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How to Regram/Repost on Instagram to Feed and Story Easily

How to regram a post to your feed or story? This article shows you how to regram on Instagram easily and effectively.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Grace

You are allowed to retweet on Twitter. You can tap the “Share” button on Facebook. But there is no direct option for you to regram on Instagram. You’ll feel disappointed when you want to regram a fantastic post or story to your Instsagram account but you have no idea. 

How to regram an Instagram post to your Feed, or how to regram a story to your story? Don’t worry. Every problem can have a solution. The article offers a complete guide about how to regram on Instagram correctly. It shows detailed steps to regram on Instagram.

How to Regram on Instagram

How to Use Regram on Instagram - 2 Rules

“Regram” means to take another user’s content and post it on your own account. It is similar to retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook. But you need to know that regramming isn’t so simple as retweeting or sharing. Firstly, there is no shortcut for reposting on Instagram as Instagram attaches great importance to copyright. Secondly, regramming on Instagram has its own rules. Otherwise, you may be in trouble for legal action and public scrutiny.

Rule 1: ask for permission before regramming

There is a short line between stealing and sharing others’ content on Instagram. You need to ask the poster for approval to regram. How to do that? Direct message her/him with polite and courteous words. If you just want to share the post with more audience, it’s ok. If you want to use it for personal business, you must explain your aim of sharing the post. Then you wait for a reply. When the answer is yes, you can continue to the next step. If the reply is no, you need to respect the poster.

How to Use Regram - Ask for Permission

Rule 2: add credit to the poster

If you have received confirmation, you can regram the post. Before you post it, you can resize or edit the post slightly to meet your demand. Then you need to credit the poster by tagging the username in the caption. You should say “Credit:@username” or “Image:@username”. You may add the username in a sentence as well, like “A beautiful picture by @username”.

Anyway, you should ask for permission at first. Then you have received “yes”, you can regram by adding the username to the caption to explain the source of the post. We’ll talk about 3 methods on how to regram on Instagram next.

How to Regram On Instagram Post Manually

This method doesn’t require any third-party app or online tools to regram on Instagram. But it is only available for regramming a photo, not videos. The following are steps to regram on Instagram manually. 

1. Make a screenshot of the photo you want to regram with your phone.

2. Crop the screenshot by removing the sides of it and just save the photo you want to regram.

3. Add the username of the original poster in the caption. Press “Share”.

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How to Regram On Instagram to Your Feed via Repost for Instagram

You can regram content on Instagram Feed by means of third-party apps, such as Repost for Instagram and Instarepost. Here we take Repost for Instagram as an example to show you how to regram on Instagram with an external app.

Regram for Instagram is an app dedicated to assisting you to repost your favorite photos and videos on Instagram quickly while keeping the credit easy. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Let’s see how to use it to regram on Instagram.

1. Download Repost for the Instagram app from Google Play for Android devices or from the App Store for an iPhone.

2. Open the app and you can see the icon of the Instagram app. Click the icon in the action bar to open Instagram quickly.

How to Regram on Instagram for iPhone - Step 2

3. Choose a photo or video you want to regram. Then click the three dots icon and click Link or Share to “Repost for Instagram” in the share panel. 

How to Regram in Instagram - Step 3

4. Return to Repost for Instagram and Choose repost.

How to Regram an Instagram Post for iPhone - Step 4

5. When you write a caption, the username of the original poster has been copied and you just need to tap “Paste” to add it to the caption. Then tap “Share”. 

How to Regram an Instagram Post for iPhone - Step 4

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How to Regram On Instagram to Your Story via StorySaver

What if you want to repost a Story to your Story? There are two conditions.

Regram a post to your story

If the content you want to regram to your story is an image, it’s an easy thing. The following are the steps.

1. Tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the image.

2. Click on “Add post to your story”.

3. Edit the size and alignment. Then click on “Your Story” and regramming is done.

You don’t have to write a caption for this method automatically credits the original poster.

Regram a story to your story

If you want to regram a story in which you are mentioned to your story, you just need to find the DM at the bottom the story and click “Add This to Your Story”, you are able to resize it and add texts or stickers.

If you are not mentioned in the story, you need to regram the story via a third-party app. We recommend a free and useful app StorySaver. With it, you can repost videos from Instagram stories, save and download any Instagram story to your phone with a simple tap. It runs on Android and iOS. The steps are as follows.

1. Download the app and install it on your phone.

2. Search for the profile whose story you want to download. Then tap on their profile and the story photo or video you want to regram.

How to Regram a Story to Your Story - Step 2

3. It will show the following options: save, share, repost, or play the Instagram story. Choose “Repost”.

How to Regram to Your Story - Step 3

4. You can crop and edit the story, then write a caption as we mentioned, and tap “Share.”

How to Regram on Instagram to Your Story - Step 4

Bottom Line

Regramming is a powerful method to promote your account or brand if you use it properly and correctly. It is shown to increase engagement by content curation as well. No matter you want to regram an Instagram post to your Feed or regram to your story, this article offers a complete guide and helps you repost quickly and easily. At last, don’t forget to explain the source of the post by adding the username.

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