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How to Post Horizontal Videos on IGTV in Simple Steps

This article will introduce the basic requirements of posting IGTV horizontal videos and how to post horizontal videos on IGTV step by step.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Instagram’s video-sharing platform - IGTV has struggled to break into the mainstream since the launch, especially when its serious competitor YouTube has dominated the market for ages. To further bolster the IGTV, the company has opened up the platform to horizontal videos to lower the barrier for content creators.

So how to post horizontal videos on IGTV? The question has been frequently asked because most content makers are ready to drop the video vertical by default and embrace the landscape video. As much as IGTV is considered a good opportunity to reach more audiences, the vertical-only video has scared some creators away because they have to create content specific to the IGTV. 

The lack of horizontal videos is undeniably a constraint for many content creators or some types of content. Now it’s time to throw off the shackles! In this article, you will learn how to upload horizontal videos on IGTV step by step. Just keep reading.

How to post horizontal videos on IGTV

What Conditions Should Horizontal Video Meet Before Posting?

Even though horizontal videos are supported on the platform currently, it’s not the optimal experience. Users will be required to rotate the phone to view the video. Before moving on to the guide of how to post a horizontal video on IGTV, there are a few principles to keep in mind. Unlike Instagram Reels, IGTV videos are made outside of Instagram so there are a few requirements before you upload the video. If you are not so sure about it, here are the specifications for the IGTV video to help you clear things out.

Video format: MP4

Video length: At least 1 minute. The maximum length can be up to 15 minutes if you upload it from a mobile device. You can upload a video for up to 60 minutes when uploading from the web.

Video size: 650MB if a video is less than 10 minutes. The maximum video size is 3.6GB if a video is up to 60 minutes.

Aspect ratio: 16:9 

Minimum resolution: 720 pixels

Minimum frame rate: 30 FPS (frames per sec)

Cover photo size: 420 x 654 or 1:1.55 ratio

How to Post Horizontal Videos on IGTV Step by Step?

Now let’s get into things and see how to post horizontal videos on IGTV. Before everything else, you will need to shoot a long-form video. The first 15 seconds of your video will be used for the feed previews, so make sure the intro is a hook to capture your audience’s attention. Here are a few more tips you might want to know.

Edit the ratio of the video

How to post horizontal videos on IGTV perfectly? The aspect ratio matters. If you are not so sure what aspect ratio is, it refers to the ratio between the width and height of a video. Most cameras, even the basic one offers a variety of frame options that allows you to shoot in 16:9. But if you have a video with a smaller aspect ratio like 1:1 or 4:3, you can use Instagram video editing apps to convert it to 16:9. Please note that the top and bottom of the video will need to be cut off if you want to resize to 16:9. if you have subtitles at the bottom, you might need to adjust the position as well.

Create an attractive design for your video

Everything within a frame means something. The elements within the frame derive meaning from one to another, and they create a sense of harmony. Here are a few tips to make your video more attractive in terms of content design.

  • Follow the basics of composition, so things don’t go wrong. Place objects/characters in the center to capture attention.

  • Your video is a story to build a connection with your audience. Emotion is significant to lead your audience and bring about empathetic interaction. Add music to the Instagram video can make your IGTV more attractive.

  • You may use sound or visuals to incite your audience’s interest, so they’ll stay and keep exploring with your video.

Upload your horizontal video

Finally, it’s time to see how to post horizontal videos on IGTV. You can upload the IGTV video from the standalone app or via the feature on Instagram. The process is more or less the same. Here we’ll illustrate how to post horizontal videos on IGTV.

Step 1. Launch IGTV app. Tap the Add icon on the top right.

Step 2. Tap the Photo icon in the left bottom to choose the video you want to upload. 

Step 3. Choose a cover photo for your IGTV video. You can either choose a frame from your video or add a photo from the camera roll.

How to Post Horizontal Videos on IGTV in Simple Steps

Step 4. Enter the “Title” and “Description” for your video. Toggle on the “Post a preview” if you want to share it to your feed and profile. 

Step 5. Tap the “Post to IGTV” button to post your horizontal video.

That’s it for how to post horizontal videos on IGTV. Please note that you are not allowed to edit the cover photo once you upload it, so make sure it’s picture-perfect!

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What Are the Advantages of Posting Horizontal Videos on IGTV?

Now you know how to post horizontal videos on IGTV, what are the advantages of horizontal videos? Given Instagram still adheres to the vertical video by default, what makes 16:9 better when you post a video on social media platform? Here are the benefits of adopting horizontal video on IGTV.

  • Horizontal video(16:9) is the most popular aspect ratio, and most users have got used to it. 

  • Horizontal videos fit your screen. You don’t have to move back and forth, everything is in the frame.

  • Less creative filming compared to vertical video. It’s easier to demonstrate things that take up space. 

  • If you want to distribute your video across platforms, especially to YouTube, you don’t have to modify your video or create a new one. The 16:9 is the default shape for YouTube. 

  • Horizontal videos simply have more viewership on IGTV, which can bring you more followers. The adoption of horizontal video on IGTV proved to be an effective push on engagement.

IGTV has long suffered under lower viewership, for different reasons. The horizontal support has brought not only the content creators to the platform but also more audiences. Brand and influencers have more motives to produce horizontal videos that are catered to most audiences, which can ultimately boost the viewership and attract more followers. 

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Sum Up 

Now you have learned how to post horizontal videos on IGTV. With this article, you can surely create a decent IGTV video with ease! If you want to hack more followers for both Instagram and IGTV, don’t forget to get the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita! It’s the most effective solution to Instagram growth, and it’s completely FREE! Plus, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is going to launch new features to help you hack followers based on region soon, so don’t miss out!

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