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How to Make Your Instagram Private in 2021: Account; Profile

It is imperative to protect privacy nowadays. Read this guide to know how to make Instagram private in 2021, the necessity as well.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Neal

Nowadays, our information can be possibly given away easily from where we don’t know. It becomes imperative to protect our privacy and safety online. For this, a long time ago, Instagram has allowed users the function - private account, to close the display of their Instagram, where personal information can leak unintentionally. As you may see, many users on Instagram are using this function for various reasons. Reading this blog, you will know how to make Instagram private and more tips about private Instagram.

Title List

How to Make Instagram Private [Android]

It is easy to do this for Android users. Let me show you the steps of how to make your Instagram private:

Step 1. Launch Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile page.

Step 2. Click the more options (3 lines) on the top left and click the “Settings” on the bottom

Step 3. Click “Privacy” and find “Account Privacy” as I mark. Then switch it.

How to Make My Instagram Private – Android Users

How to Make Your Instagram Private [iOS]

The steps of how to make Instagram account private are similar but easier than those on Android. Let me show you how to do it:

Step 1. Launch Instagram on your iPhone.

Step 2. Find “Settings” on your profile page. 

Step 3. Click “Privacy” and pin “Private Account”.

 How to Make Instagram Private – iOS Users

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How to Make Instagram Account Private [PC]

Besides mobile, you can also do this on a computer. Here let me show you the steps of how to make Instagram profile private:

Step 1. Open “” and log in to your account.

Step 2. Click your profile picture on the top left and select “Settings” 

 How to Make My Instagram Private

Step 3. Directly click “Privacy and Security” and the adjustments to Private Account will be seen on the first line.

How to Make Instagram Account Private – PC Users

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What Will Happen After You Make Instagram Private?

Why are such people willing to switch their accounts into private? If you don’t figure out the function of a private account, you’d better think over it and then decide to do it or not. In general, after making Instagram private, the users’ posts and followers & the following lists can be viewed only by their current followers. Besides, if someone wants to follow you or views your posts on Instagram, they must send you the request. After you confirm the request, they can do this. Or they can’t. After knowing it, what it can bring us when experiencing it?

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Stop Information Leaking 

People usually post many pictures covering some information, like address, phone number, or other unintentionally. So private account can help you protect your privacy. Only followers can see your posts. So no stranger can get any information from you. 

Hide Your Activity: Like or Follow 

For some reason, someone (your followers or not) may be interested in your activity, like, or following lists on Instagram. If you don’t want them to do this anymore, you can switch your account to private and remove the followers. (Just find them in the followers’ list and click remove)

However, it doesn’t suit everyone. Although private accounts can protect our privacy to a great extent, we need to make sure our account is in public sometimes. Why?

Limit Your Cooperation

If brands want to cooperate with someone on Instagram, they usually DM them (direct message) or send a message to the address on “Contact” or “Email”. If you want to do advertising but switch the account into private, you can likely lose many chances to receive a message of cooperation, because they can’t contact you in any way. 

Limit Your Popularity

If you want more engagement on Instagram or you are already an influencer, you’d better not switch it to private. For the users on Instagram, if they are recommended by others to come to follow you, they find it not works. Then you almost lose them. For users on other social media, if they click the link on the bio (you left) to visit your Instagram, they just find a private account. You almost lose them too. Sometimes, we can even ignore plenty of audience from other platforms, when we switch it to a private account. So before doing this, you just need to think over if it is necessary.

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Bottom Line

Reading to this, besides how to make Instagram private, believe you have known more tips about the private Instagram account. It is like a coin that has two sides. Private account is a function from Instagram to protect our privacy. Don’t make it a bad way. If it is necessary to switch your account to private and what private account will bring you are the questions you must think over and over again, before you do it, especially for influencers and business account. 

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