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How to Hide Instagram Story from Someone – Real Guide with Detailed Steps

Instagram stories can be hidden from anyone you want. Check this guide for explicit steps on how to hide Instagram story from someone.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kevin

500 million people around the world are using Instagram Story every day according to Instagram. While you may don’t want so many people to see your Stories or just find them when searching “how to hide Instagram story from someone” on the internet. This page would focus on that issue and offer you a perfect solution. Check the content below and follow those steps to hide your Instagram stories from anyone you choose.

How to Hide Instagram Story from Someone.png

Steps: How to Hide Story from Someone on Instagram

Steps on this question are just easy. You just need to find privacy settings in the Instagram app and select anyone you want to hide your stories from. Still not clear? Explicit steps with screen shots are listed below:

Step 1. Open “Setting” in the Instagram app.

Step 2. Find “Privacy” and open it.

How to Hide Story from Someone on Instagram - Step 2.jpg 

Step 3. Select the “Story” and you can see the “Hide Story From”.

 How to Hide Story from Someone on Instagram - Step 3.jpg

Step 4. Just tap it and you can see the list of your followers. You can select them or search for anyone you want by entering their usernames in the search tap.

 How to Hide Story from Someone on Instagram - Step 4.jpg

This is how you can hide Stories from someone on Instagram, isn’t it very easy? Just open your Instagram app and apply all the steps above.

Guide: Tips for Managing Instagram Stories More Efficiently

Here are two more tips on Instagram Stories management, try them all and improve your efficiency now.

#1 Create Your Instagram Close Friends List

Instagram close friends list is used for users to “create a list of close friends and choose to share your story with only them” according to Instagram. In this way, you are no longer need to select followers to hide stories from them but just share your stories with people you want, which could save a lot of your time.

 How to Hide Story from Someone on Instagram - Close Friends List.jpg

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Instagram story views are also an important factor for people who uses this feature. How many people have viewed, liked, joined your poll, or answered your question in the stories also matters. For this matter, it is difficult to get views or participants of your poll when you only have a small followers base. What you can do at this moment?

You just need to get more followers for story views and poll vote hack. While common ways like post frequently, beautify posts, etc. is slow and only have uncertain effects. Therefore, is there any efficient way to get followers? And, here an Instagram followers app is introduced to you for its outstanding quality and service of followers. It has a name called GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. Learn more about it in the content below:

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The End

All the content about how to hide Instagram story from someone has been illustrated above. You can follow the steps and illustrations above to select followers or create an Instagram close friends list in which only they can see your stories. Besides this, a special tool on improving the efficiency of managing Instagram story is also presented to you. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, as mentioned above, is perfect for getting Story/Reels views, viewers, poll voters, etc. Try the app now and you’ll never regret this choice.

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