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How to Mute/Unmute Someone on Instagram 2021 [Android, iPhone and Web]

How to mute someone on Instagram? How to unmute someone on Instagram 2021? Detailed steps to mute/unmute Instagram posts, stories, messages easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

Various persons and diverse contents surround us in our small Instagram square all the time. There are massive posts, stories to view or messages from whom you followed or your colleagues or friends that you are not interested in, some of which may annoy you and break the quiet. If you want to know how to mute on Instagram 2021 without them knowing or how to unmute someone on Instagram 2021, you are in the right place.

Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram.jpg

How to Unmute Somone on Instagram 2021: Posts

Since you have muted someone’s moments, especially when you muted both posts and stories, you couldn’t find any access from home to unmute them. Then how to unmute posts on Instagram? In this way, you could:

     Step 1: Type a username in the search bar and enter his account page.
     Step 2: Click the following or message button and select mute.
     Step 3: Tap the button on the right to unmute Instagram stories or posts.

Unmute Someone.png

How to Unmute Somone on Instagram: Stories

     Step 1: Look up in your following list.
     Step 2: Hit the three dot menu icon to unmute stories or posts (without muting messages).

How Do You Unmute Someone on Instagram

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How to Mute Someone on Instagram [Posts, Stories and Messages]

Everyone has their own preferences, and you can create your own social square by muting or getting notifications. If you only like someone’s posts not stories or vice versa, or while the person’s moments are pushed so frequently that occupying a large page of your feed, and all you want to is just chat with him. Whatever, you could mute either posts, stories or messages or all, the following steps helping you get rid of such problems.
You could mute someone’s posts and stories on an iPhone or Android device. And there is no way to access your muting list from the web but muting messages, as yet.

1. What Happens When You  Mute Someone on Instagram

Once you want to mute someone, you may firstly think about whether he or she will know. So it is necessary to know what happens after your muting. Let’s see.
First of all, if you mute someone on IG, people you muted couldn’t tell because the Instagram system will not send them a message that you did. So put down the stone in your heart.
Since you mute someone's posts or stories, you will still be following them, but you won't see their posts or stories appearing in your stories bar automatically in your feed and they'll still be able to see and download your posts with Instagram photo downloader, and you can visit each other's account pages, which is different from blocking it. Once blocked, you cannot view the moments.
If you muted someone’s messages, you could receive them without any notifications disturbing your quiet or work, and once you can’t stand someone’s chatter, you can turn on the mute button and all the messages will be kept.

2. Mute Instagram Posts and Stories on iPhone and Android

Muting stories and posts is usually the most needed for IG users, and let’s have a look at how to do it on Android and iPhone, since the web is unavailable.
Method 1
The most common way allows you to mute stories and posts from the account page on both iPhone and Android quickly or from the following list on iPhone only :

  • On both iPhone and Android
    Step 1: Search the username in the search bar and click on the account page.

    Step 2: Tap the following button and a list will slide up like this.

    Following Button to Mute Someone.png

    Step 3: Select mute and there will be two options for posts and stories. Tap the button on the right to choose which one you want to mute or both.

  • On iPhone only

    Step 1: Toggle to the personal homepage and hit the following button to show the following list.

    Step 2: Scroll down this page to find the person you want to mute, click the three-dot icon on the right.

    Step 3: A mute list appears and chooses which one you would like to mute.

Method 2

  • Mute posts on both Android and iPhone

    Step 1: Stay on the posts page, tap the three-dot menu icon on the right.

    Step 2: Tap mute among options and choose to mute posts only or both.

Mute Posts and Story on Post Page.png

  • Mute stories from story bar on iPhone only

    Step 1: Long press on someone’s avator in the stories bar, and the option list will slide up.

    Mute Someone from Story Bar.png

    Step 2: Click the mute button and two options appear: mute story or mute story and posts.

There is no option to mute posts only in this way, and you can mute from the profile page or your following list. (Referring to 1st method).

3. Mute Messages on Web, iPhone, and Android

     Step 1: Search for a username or toggle the following list to enter the account page or hit avatar.

Message Button on Profile Page.png

      Step 2: Tap the message button and then the icon in the upper right corner.

      Step 3: Select to mute messages on the top.

If you want to ignore someone’s video chat, you could also mute it on this page(mobile only ).

How to Know If Someone Muted You on Instagram

On Instagram, you have the access to mute or unmute someone’s stories, posts and messages without them knowing, but there’s no definite way to tell if you've been muted on Instagram, since you won't be notified when they do, for protecting the user’s privacy. But how do we tell if someone muted us on Instagram?

Anyway, there are still some signs suggesting that your follower may mute you, if he or she stop liking your posts or doesn’t appear in your stories viewer list, which may indicate that your posts or stories are muted. And if you couldn’t contact him or her for a long time and no response to your video chat, indicating your messages or video chat may have been muted.

What to Do If Someone Really Muted You

If you could tell that you have been muted by someone in some way, your posts or stories may haven’t been liked for a long time, or even your followers are quietly decreasing now. At this time you can get more viewers or likes from other real followers, and the quickest way that helps is to use a followers generator to grow free Instagram followers.


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Bottom Line

Muting someone’s posts, stories and messages leave you a peaceful Instagram feed, as well as a good relationship with others on the surface seemly, especially when you wouldn’t like them to discover the secret that you have no enjoyment with their moments or ignore the messages. Mute and unmute is the safest and the most perfect way to keep distance, also still close relations and an available contact more than block or restriction. This post shows you how to unmute someone on Instagram. If you want to clean your Instagram, tap the mute button right now!

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