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Guide of How to Search Filters on Instagram in 3 Ways – Simple and Useful

How to search filters on Instagram? Check this article and you will find 3 detailed and simple methods.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

As a picture-sharing platform, Instagram has many functions. Among them, the most attractive one is that you can use filters to make your photo or videos prettier and more interesting. But it makes people confused sometimes because there are so many functions, you can hardly find the function that you want. Finding filters on IG is the one trouble. This article will show you 3 ways of how to search filters on Instagram. You will find solutions while reading the blog in 5 minutes.


How to Search Filters on Instagram in Effects Gallery

If you ask how to search for filters on Instagram, search it in the effect gallery is the most recommended way. Because there are lots of filters and you can look through effects of different style. You may find many interesting effects that you do not know before. Let’s see how to accomplish it.

Step 1. Launch Instagram on your mobile phone, tap “Your Story” in the upper left corner.


Step 2. Swipe left the white dot, and find “BROWSE EFFECTS” with a magnifier on it.

Click the dot and you will find many filters.


Step 3. Here, you can look through filters and find the one you want.

If you have no idea what exactly filters you want, you can browse them or view them in categories. You can also search filters by the search mark if you know the filters' name.


Step 4. Choose the one filter you want. You can see what the filter looks like.

Try first if you are not sure whether you save it or not. If you are satisfied with the filter, you can save it by tap the save button on the bottom right.


If you like the style of the filter, then there is one more tip that can help you with how to find filters on Instagram.

Click the small vertical dot in the lower right corner, you can see all filters of the creator.

This will help you a lot when you are trying to find out how to search filters on Instagram of a certain style.


Note: Where to find saved filters on Instagram? Find all of your saved filters in the filter menu on camera screen.

How to Search for Filters on Instagram from Creators' Profile

Since the first method may cost your time, there is a good way that can save your effort and achieve the same effect. Here introduce you the second way of how to search for filters on Instagram, to search it in creators’ profiles. The simple steps are as follows.

Step 1. Find the profile of the creator by searching his or her Instagram username.


Step 2. Tap the button of smiling face and you will see all the filters created by the person.


Step 3. Try a filter that you are interested in, and then save it.

If you like the style of the creator, you can follow him or her. When he or she updates, you can use filters faster than the others.

How to Find Filters on Instagram from Your Friends

Despite the 2 methods, there is another very fast and useful way when talking about how to search filters on Instagram. You can get filters from your friends which is very convenient. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Find the IG story posts of your friends or the person you are following with filters you like.

Step 2. You can see the name of the filter used in the story in the upper left corner.


Step 3. Search the filter’s name or creator’s name in Effect Gallery and save it.

You can also ask your friends to share the filter with you. This may be the best way, but it depends on the relationship between you.

Tips to Make Your Picture more Attractive

Well, as pictures or videos of high quality are the factor to attract audiences, you should learn how to make your post perfect. There are 2 simple tips that you should pay attention to.

The first thing to remember is always to keep the unified style of pictures. It can be cute, vintage, colorful. It can be natural scenery, city, stars or anything. Some people always like to try different styles, in fact, this is not good for you to attract and maintain target IG followers.

Keep pictures clear. Clear pictures show originality. It helps build credibility between you and your followers.

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The article mainly introduces 3 methods. The advantage of the first one is that you can look through all kinds of filters and you can try different styles. The second one is faster and more convenient and at the same time, it is more suitable for people with a fixed photo style. The last one is less seen, but effective as well. You can combine the three in real life to help you with how to search filters on Instagram. Don’t forget to try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, it can get you more attention and exposure.

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