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3 Common Myths About How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Want to know how to make Instagram highlight covers in pink, black, or any colors that fit your account style? This tutorial will tell you tricks to make your own highlights.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gary

Strategically taking advantage of the Instagram highlight covers and avail yourself one more option to exhibit your content. A good highlight cover means a higher rate of clicks, but how to make Instagram highlight covers could be a problem - many users of Instagram fear to tread over this territory thinking that designing highlight covers definitely requires art skills. The truth is that with optimum tools, everyone can be an adapt art designer! This passage will remove all the barriers to create quality highlight covers and with the target tool given below, you can freely make all kinds of clarified and intuitive highlights in pink, black and different sizes.

 How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Ease Your Mind, Designing Instagram Highlight Covers Is Simple

To make charming and unique highlight covers, there are some principles that worth your attention. Adhere to these tricks and you can better answer the question ‘how to make Instagram highlight covers.’

• Make Sure your highlight covers share the same style with your stories

A sci-fi style covers will obviously look abrupt when they are embedded into an account full Pop Mart blind box opening (if this is really some people’s dilemma, then they are suggested to reconsider the account’s attributes, or hurry up to make the highlight covers to an utter pink style)

So, you might have noticed that colors will be inevitably of crucial importance, and don’t worry, this passage will walk you through this point in detail later. 

• Choose simple and intuitive icons/images to be your highlights

Minimalism is the most welcomed style of all time, and clarity is never a bad idea to employ no matter what kind of accounts you are currently developing.

• Name your covers logically and add the right stories to them

Highlight covers are good places to exhibit your account’s main content. Categorize your posts and show your followers what you are major in, alongside what you recommend, and how you perceive some recent events, etc. 

• Aesthetic highlight covers are not exclusive to art designers

People may fall into the wrong recognition that only professional graphic designers are capable of creating optimum icons. Yet it is not necessary to think that way or even pay for that mentality - with the help of tools like Pixar, Canva, and Over, every pre-made elements are in your hand’s reach, and all you need to do is integrate them together. 

Hopefully, most puzzles in your mind have been clarified, now let’s move to the next part, which illustrates 3 common myths of how to make beautiful Instagram highlight covers. 

The First Myth – One Handy Tool You Must Know to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Recommended by uncountable Instagram users, Canva proves itself to be the best solution for ‘how to make Instagram highlight covers.’ This Instagram highlight cover maker online delivers impressive performance in making persuasive highlight covers – Instagram highlight covers pink or black, modern style or country style, all sizes of highlight covers are waiting for you. 

Make Instagram Highlight Covers Pink

• How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers on Canva?

The best part of Canva comes from its stunning number of elements. This kind of software offers graphics, effects, and even videos for users, most of which are free to use! With Canva, you can easily merge all kinds of elements and produce adorable Instagram highlight covers no matter for personal use or for business. 

Step 1. Go to Canva and start without registration. 

On the top-right corner, hit the search bar and type in ‘Instagram Story Highlight Cover’. 

Type in Instagram Highlight Covers

Step 2. Choose your favorite template. 

Among the templates given by Canva, choose the one that fits with your account  the most, and let’s start to embellish it and make it your own stuff. 

Step 3. Modify and enrich your template.

The picture below is an ordinary routine in modifying the highlight covers. You can see that first you need to go to the search bar of the ‘Elements’ tab, then type in ‘shapes’ and find a brilliant circle icon that will 100% fit in the Instagram highlight button, and finally adjust the color to pink, or any other color that goes with your brand.

It’s for sure that you can output more creative highlight covers with numerous elements, and in that case, always remember to leverage simple and clarified icons and obey the minimalistic methodology so nothing will be wrong.

Use Canva to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Step 4. Hit download to obtain your highlight covers. 

Download Instagram Highlight Covers From Canva

• Tired of the operations, are there any other ways out? 

Yes, Pinterest is the right place to head to. It provides many out-of-box Instagram highlight covers. If you don’t mind sharing the same design with others, this method could be the most energy-saving way. 

The Second Myth – You Can Make Instagram Highlight Covers without Posting

Now you’ve successfully created ideal highlight covers, but very instantly another new problem may appear – that’s to upgrade our new covers to your accounts without excessively posting them? It’s easy, follow the steps and everything will be fine.

How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers without Posting?

Step 1. Firstly, tap one of your Highlight covers and on the bottom right corner, click the ellipsis for ‘more.’

Edit Highlight Cover From Instagram

Step 2. On the expanded menu, select ‘Edit Highlight.’

Step 3. Upload the pre-made highlight covers that are produced with Canva just now.

Step 4. Repeat the procedures above until all your highlight covers are completely replaced. 

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Insert Your Instagram Username

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Buy Followers with Coins for Your Instagram Highlight Covers

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Bonus Tip – Reach 10K Followers and Unlock the Swipe Up Feature 

• Instagram highlight cover for business

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Final Words

This ‘how to make Instagram highlight covers’ guidance introduces a useful tool to help you produce brand-new highlight covers so as to accommodate your high-quality stories. Nevertheless, an influential account cannot be built with only good designs of highlight covers, it is trustworthy once it is integrated with a large number of followers and likes. Reach to GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita now and make your account valuable! 

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