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How to Gain Free Followers on Instagram – 6 Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers in 2021

Gaining free Instagram followers is not as difficult as you think. Try the 6 quick ways to get free followers on Instagram in 2021.

Updated 2022-06-27 11:20:18 | by Lane

Do you want to know how to get free followers on Instagram? More and more people are joining Instagram to share memories from an individual’s life, photos, and many more each day. It is also a great social media platform for businesses today. In terms of the Instagram growth, getting more followers on Instagram in 2021 won't be as easy as it was a year or two ago. If you want to stand out and show off your brand on Instagram, you have to get smarter and work harder to grow more followers on Instagram. In the following guide, we'll share 6 ways to gain free Instagram followers in 2021.

How to Gain Free Followers on Instagram 2021 

Title List

1. Complete Your Instagram Profile to Get Free Followers for Instagram 

First impressions are important because you only have 7 seconds to make an impression. The first thing you can do to make a good impression on your Instagram account is to complete your profile. Completing your profile is the best Instagram follower hack. There are 4 key areas that need to be accomplished:

• Your profile image. Make sure your image clearly represents you or your business. This thumbnail may be small, so make the most of your space so that followers can immediately recognize your image.

• The name of your account. You can add the keywords in the name because other users can find you when they search the keywords.

• Bio. Make sure your bio is straight forward. A bio can often be changed to include a call-to-action or something you want to highlight temporarily, otherwise, it should be nice and descriptive.

• URL. This is the area that other users can directly click to find out more about your blog, business or product. 

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Get Free Instagram Followers 2021

Step 4: With the coins you earn, you can tap “Get Followers".

How to Get Free Followers on Instagram 2021

Step 5: Your account will start to get free Instagram followers instantly.

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3. Follow Suggested User to Gain Instagram followers free

Instagram selects suggested users based on who you follow, your contact list, or the previous posts you have liked. This can be a good way to increase followers on Instagram because you usually already have something in common that can help you easily find specific audiences and niches. Here are 3 methods to find suggested users. All the methods will bring your following into a whole new world of accounts, and thus will let your target users follow you back.

• Discover People: Click the icon in the upper right corner of the app for the person with the flying sign. This will take you to “Discover People “which lists suggested users.

Get Free Followers Instagram 2021


• Profiles: Go to your preferred profile. Tap the “Following” button, then a list of the suggested users is displayed below for you to scroll through. This provides you more of a variety of users and you can explore and follow.

Gain Free Followers on Instagram


• Tap the Profile of your following, then tap the drop-down icon. You will see the suggested users.

How to Gain Free Followers on Instagram


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4. Post High-Quality Posts Regularly

Once you have a completed Instagram profile, find some noteworthy accounts to follow and create some great content, you can start posting regularly. According to a study, profiles that posted seven or more times a week (or at least once a day) get more likes and gain more followers faster than those that post less frequently. Here are the useful tips you need to know:

• Try videos, live videos, and Stories.  Although Instagram started out as a photo-sharing network, it has become more than just photos. When you publish a story on Instagram, you will appear at the front of the Stories feed. The average reach of video grows faster than the average engagement of images. 

• Gain free followers on Instagram by posting with a consistent style. Having a consistent style or theme isn't just about branding, it's also about creating an expectation for your Instagram account that your followers or potential followers can trust. They want to see more of the same type of content every day. If you can maintain this consistency in every post, you'll increase your followers on Instagram at a faster rate over time.

• 1-2 posts per day are recommended and 3 posts per day should be the maximum. Followers always want interesting, fresh content, so don’t post repeated things to boring and annoying your followers.

5. Use Hashtags to Gain Free Followers on Instagram

Get Free Instagram Followers 2021

Quickly add, explore, and utilize relevant and engaging topic hashtags to gain free followers on Instagram. The purpose of the hashtags is to make your posts can be discovered by other users on Instagram. Therefore, people looking for posts related to the hashtag can find yours under that hashtag. You can find popular and trending hashtags in your niche content. It's also a good idea to create your own hashtags and keep using them. You can also add some hashtags to Instagram stories to get free Instagram followers daily. However, remember not to overuse the number of hashtags you use in a post. Tags like #LikeforLike #followme and other gimmicks should be avoided. Here are the important points to use the hashtags:

• Use related hashtags

• Look for popular and trendy hashtags

• Create your own hashtags

• Don't always use the same hashtags

• Use hashtag stickers in Instagram stories

• Avoid excessive labels

• Avoid using gimmicks as hashtags

6. Write Compelling Captions

While Instagram is a visual platform, captions play an important role in increasing engagement, which can help you gain more reach and engagement. And, reach and engagement is the key factor in how to gain more followers on Instagram. Here are some key strategies you can try:

• Write the most important compelling words upfront. After a few lines of text, the captions in the users’ feeds are cut off, so convey the most compelling information from the top.

• Ask a question. This makes it easy for your audience to comment. This participation will help make your account visible to more people.

• Try emoji. Emoji can help draw readers' attention and are suitable for most types of accounts on the visual social network.

• Try different caption lengths. Instagram allows for long captions, so you can test some in-depth storytelling if your post needs it. A short caption can also be very effective when the visuals speak for themselves.

The Bottom Line

Increasing your Instagram followers often seems not easy, but if you follow the right techniques and strategies, you'll definitely get more Instagram followers in 2021. Try these tricks in 2021 to see how much your account can grow this year.

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