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How to Run Instagram Giveaway: Instagram Giveway Rules 2021 [Must-Know]

This is a guide to run Instagram giveaway for beginners. Check this article to learn the Instagram giveaway rules in 2021 and simple steps to run it.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cracy

Recently, Instagram giveaway has become very popular on Instagram. Without any question, it is a nice way to boost followers and engagement. But it's a little tricky to run a successful Instagram giveaway. You can learn how to run Instagram giveaway from this article, which helps you get many followers with little effort. Follow the 4 easy steps to run an Instagram giveaway in 2021!

Step 1: Choose the Prize of the Giveaway

Anyway, you have to pay either money or time. Make sure the prize is your first step. 

Think the 3 questions first:

- What you want by running a giveaway?

- What you can offer?

- Does your targeted customer want your prize?

If you run Instagram giveaway for fun, a little prize is enough.

For business accounts, your prize should be decided by your product and its influence. If you want to introduce a new brand, your prize should be your product and cash. If your account has many basic followers and your product is expensive for most people, you can set your product as the prize. Though lots of money is so attractive that a large number of users will join the giveaway, if your budget is limited, a small prize is also acceptable. Be confident!

If you just want to boost your Instagram followers and engagement, it can be service or chance instead of product and cash. If you have a unique skill, you can teach them free. It can also be a chance to meet a famous person. Sometimes, it is more attractive than money.

How to Run an Instagram Giveaway

Step 2: Set the Rules of the Giveaway

Set rule of entry-criteria, win-rate, the deadline first. How to set the Instagram giveaway rules 2021 will be introduced as follows:  


Think who reached your requirements can join the giveaway 2021.

This step is to limit your visitors to gain the prize. You have been clear on who may become your potential customers. Now you need to make them focus on you. Some common ideas are that requiring them to follow your account, share your post and tag a friend on the comments. 

Requiring visitors to follow you can increase your Instagram followers greatly and this is the most direct way, but after the giveaway, you may lose mass followers. To prevent advertisements, people usually don't like to follow too many business accounts. Keep posting interesting pictures and run giveaways regularly will help you keep these followers. Sharing the post or tagging a friend makes your Instagram be known by more people. But please remember you can't encourage people to tag someone don't relevant, which is not allowed by Instagram.

You can also ask participants to upload photos that meet your requirement then add hashtags(#) or mention(@) you. This way can build a link between you and your followers. However, it's more difficult than just a few clicks. So, it's important to set abundant prizes to attract people.

How to Run a Successful Instagram Giveaway


As a new brand, set an attractive win-rate is also helpful. Usually, you will get much more engagement on giveaway posts. People who join giveaway believe that they have the fortune to get the prize. If the win-rate is more than they usually see, there is more chance that they would like to try. But if your budget is so limited, you can skip this step. Just set how many people can get the prize.


The time-limit will create a sense of urgency to push visitors to follow you.

How to Run Instagram Giveaway Contest

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Step 3: Select Hashtags

It allows your posts to surface on Explore channels, thus your posts will be seen by more people.

It is said that the posts with hashtags on Instagram have an average of 12.6% more likes than posts without hashtags. You can use #giveaway, #giveawaycontest and more best Instagram hashtags to help you. If you ask participants to upload photos in step 2, create a unique hashtag belong to you. People can find all the posts with the hashtag. You can also copy and paste others' hashtags.

How to Run Giveaway on Instagram

Step 4: Launch and Run your Instagram Giveaway

Tell your audience the prize, rules, deadline and win-rate. Then in the post, briefly introduce you and your brand. At last, don't forget to add hashtags. 

Tip: Ensure and Emphasize on fairness

What users care most on the Instagram giveaway is fairness. If the organizer can't choose fairly, the giveaway is meaningless. You have to emphasize on the way you choose the lucky dog to show its fairness. You can use a random name picker to choose from. Record your screen when it is working, and post it in the next video. 

Here how to pick the lucky one quickly is introduced to help you.

If you ask people to follow you, you can go to the "privacy and security" section, you can see who followed you in your account data. If you need more, you can go to data downloading. All data of your Instagram account will send to your email. These username pickers support you to upload the files directly.

How to Download Instagram Data

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Bottom Line

Running Instagram giveaway is a good way to boost your Instagram followers. After knowing how to run an Instagram giveaway in 2021, if you are interested in it, you can run your giveaway now! Hope this article can help you run a successful Instagram giveaway.

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