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3 Best Ways on How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Bio in 2021

This article will introduce how to add line breaks in Instagram bio with 3 effective methods, plus handy tools for cool Instagram bio and growing followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

The first impression matters - that’s why the Instagram bio could be one of the most important parts of your profile. A well-organized bio not only lets your followers know who you are and what you do but can also help you attract new followers and build your brand.

People on Instagram are more easily attracted to concise content and aesthetic visuals because they are not going to read a story. A lengthy and unformatted Instagram bio can be too messy and might be a turn-off for potential audiences.  

If you want your Instagram bio to look nice and formatted, then adding line breaks is essential. So how to add line breaks in Instagram bio? Just check out this article to learn how to add line breaks in Instagram bio with 3 useful methods in 2021, along with handy tools that can help you draft an attractive Instagram bio and grow Instagram followers. Just make sure to continue reading.

How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Bio

3 Best Ways on How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Bio

A perfect Instagram profile/bio should describe who you are and list out all the important achievements about yourself. Sometimes you might just have a lot to share, but it’s better to format your Instagram bio and improve the readability. So how do you add a new line on Instagram bio and make it easy to read? Here are 3 effective methods that might help you out!

Method 1. Add line breaks on desktop Instagram

While pressing the Space key simply doesn’t work when you want to add line breaks on mobile, you can turn to the desktop for help. You may directly add a new line with the Enter/Return key on desktop Instagram. 

Here’s how to add line breaks in Instagram bio on desktop.

Step 1. Go to the profile page, click “Edit Profile” next to your username.

How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Bio on the Web

Step 2. Enter the bio, break the line with the Enter/Return key.

Step 3. Click the “Submit” button when you finish.

Method 2. Add line breaks on mobile with notes taking app

You can’t break lines in the Instagram editing box doesn’t mean that you can’t make it elsewhere. You may use note-taking apps to pre-draft the bio with line breaks and copy-paste to your Instagram.

Here are the steps for how to add line breaks in Instagram iPhone.

Step 1. Open “Notes” on your iPhone, draft your bio.

How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Bio with Notes on iPhone

Step 2. Add line breaks with the Enter/Return key, which is visible with notes taking apps.

Step 3. Copy and paste the bio to Instagram, click “Done” to finish editing.

Method 3. Add line breaks with websites

Whether for mobile or desktop, you can always use some websites to break lines beforehand and copy-paste to Instagram later.

Now let’s see how to add line breaks in Instagram bio with Instablank.

Step 1. Draft your Instagram bio in the text box, break line with Enter/Return key.

Step 2. Click “Instagram line break” to generate a bio.

Step 3. Copy and paste the bio to Instagram.

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Another Efficient Way to Make Your Instagram Bio More Attractive

Now you know how to add line breaks in Instagram bio, what else can you do to level up your profile? Instagrammers around the world are adding perfect line breaks and unique fonts to bio and captions. Fonts add a touch of fun to your Instagram profile and allow you to show off your unique aesthetic. If you want to make your Instagram bio stand out from the crowd, you might want to consider putting some effort into finding a visually pleasing font for your profile. 

Here comes Instagram Fonts, a useful tool/app that can help you make outstanding Instagram bio and engagement Instagram captions with fancy and cool Instagram fonts. With Instagram Fonts, you will find awesome features like:

180+ Fancy Font. Providing more than 180 special fonts, Instagram fonts allow you to personalize your Instagram content with eye-catching fonts. Based on Unicode, the fonts are universally recognized on every device without any problem.

Awesome Keyboard. A user-friendly feature that allows you to change the keyboard based on your smartphone. Your keyboard is integrated with fancy fonts, cool emojis, and decoration styles, so you can use a wide variety of fonts directly without hassle.

1,800+ Cool Emojis. Emojis have dominated communication, and with Instagram fonts, you can have more than 1,800 cool Emojis to choose from, which allows you to create your Instagram bio with more fun and emotions!

Want to see how it works? Here’re the steps to create an amazing bio with Instagram fonts.

Step 1. Go to Instagram fonts. You can use it online, or download the app.

Step 2. Enter the copy in the text box, and you’ll see the more fonts appear below.

Step 3. Copy and paste the fonts to your Instagram.

This is it. You can also download the app to get more fonts, cool emojis and enjoy amazing keyboards with customized themes.

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The Bottom Line

Now you’ve mastered the tricks on how to add line breaks in Instagram bio, plus the handy Instagram bio fonts generator to make engaging bio and caption. A well-organized and formatted Instagram bio can help you establish your brand and attract more ideal audiences. With the tricks and tools above, there is no better time to polish your Instagram bio and make a killer first impression. Just don’t forget to try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to get followers, so there will be more audience to engage with your incredible content.

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