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Ultimate Guide on How to Copy Instagram Comments: 5 Working Tricks

Maybe you have tried many useless ways on how to copy Instagram comments. Read this guide to find 5 feasible and easy ways to make it on iOS, Android, and PC.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Neal

If you try to log in to Instagram on PC, you may find it easy to copy a comment. However, the Instagram app, as the most used, doesn’t allow an equally easy way to copy comments. It is not so friendly to our experience on mobile. So today, as an experienced Instagram user, I will show you a series of tips on how to copy Instagram comments, based on your demands. Even if you want to copy an Instagram caption, bio, or a link, it works too.

How to Copy Instagram Comments

Before showing the methods on how to copy comments on Instagram one by one, please read the table to find the suitable way that meets your needs.

  Method Form System Scope of Copying  Price


Web Android iOS Single or Several Free
        #2 Apk Android Single or Several Free
        #3 Web PC Batch Free
        #4 Web PC Batch Paid or Free
        #5 Web PC Batch Paid or Free
Title List

#1 How to Copy Instagram Comments [Without Apps]

If you try some ways from Google Search results, opening the Instagram link on mobile browser directly, you will find it hard to select the targeted comments. I don’t deny it worked in a way. But now it seems more useful to copy caption, bio, or a link instead of comments.

How to Copy comments on Instagram

Actually, there is just an important step they missed. Here I use an iPhone with Safari to show you the complete steps of how to copy Instagram comments. It works on any smartphone with browsers.

Warm Notes: Do you want to get more comments to copy? First, you need to get more followers, only when you have more followers your number of comments will increase, maybe you can try this app, it will provide you with 100% real and free Instagram followers, after gaining followers they will spontaneously comment on your post so that you will have more comments to copy.

Step 1. Click the three points (More options) on the top right of one post and copy the link.

How to Copy Comments from Instagram - Copy an Instagram Link

Step 2. Launch a browser, paste your link, and go to the web page of the Instagram post.

Step 3. Click  “AA” on the top left. Then tap on “Website Settings”, pin “Request Desktop Website” and click "Done".

Copy Instagram Comment on Web

Step 4. Click "Request Desketop Website" to change the page into desktop web. Then you can copy any comments. 

How to Copy Instagram Comments – Adjust the Page

For iPhone users, you may confront incomplete display so that you can't copy the comments. You just need to adjust the size of the page or make it portrait orientation display.

#2 How to Copy a Comment on Instagram [Apk]

If you are an Android user, there is a nice app I must recommend to you. Let me show you how to copy an Instagram comment with it.

Step 1. Download Universal Copy in Google Play and install it on your phone.

Step 2. Allow Universal Copy to be active.

Step 3. Go to the targeted Instagram comments page.

Step 4. Drag the notification bar and click the Universal Copy notification.

Step 5. Select the comments you want to copy and make it.

How to Copy an Instagram Comment

Note: You can use Universal Copy to copy any words on Instagram, bio, caption, and a link. Besides Instagram, it also works on other pages.

#3 How to Copy Instagram Comments [Batch Way]

If you have the need to copy batch comments on Instagram, I can share with you the way to make it on your PC. Here I share a nice and free tool from Chrome and show you the steps.

Step 1. Add Scraper to your Chrome and pin it on the extension lists.

How to Copy Comments from Instagram  by Scraper

Step 2. Open an Instagram comment page and make all comments you want to copy displayed by clicking the plus.

How to Copy Instagram Comments - Display and Select

Step 3. Select all content of one comment. Right click and select “Scrape similar”.

Step 4. All displayed comments are collected by default. Just tap on “Copy to clipboard” and make it.

Copy Instagram Comment - Clipboard

According to Instagram rules, every time you click the plus to load more comments, Instagram will only show you 12 more comments. So it seems not so useful if there are hundreds of comments to copy.

#4 How to Export Instagram Comments into Sheets [Excel]

If you want to export plenty of Instagram comments, for giveaway activity or analysis, there is a way I can share with you. According to all comment collecting platforms I found, the following one is the best. It allows you the free trial to export at most 200 comments into sheets. Let me show you how to copy Instagram comments with it.

Step 1. Go to the targeted Instagram post and copy the link of the post.

Step 2. Open the link of, paste the Instagram link on the specific area of the web, and choose to continue.

How to Copy Instagram Comments - Export Way

Step 3. Choose the range of time and available formats. Then click “EXPORT”

How to Export Instagram Comment

Step 4. Tap on “Download Excel File” to export the data of comments.

How to Copy Plenty of Instagram Comments

#5 How to Auto-Copy Instagram Comments [Business Way]

If you need to copy and collect real-time Instagram comments for business, Iconosquare is a feasible platform to help you. Iconosaquare is designed to copy real-time data from your targeted Instagram or Facebook accounts' comments, likes, shares, and so on. The collected database will be updated every 5-10 min. 

But Iconosaquare doesn't offer the service for personal accounts. It requires your company information before using it. Now completing this information, you can start your 14-day free trial.

How to Copy Instagram Comments - Track and Auto Way

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Optional Tips for Instagram Comments

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Sum up

Having read this, believe you have learned the 5 methods on how to copy Instagram comments from the above. All of them are working and feasible to copy comments according to our experience of using. Now you just need to give them a try to find the suitable one that meets your needs.

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