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How to Add TikTok Link to Instagram & Complete Your Bio [Easy Way]

Introduce the technic how to add TikTok Link to Instagram & How to add Instagram/YouTube link to TikTok. & Tricks to grow Instagram followers quickly.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Evan

Social networking connected every one of us today on the internet. But the social network service providers are seemly trying their hardest to split the world into pieces by edge their business competitors out. Just because of their purpose for seizing the market share as much as they could. Think of your Facebook and Instagram friends who can easily access the content you’ve posted on Tiktok. And each of them could potentially bring you thousands or millions of followers & viewers. It could be very irresistible if your followers are convertible on both Apps. Would you like to consider how to add a Tiktok link to your Instagram profile to expand your social networking? Let’s have a look.

Figure Out How to Link TikTok Link to Instagram

How to Add TikTok Bio Link to Instagram Profile 

In order to add TikTok link to your Instagram biography, you need to make sure you’ve installed both TikTok & Instagram on your mobile phone & have registered accounts for both two Apps.

Copy the TikTok link to Instagram

Step 1. Go to your TikTok App. Once you are here, you may tab the “Me” button in the lower right-hand corner, your account info will show up immediately. On the account info, you may find a “three dots” icon on the upper right corner, tap this “three dots” icon and choose “Share Profile”. Once you’ve chosen “Share Profile” then just go tap the “Copy Link”. The TikTok will inform you that your profile link has generated & copied.

Copy the TikTok link to Instagram

Step 2. Once you’ve done copying, you need to switch to the main screen and lunch your Instagram App. And then you will need to login your Instagram. And again, you will see the profile icon in the bottom right and tap it. Once you do so, tap on the “Edit Profile” and find “Website”. What you need to do is to paste your TikTok link. Then, you need to remove all description come along with the TikTok link but left only the URL in the “Website”. (delete everything that show before “http://...”) Then click the tick button on the upper right to submit your profile.

Check TikTok Through the Instagram Link

Step 3. Then you will see your TikTok link shows up in your profile. To redirect to your TiKTok page, tap on your TikTok link, then the instagram will inform you “502 Bad Gateway”, but you can still visit your TikTok account by click the “3 dots” icon on the upper right hand and choose “Open in Broswer”. The system will ask you if open this link via TikTok App, approve it, then you are able to visit your page in TikTok.

How to Add Instagram and Other Social Media Links to TikTok

TikTok offers a fantastic feature that allows you to visit related social networking account, like YouTube, Instagram (Setting by the users) with one click. That’s pretty convenient & shows up how to open the TikTok platform is.  

You Can Add Instagram & YouTube Link in TikTok Bio

To add the TikTok link to the Instagram biography isn’t hard in this case. The only thing you need to do is to find the little person icon in the bottom right corner and click it. Then tap the “Edit Profile”. In the last two options at the bottom, click the "Instagram" button and the Instagram login will popup. All you must do is log in to your Instagram account by verifying your login information and tell Instagram that you authorize TikTok to access your basic information. That will allow TikTok to access your Instagram account. Now your TikTok & Instagram should be hooked up. The same method could be adapted to add your YouTube link to TikTok.

To Grow Instagram Follower, Add Link to Bio is Far from Enough

Rome is not built in a day. A million followers Instagrammer will not come true just because you’ve added the TikTok link to your Instagram account. You need to do a lot of efforts, including audience targeting, consisting of posting management, communicate/ interactive with followers, financial budgets for Instagram activities, the process to grow Instagram followers could take you forever… If you want to grow real Instagram followers immediately, you will need another way.

Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly by One Click

To affiliate your Instagram to other social networking platforms, like adding a TikTok link to your Instagram profile would be a great idea to increase your online popularity. But have you ever considered getting some free followers instantly by several clicks? Sometimes, to use an Instagram follower gainer APP for instant & permanent Instagram follower growth, could be a selectable choice.  

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How to Get 1000 Free Real Instagram Followers Instantly in 5 Minutes

If you joined Instagram recently and are bothered by staggering follower growth, then getting some free followers by using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will boost your credibility & popularity. If you are selling goods & products on Instagram in the meantime, have a rapid growth of your Instagram followers will help you improving your financial benefit in the future. Thankfully, with the assistant of GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, to get bountiful Instagram followers isn’t hard at all. At least 50 free Instagram real followers per day that you could get from GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, and possible of instantly 50k Instagram followers monthly. One thing is nice to mention is that follower adding is without worry about human verification and account issues. For users who dedicate themselves to improve the visibility of their Instagram account, that could be a good start to begin their career. Let’s see how could we get 1000 followers with just several taps.

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Affiliate Your Instagram with GetInsta

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Finish Tasks to Get Coin

Step 3. You can get enough GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita coins by challenge daily and instant tasks, like follow other Instagrammers, like others Instagram posts…

Use Coin to Get More Followers Immediately with GetInsta

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The Bottom Line

There are many ways to increase the influence of your Instagram, including optimizing the personal biography, like add a TikTok link to your Instagram Biography. Devote to post high-quality content conscientiously, add your friend circle in real life to your social networking. Don’t forget GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita could do a lot to help you get more followers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try it and get your account a significant boost now!

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