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How to See Views on Instagram Video in 2023 [3 Practical Methods]

Almost everyone wants to learn how to see views on Instagram video when they post video content on Instagram. Here are 3 methods to help you see your Instagram video views count and viewers list.

Updated 2022-12-29 14:14:42 | by Albert

Whether you are running an individual or business Instagram account, it’s crucial to discover who has viewed your videos after posting new Instagram videos. In this process, you can see who are your audience and what kind of video content suits their tastes. In that case, you can adjust your new video content and add relevant flavor to attract your target audience. In this way, video viewers might be more engaged and have more interactions with your video feeds. Many people want to figure out how to see views on Instagram video. This guide will go over 3 methods on how to see who viewed your Instagram video, then read on.

How to See Views on Instagram Video

Method 1 - How to See Views on Instagram Video Posts

If you want to increase engagement, attract free Instagram followers or even boost sales, posting videos can be a great way to achieve this goal. That’s because videos are more vivid, engaging and eye-attracting. Chances of your viewers skipping your content are much lower compared with photo posts. Besides, your audience can be easier and quicker to understand who you are, what you do and what you want to express. However, when you post Instagram videos, you also need to know how to see views on Instagram video. So you can adjust and optimize your content to make your video feeds perform better.

The following are the steps that you need to follow to see Instagram likes and views on your video.

Step 1: Opening the Instagram app and navigating to the post.

The first thing you need to do to check the Instagram video views count here is to open your Instagram application. You can do it on any of your mobile phones running on Android or iOS. 

Once you are in the application you need to navigate to the video. There are 2 ways of doing so. You can either look for the video in your Instagram feed or head to your profile and open the video.

Step 2: Look for the “views and liked by” option under the video.

Right under your post, you will see that there is some view count stated under the video right next to which there are the likes of the video. You can tap on it to see more information.

Step 3: Knowing more information about the viewers and likes.

When you are done with step 2 you can check the likes. Most of the time a person who liked the video will also be in the viewers. However, there is no way to check the individual viewers for Instagram videos that you add to your posts.

See Views and Likes on Instagram Video

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Method 2 - How to See Views on Instagram Video Stories

In the last method, you can only see viewers who viewed and liked your Instagram video. So you can’t see those viewers who didn’t like your video posts. If you want to see all the viewers of your video feeds, you can post videos on your Instagram Story.  IG Story offers you a quick solution on how to see who viewed your Instagram video. If your account is in business mode, you will also have access to the “Insight” feature to analyze more metrics like interactions, impressions, follows and so on. This can provide you with valuable information to a create more interactive Instagram Story.

The following steps can help you know how to see who viewed your Instagram video posted on your IG Story:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap on the story icon.

When you check the view count on Instagram story video, you first need to open the Instagram application, look on the top left and click on the story icon. This method works on mobile devices and the web application of Instagram.

Step 2: Check for the number of views.

Look at the bottom left side. Then you can see the total number of views of your Instagram Story.

Step 3: Check the individual viewers.

Click the profile picture bubbles at the bottom left corner or swipe up your story. You can see the individual viewers on your IG Story videos. Here you can also see the viewer counts on your IG Stories. Choose one story and click on the Eye Icon. You can see the viewers list of it. 

See Viewers List on Instagram Video - Instagram Story

If you have a business account, you can click on the Graph Icon to inspect other metrics of your IG Stories.

See who Viewed Your Instagram Story Video - Insight

If you want to take advantage of the Insight feature to analyze your Story video views, you need to make sure to check under 48 hours. After it expired, this feature isn’t available for you. If you just want to see viewers counts and viewers lists of your Stories after 24 hours, you can navigate to your Archive to check it out.

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Method 3 - How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Video [GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita Way]

Whether you are running a personal or business Instagram account, knowing how to see views on Instagram video helps you find out your target audience, determine your video style, make better strategies and come up with Instagram content ideas for your video. In this way, your videos on Instagram videos can attract new audiences and convert them into new followers. To better attract and analyze your video views from new followers, you need to see the new viewer list of your Instagram video separately.

In the first two methods, you can learn how to see views on Instagram video. But there is no filter to see views from new followers. However, to make it possible, you can use some tools to achieve that. For example, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is such a kind of tool. It gathers Instagrammers from every corner of the globe. You can use it to get your Instagram video more exposure in its community to gain more views, follows and likes. Most importantly, you track the new viewer list as well. 

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Here are simple steps to see views on Instagram video with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita:

Step 1: Download the app.

The first step is to free download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita on your PC, Android or iOS phone. 

Step 2: Create a free account and log in.

You can create a GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita account with an email and log in. Then add your Instagram account to it.  In this process, you only need to provide your IG username. That’s the way for the app to target and track your account. No password is required. 

Step 3: Gain thousands of new video views and likes with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and see who viewed your Instagram video.

Get Instagram Video Views and Likes with GetInsta

After adding your IG accounts to it (you can add 1-5 accounts), choosing a video which you would like to gain 1000 free Instagram views and likes. Then publish the task. You will see tons of new viewers pour into your video. Then you navigate to “Task List” to check the viewer and like list.

See New Viewers List on Instagram Video

GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita can be helpful to get Instagram reels views. Use this App to get followers and then publish your excellent videos, you will see the growth.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is an amazing platform for making a credible online appearance. Inspecting the analytics of the videos helps a lot when you are looking to improve things regarding your online performance. However, knowing how to see views on Instagram video is essential in this process. In this way, you can know who is active on your profile to help improve future content and increase engagement. So, here we were discussing the 3 ways above for you to check your Instagram video views. Just choose one method that suits your needs.

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