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How to Increase Instagram Followers without Any App - 9 Effective Tricks

As a beginner, want to increase Instagram followers without any app? The article shows you 9 easy and effective tricks to increase Instagram followers without any app.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

How to increase Instagram followers without any app? A frequent question asked on Quora. Increasing Instagram followers has been a long-discussed question. So many apps are created to help you get Instagram followers quickly. But many of them offer fake followers. That's the reason why people are searching for the answer about how to increase Instagram followers without any app. The article lists 9 effective tricks to help you get real Instagram followers without using any app.

How to Increase Instagram Followers without Any App

Trick 1 - Optimize Your Profile to Increase Followers without App

The profile is an entrance for others to know who you are and what you are doing. First, you need to make sure that your profile is not empty. Otherwise, your account may be considered a bot account or inactive account. Name, username, website, bio, email, and phone number are elements in the profile. If you want to leave a deep impression on others, you need to fill out the info with deep thought. Make sure that your account is set “Public”. Except for the basic info such as name and phone number, profile bio is one part that accounts for a large portion. Combine words, hashtags, links, emojis to make your profile efficient and attractive. In this way, you can increase Instagram followers free without app. If you need, go to read the article about profile bio ideas

How to Increase Followers in Instagram without Any App - Optimize Profile

Trick 2 - Choose the Right Time to Post to Increase IG Followers

Some Instagram users post at any time they like. It’s a waste of time. Posting at a time that most users are not online means that your content will be seen by several people only. Many people are working daytime, during the period they have seldom time to spend on viewing Instagram. Besides, you need to be aware of the time zone difference. For the 2 reasons, you should choose the best time to post to grow reach and increase Instagram followers free without using any app. 

When is the right time to best? 

1. The general answer for the right time to post is 6 a.m to 11 a.m and 5 p.m to 6 p.m on the workday, 12 p.m to 2 p.m on weekends. It is from the data collected by multiple tools.

2. Decide the time according to your own experience. Record your post time, likes, comments, shares, engagement rate, and others to see when is the best time to post.

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Trick 3 - Keep a Unique Instagram Style to Increase Followers Free

So many users on Instagram, how could your account stand out and hack Instagram followers? That is to develop a special Instagram style, which can be realized according to your goal, interest, and location. Then you need to determine what your theme is: travel, food, photography, flowers... Keep posting original and creative content that is of one theme. You’ll increase followers on Instagram without any app. 

Don’t just copy others’ photos or words. That’s bad because it makes others feel that you are not creative and give up to be your followers. Just be authentic and find new ideas to make your posts attractive. If you have no creative idea about your posts, learn from those most followed accounts, such as #nationalparkservice. 

Trick 4 - Go to the Site to Increase Followers without Any App

How to increase Instagram followers without any app? The fastest way is to visit the site, on which you can get Instagram followers without logging into Instagram and other apps. It’s very easy. In addition, you don’t have to consider what to post, when to post, and other elements. Real users sign up and log into the app, and you’ll get real unlimited Instagram followers on this site. No survey is required before gaining Instagram followers.

Visit to Increase Instagram Followers without Using Any App

Steps to get followers on are simple. Visit the official site and go to the “Get Followers & Likes” Page to get free Instagram followers and likes. Go to the “Store” page to buy Instagram followers and likes. It’s available and easy to get 10K Instagram followers by adding an Instagram username. No password is needed.

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Trick 5 - Follow Suggested Accounts to Increase Followers without App

On Instagram, the algorithms work to provide you with suggested users to follow. These users may be from Facebook, phone contacts, search history, hashtag usage, and mutual friends. Follow these users who are more likely to check your profile and view your posts. If they are interested, they will follow you back. It’s a great way to increase Instagram followers free without any app and build followers base.

How to find suggested accounts on Instagram?

1. Go to your feed, and you’ll see suggested accounts for you between posts.

2. Go to your profile, tap the three dots in the top right, and tap Discover people, where you’ll see a list of accounts chosen by the algorithms.

3. Tap one following’s profile, there is a small icon next to the unfollow icon. Tap the icon and there are many suggested accounts for you. 

Some may don’t like this method. But it really works. After all, if you follow the audience you want to reach, they’ll receive a notification that shows you are a new follower. If they like your profile photo, they will follow you back soon.

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Trick 6 - Join in Instagram Engagement Group to Increase IG Followers

Instagram engagement groups, just as its name suggested, are groups that put users together to help their posts reach more people and increase engagement. Your posts ranker higher in the Instagram algorithm, and more new users follow you. Meantime, there are members in groups who are gradually interested in your account and follow you then. It is a unique method to increase Instagram followers without any app.

What Instagram engagement group do? Like and comment on each other’s feed posts. View and reply to each other’s story posts. Generally, the more groups you join in, the more likes and comments you gain. Even though, it’s not a wise way to join Instagram engagement groups causally. You should participate in groups that satisfy the following features:

  • Members are active. (You can view their profiles and posts.)

  • Members have common points. (Similar interests, same time zone, and the like.)

If you don’t know where to join engagement groups, go to the large website Reddit, in which some users post to build an Instagram engagement group and invite others to join.

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Trick 7 - Try Kinds of Instagram Hashtags to Increase IG Followers Easily

If you add hashtags to your post, it will appear on the corresponding hashtag page. It gives others whom you never know before a chance to see your posts and become your followers and fans. Hashtags are really a great feature to help your posts discovered by more people and increase followers on Instagram, instantly free.

Try Hashtags to Increase Followers on Instagram without Any App

Where to add hashtags? Before sharing, add hashtags followed by words or emojis that are relevant to your content in the caption. If hashtags are used correctly, it extends your reach, increases engagement, and gains more new followers. Hence, you need the following methods to find the best Instagram hashtags that work well for the content. 

1. Use Instagram’s related hashtags feature.

2. Take advantage of Instagram hashtags analytics tools.

3. Use hashtags that are relevant and contain keywords that attract your audience.

4. Add trending hashtags to your caption.

Trick 8 - Create IGTV Series to Increase Instagram Followers without App

IGTV gives you another chance to reach more users and increase followers on Instagram without using any app. It is similar to YouTube. After creating a channel, you can upload your videos. In IGTV, you can view videos from the accounts you followed, videos recommended for you, and popular videos. It means that as long as you make a high-quality video, IGTV could give you a platform to show it to others who are not your followers yet. If you are building a brand, don’t miss the channel. It’s a fine way to increase viewers to your videos and convert viewers to followers fast. 

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Trick 9 - Run Giveaways on Instagram to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is becoming a marketing platform, which means that there exists fierce competition for marketers. Users follow a brand for a lot of reasons, useful products, fine pictures, a good reputation... But more followers gain more revenue, which works all the time. How to increase more followers than other competitors? A quick trick is to run giveaways to attract hundreds of users to view your account and see the profile. In this way, you can not only increase new followers on Instagram but also “steal” followers from competitors.

Steps to run giveaways:

  1. Set the rules of giveaways

  2. Choose the prize that your audience will love

  3. Launch and run giveaways

  4. Pick the winner

Bottom Line

Followers are what you need on Instagram all the time. The article lists 9 tricks about how to increase Instagram followers without app. Every trick is easy but useful. The easiest way is to visit the site to get real Instagram followers free without any app in 2021. 

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