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How to Add Someone's Story to Your Story on Instagram in 2021

How to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram and maximize your Instagram story engagement effectively? Find answers in this article!

Updated 2022-06-30 10:46:37 | by Rainer

These days Instagram stories have become an essential part of content strategy, for the massive advantages in improving engagement, visibility, and brand awareness. it’s the main vehicle for Instagrammers to keep the audiences engaged more frequently, with a more diversified form of content. To better leverage the benefits of Instagram stories, it’s common to repost someone’s story to yours.

How to Add Someone's Story to Your Story on Instagram

Despite the fact, many people don’t know how to add someone's story to your story. If you open this post, it means you are facing the same problem. Want to know how to add someone’s story to yours? Here is a quick guide on how to add someone's story to your story on Instagram, just read on!

How to Share Someone's Post to Your Story Directly

Whether you want to pump out more content or simply want to share an interesting story with the world, reposting is a great way. You can share regular feed posts to your story easily, usually within a just few clicks. By resharing the post to your story, you will automatically tag the person whose content you are reposting. Besides that, just like any regular stories, the resharing post will be gone after 24 hours.
Step 1. Locate the feed post you want to reshare, tap on the Aeroplane icon.
Step 2. You can tag the creator using a “Mention” sticker if you want the gagging to be more visible.

How to Share Someone's Post to Your Story Directly

Step 3. Tap “Send to” to repost the steller post to your Instagram stories.
Please be aware that this method applies to regular posts and works for pictures only. You can only repost with the public account which has permitted resharing. Want to know how the resharing on Instagram stories? Just stay with us to see how to add someone's story to your story in the following part.

How to Add Someone's Story to Your Story on Instagram

For Instagram stories, things are a bit more complicated. That’s why people search for “how to add someone's story to your story Instagram” on Google. This is because you are not allowed to add someone’s story to your story when you are not tagged, for instance, those stories from big influencers. Here’re the simple steps on how to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram when you are tagged.

How to Add Someone’s Story to Your Story When You Are Tagged

When you are tagged in someone’s story, you’ll get a DM from that person which notifies you to add the story to your own. Check out the steps below to see how to add someone's story to your story!
Step 1. Tap on the “Add post to my story” in the DM. You’ll see a popup saying “mentioned users may repost this story for 24 hours.”
Step 2. You’ll be redirected to stories mode which allows you to edit the post, like adding filters.
Step 3. Tap on the “Sent to” and you have successfully added someone’s story to your story.
That’s it for how to add someone’s story to your story when tagged. It’s always nice to give credit to the content creator of the post you’ve just shared. Please note that you can repost someone’s story when it is still available(within 24 hours), so just make it quick!

What If You Are Not Tagged...

There’s a case that you want to share the public stories from a brand or an influencer when you are not tagged. At this time, you will need to record them with your phone or resort to a third-party app to help you with it. So how to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram with a recorder? Both Android and iPhone allow you to record your screen with the built-in tool. Let’s see how to make it with simple steps.
1. How to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram with iPhone
Step 1. Pull down the Control Center from the upper right, tap, and hold the “Record” button.
Step 2. Tap on the “Microphone” icon if you want to mute it. Tap the “Start Recording” to proceed.

Record Instagram Story with iPhone

Step 3. Switch back to the Instagram stories. Your iPhone will start recording now. Tap the Red dot in the left corner to stop recording.
2. How to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram with Android
Step 1. Pull down the notification from the top of the screen and select the “Screen Recorder.”
Step 2. Tap “allow” when asked for permission to record the screen. Select “Media sounds” if you want to keep the audio in the Instagram stories.

Record Instagram Story with Android

Step 3. Tap “Start Recording” to record Instagram stories. Tap “Stop” to finish the recording.
That’s it! Your recordings of Instagram stories will be saved in your Album or Media Gallery. Simply post it to Instagram stories as a video and you are good to go. Please note that it’s better to ask the original content creator for permission before reposting their stories or mention them for credit.
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Benefits to Add Someone's Story to Your Story Instagram

Now you have learned how to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram. It’s just as easy as breathing! Adding someone’s story to your story is beneficial to your Instagram, and you get multiple advantages like:

  • Enhance your content: Content creation can be hard at some point, especially when you don’t feel creative. Reposting stories on Instagram can be a great help for content production.

  • Increase the reach: Reposting Instagram stories can be used as a partnership with brands and influencers. You can effectively increase the reach to a broader audience based on the collaboration.

  • Keep your audience engaged: Reposting your follower’s UGC(user-generated content) can be a useful way to keep them engaged, which can help you interact with your followers and build a better community.

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Now you know how to add someone’s story to your story on Instagram, it’s time for practice. When you successfully repost Instagram stories, don’t forget to get the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to maximize your engagement! It’s the most professional Instagram growth tool on the block you don’t want to miss!

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