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Pro Guide: How to Do A Carousel Post on Instagram [Latest Version]

Don’t miss the pro guide on how to do a carousel post on Instagram! Make carousel posts, share your interesting life and gain thousands of followers!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

Ask yourself, have you ever encountered this situation? You have much information to show, but you do not know how. But it affects audiences' views if you make a post for each message. Is there any way to post several pictures all at once? The answer is yes. Instagram had launched this function in 2017, it is called carousel post. But how to do a carousel post on Instagram? Don't worry. Take 5 minutes to read this page, and get to know everything about carousel posts on Instagram.


What is A Carousel Post?

Before getting down to how to do a carousel post on Instagram. You should know what is carousel posts. You must have seen a carousel in amusement parks. It is Merry-Go-Round. But put it on Instagram, it is different. Carousel post is actually a multi-image slideshow. Choose several pictures and post them together. That is carousels used for. People can see the first image directly, and they need to swipe left to see all the images.

Why Should You Make Carousel Posts on Instagram?

After a brief understanding of what is carousel post, you also need to know why you should make that post. Here are some advantages of using it.

Show much more information

Compared with a single picture, a carousel post has no doubt shown more of you and your products to the audiences. Let people know you is very important for a brand or an influencer, especially when you want to make money on Instagram. This will help to build trust and loyalty.

Extend audiences' dwell time

When people see the dots and the little arrow, they usually swipe them to see more pictures, not just slide away. It extends the time of followers lingering in your posts. Also, it encourages people to give you a like and leave comments. Thus, finally, improve the engagement which is a key factor when measuring a person's business value.  


Try different style and save effort

With carousel posts, you can try a different style of posts. Only the first picture will show directly in your profile and feed. That is to say, you just need to keep the style of the first picture the same as the overall post in the past. You can even ask your followers which style they prefer, which increases engagement and helps you find your target followers and the style you should try later.

Since people will directly see the first picture, you only need to handle the first picture carefully, the later pictures can be handled without so much effort.

Give followers or customers more details at once

A carousel post can give more details to your followers and customers at once, compared with single posts, and it does not affect their view experience. You can put the overall effect on the first one, followed by details of the outfit, makeup, or anything else you want to share.

If you are brands of clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics, it is what you need to do. Since customers cannot see your product in real life, then details are more important. Brands that can give details will make people feel good, expand their potential user base and enhance their brand image.

How to Create A Carousel Post on Instagram – Normal People

If you carefully read the last part, you should know carousel posts are very important for business. Is there any difference in how to create a carousel post on Instagram between normal people and business accounts? Yes, of course. For business, you can make Instagram carousel ads. Now, let's move to how to do a carousel post on Instagram and see the specific steps.

For normal people, this is very simple. You only need to tap one more if you ask how to do a carousel post on Instagram. Here are the easy steps to help you make best Instagram carousel posts.

Step 1:   Launch Instagram on your phone and tap the plus sign.


Step 2:  Click the "SELECT MULTIPLE", and choose pictures you want to post.


You can only post up to 10 pictures at once.

Step 3:   Edit captions, hashtags, then post, done! Check your carousel posts in your feed.

How to Post A Carousel on Instagram for Promotion – Brands & Influencers

This part will introduce how to do a carousel post on Instagram for advertising. This is a little complicated than post as a normal person. Let's check how it is accomplished.

At the first, you should create a Facebook business account and then set up the Facebook Ads Manager. When you finish the 2 things above, you can follow the steps to post carousel posts.

Step 1:  Follow the steps provided by Ads Manager to create a campaign. You should set your goal and target customers.

Step 2:  Choose carousel under format.

Step 3:  In the format toolbar, choose "Feed". Upload your pictures or videos.

If you are wondering how to post carousel on Instagram from PC, sadly, posting from PC is not available for now. But don't be upset, maybe you can use the function just tomorrow.

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The Bottom Line

The whole passage is a comprehensive and detailed guidance for how to do a carousel post on Instagram. Carousel posts can attract audiences, increase the possibility of commercials, you should use it. At the same time, real and active followers bring you more views and engagement, and they are beneficial to improve your business value. While using carousel posts wisely, you shouldn't miss GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. Try it now and take the first step to become a rich man!

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