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How to Post Gifs to Instagram

The detailed steps & tutorial on how to upload gifs to Instagram and present correctly. How to add a gif to Instagram through GIPHY without convert gif to video.

Updated 2022-06-30 11:00:19 | by Evan

We live in a life of a global community connected by the internet, form up by each individual and the circle they’ve connected. People in this community are encouraged to share their fantastic stuff, brilliant ideas, and daily emotion. This is the online social network. It offers us a different identity from the real-life where we lived in. So that your social network identity fortified with more followers joined your circle, you become part of the internet legend rather than use it as a tool.

Ok then, take a break from your job & housekeeping. to get some funny gifs at reddit/r/gif for relaxing. Ha, this is interesting, I want to share it with my friends on Instagram. Probably I could get more followers by that. Oh, wait, how do I add a gif to Instagram then?


If you’ve ever tried to upload a gif on to Instagram, you’ll notice that it shows up as an image but not a gif, a gif should be moving like a video, but an image does not. Why can’t we upload a moving gif to Instagram? And how do we add a moving gif to Instagram? Let’s check the easy way to upload gifs onto Instagram that’ll play as they should.

Two Different Ways to Upload a Gif to Instagram

Upload a Gif to Instagram by Convert Gif to Video 

To add your gif to Instagram, Method one is if you already have a gif picture on your hand, which is saved in your images library, and you want it to be uploaded to Instagram. One way that you can take is to convert your gifs to .mp4 formatted videos. Yet Instagram can correctly play your moving gifs as well.

You can do the conversion job on your PC. A perfect free web app names could help you to handle the GIF conversion job. It can resolve almost all problems that you may have with the gifs. To convert your gif to .MP4 video, select “GIF to MP4” and click the button “Choose File” and select the GIF image you want to convert to .MP4 video for posting on Instagram. Then, click the “Upload button.”

How to Post Gifs to Instagram

A set of editing functions are listed above the image, allow you to modify the GIF image, like crop, resize, rotate, etc. after you finished editing, click “Convert GIF to MP4!”, then find the “save” button on the right side, your browser will download the converted .MP4 file to your computer, then you may like to upload the converted file onto the Instagram.

How to Post Gifs to Instagram

If you want to convert & post our gif on the phone, here I am using Android so, I would like to suggest with my favor. You may go to the play store & download the APP “MP4 to GIF Converter,” it is free anyway. Click “Files” and find your gifs ready to be converted, select it, then click “Convert Video Files.”  After converting, find the setting menu on the upper right hand. Then find the option “output files,” and you can find the video, click “Share File,” and you can go to your Instagram and click the plus sign upload the video.

How to Post Gifs to Instagram

The gif will be converted to a video clip and upload/ present to your audiences with a Instagram video presentation< how to repost a video on instagram>. But your users are not gonna know.  We did this since Instagram only plays videos and gifs won’t go through. So that’s why we need to convert your gif to a video to post on Instagram. Then you can do your tags & write your caption, and press OK to go. Generally speaking, operate with gif converter isn’t the most niche way to upload your gif to Instagram, but it’s the only way which allow you add your own gif to Instagram & Instagram story. 

For download the Instagram video to iPhone, Also read: >>   5 Methods to Download Instagram Videos to iPhone << 

Upload a Gif to Instagram by GIPHY

The second way is uploading the gif to an Instagram post by using GIPHY. GIPHY is a community that making, sharing popular, funny & interesting gifs. It offers service both on browser web APP & mobile APP, and you can download it in the APP store.

Another method to add the gifs to Instagram is upload it by using You can directly upload any gifs that show on the GIPHY onto Instagram. You may go ahead and search the gif via GIPHY search or its categories. Once you’ve found the gif you want to put on Instagram, all you need to do is click the three dots under the gif - this is available both for Android devices and iOS.  You will see there are icons, including an Instagram icon by clicking the Instagram icon you can post the gif onto Instagram directly. And there is also a download icon, which means you can either download the gif by pressing this icon here and save the image, and it will go to your photo library.

How to Post Gifs to Instagram

This is a much easier way because you don’t have to go through another app to do the conversion. But the problem of the GIPHY is: you can not post the gif onto Instagram if the gif isn’t collected by the GIPHY. So if you want to upload the gif you’ve made, or you could not find the gif you want to upload to Instagram on the GIPHY, you still need to use method one to convert your gif to a video clip then upload it onto Instagram. And you won’t be bothered if you can’t let your friends & followers see the gifs you’ve posted.

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