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How to Give Credits on Instagram Properly & Benefits

Giving credits on Instagram is a sign of respect for the original poster. The article is about how to give credits on Instagram manually and automatically.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Instagram is a popular image and video sharing platform which holds thousands of posts every day. It’s not avoidable that you have some chances to repost or regram someone’s photos and videos. Since you have chosen to read this article, you have realized that giving credits on Instagram for the original poster is necessary. It is to show your respect for others' works and talents, which leaves a good impression on your audience. How to give credits on Instagram and what benefits can you get? You can get the answer in this article.

 How to Give Credit on Instagram

Why Give Credits on Instagram?

Generally speaking, you need to give credits on Instagram as long as you repost or regram content not created by yourself. It’s so important that it reflects your copyright awareness and your attitude toward others’ work. The social media platform Instagram has strict rules about copyright to protect the efforts of any creator, which means that copyright infringement would be punished. So if you just reuse others’ photos or videos without giving credits, you may be reported. That’s one reason you need to give credits on Instagram: avoid being reported.

On the other hand, giving credits on Instagram leaves a good impression on your audience and partner. And you can gain more free Instagram followers by the way. You live in a society that highly values creativity and originality. Resharing is common on any social media platform. People, however,  appreciate those who respect others’ hard work and disdain those who post other people’s pictures without consent or giving credit. That’s why you need to learn about how to give credits on Instagram.

Besides, if you choose to tap people to give photo credit on Instagram, they will receive a notification and the tagged photo will appear on their profile page. You’ll get a chance to reach more people in this way. 

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How to Give Credits on Instagram?

The above part is about the 3 important reasons to give credits on Instagram. So this part focuses on how to give credits on Instagram properly.

Tagging People in the Photo/Video

If you are to give photo credit on Instagram, then you could choose to tap people on the photo. It’s also a useful way to get one’s attention because the tagged photo will appear on their profile page along with a notification. As for how to tag people on Instagram, the steps are easy. When you are posting a new photo, there will be an option “Tag people”. It’s most effective for giving photo credit on Instagram. Tap the button, input username, and you can tap people on the people. So easy, huh? The only disadvantage is that when other people see your photo, they need to tap the photo to see the tagged accounts.

Mention People in the Caption & Comment

What if you prefer to give credit on Instagram in a more obvious and direct way? Then mentioning people with the form @ username in the caption and comment is a proper way. First of all, the caption and comments are under a photo or video. Viewers can get clear info about the people you refer. Likewise, if you want to give music credit on Instagram, you should mention the musician in the caption.

Of course, if you want to be more outstanding, you could develop your own style. For example, to share a photo you do not participate in, you could leave comprehensive info in the caption and comment including who are photo models, who are photographers, who are editors... And we take the photo published by the account tslil_henes_photography as an example.

Give Credit on IG in the Caption

Use Repost Apps to Give Credits on Instagram Automatically

The above ways require you to give credits manually. If you tend to give credits on Instagram or other social media automatically, choose an Instagram repost app to help you give credits. Some apps will add a watermark with the author’s profile picture and username at the bottom of an image, or some would indicate who are the original poster in the caption. Here we take the app Regram for Instagram as an example to show how to give credits on Instagram automatically.

Open Instagram and tap the three dot of the photo you want to share. Tap “Share to” and choose Regram for Instagram. Just long press the screen in the caption and the original caption will be copied in one second. Publish it on Instagram and you’ll find that in the caption, there are words explaining the original poster at the beginning. The photo below is an example.

Give Credit on Instagram Automatically

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How to Get Credits on Instagram?

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In the End

Anyway, whether you repost or regram a photo, video, or a piece of music, it’s vital to give credits on Instagram to avoid copyright infringement. The article put forward 3 feasible ways to give credits properly and effectively. If you wish to change your role and get credits on Instagram, try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to get free Instagram followers with credits and free IG likes.

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