing together specific content on relevant topics with hashtags will make your products could be easily accessible to your customers. For instance, Warby Paker uses #seesummerbetter in order to promote their product. Also to indicate their customers to use their products for a more enjoyable season.

Step 5. Reach out to your followers & influencers


Followers are playing a decisive role in Instagram marketing. Different from the traditional retail or e-commerce strategies, to know the skill to sell goods on Instagram, we need to dive into the core of Instagram - the collaborations between people and co-functioning of social networking. Today, consumers are no longer trust traditional media & advertising like they’ve used to watch on TV. But they trust real people, and the social network is made up of real people. follow the collaboration logic of social media. By following “Rules of SNS”, you will find that your brand value and product info will pass to your followers & the public very quickly. And then to the public by increasing the social networking engagement rate. The new era of business managing, in some way, could be concluded as managing the social networking community.

Here’s why you should use follower & influencer marketing to sell your product on Instagram:

• It directly targets your audience. Your content is present straightforwardly to the social media users who are interested in your products & brand value.

• It builds the credibility and industry reputation of your brand & products. Which are extremely important in reaching your sales goals.

• It’s lowered the cost when compared to traditional media.

• Social media posts don’t get blocked. Your brand values & product information could penetrate through the barricade of the device & media.

As we stated above, the Instagram followers & influencer is the key to a successful Instagram selling business and the essential thinking about managing your Instagram community & how to expand the influence of your business... When your follower community expands bigger, the bigger influence you get for promoting your product sell on Instagram. And it led us to a question: how to grow the follower on Instagram?

How to Get More Than 1000+ Instagram Follower in a Day In Order to Improve Your Selling?

How to Sell Your Product Sell on Instagram

One possible way is to spend more awareness on your Facebook Page and Instagram profile, including email lists. Let your followers know what’s going on. And make sure to provide the content & goods your customers may interested in. Also, there is another convenient way can expand your Instagram follower group by 1000+ per day. To use the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, you can quickly approach the new Instagram followers. Your business will benefit from the growth of your follower base.

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We Need Comprehensive Strategy to Promote Instagram Sell

The best way to sell the product on Instagram is to cross-promote & multi-strategy on social media platforms whenever is possible. To get more followers & influencers to establish your brand/ product identity; spread awareness on your Facebook Page and Twitter profile; Use multiple methods to communicate with your followers, including email lists; Let your followers know what’s going on. This won’t just increase sales but will also build you up as a trustworthy and powerful brand. As starting, I would suggest starting from getting more followers and don’t forget the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita as the tool can completely help.

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