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How Much Money Can You Make with 10K Instagram Followers?

How much money can you make with 10k Instagram followers? This blog will break it down to you in detail with statistics and the analysis of your engagement rate, followers, location, etc. Read now!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

Celebrate it, influencers-to-be, and micro-influencers on Instagram. There is not as much pressure as you think to make money on Instagram. The reason is that according to Linqia, micro-influencers with 5k to 500k followers on Instagram are the mainly targeted group for brands to work with. That said, you don’t have to own millions of followers. Of course, happy for you if you can reach there. However, 10k Instagram followers are more than enough to start your dreamed life. If you want a clearer picture of Instagram influencer marketing, keep reading. This blog will uncover a mystery that puzzles many: how much money can you make with 10k Instagram followers?How Much Money Can You Make with 10K Instagram Followers - 1

Rough Statistics by Influence: How Much Money Can You Make with 10K Instagram Followers

Understandably, some of you are dying to know the answer. But that’s kind of irresponsible to tell you just a number, because an average figure says nothing about the matter. Perhaps, a range should be more appropriate to address how much money can you make with 10k Instagram followers, considering different situations that every influencer encounters. Look at a study by Influence, the rough statistics show the earnings of micro-influencers with 5k-10k Instagram followers per cooperation.

How Much Money Can You Make with 10K Instagram Followers - Statistics by Influence

As you can see, the average payment is about 50$ - 150$, with the lowest less than 50$ and the highest more than 1000$. Really, it depends on your performance. For a more accurate figure, you need a detailed analysis of the value of your 10k Instagram followers. Plus, an inspection of Instagram influencer marketing is a must.

Brands Looking for Micro-Influencers of What Kind?

What kind of micro-influencers brands are looking for? For sure they are not philanthropists looking for needy Influencers. On the contrary, they leverage influencers on Instagram to build brand awareness and boost conversions. Therefore, only influencers with Instagram engaged followers, within their niche, or in designated countries are brands favorite. Check the detailed information to know what brands value most of your 10k Instagram followers.

  • Quality Engagement Rate

The number of your followers says nothing about how much money can you make with 10k Instagram followers. What matters instead is your engagement rate. In other words, how engage you are with followers mainly rests on comments, likes, reshares, and views, rather than the follower number according to Instagram. This criterion is used to exclude those so-called influencers who buy fake Instagram followers and likes. 


Before contacting you, social media marketers will calculate your average engagement rate with the help of the Instagram engagement rate calculator. When the engagement rate is too low or too high, they know there must be something else going on. You can also calculate it by yourself: Likes+Comments/Follower Count × 100%. See if your engagement rate reaches 3.6%, the average figure of micro-influencers with 10k Instagram followers.

  • Influencers Related to Their Niche

Brands are not going to choose a random influencer to work with, even if the engagement is high. It is easy to understand. Brands have to make sure Instagram influencer marketing effective, so they prefer to find targeted Instagram followers related to their niche. For example, skincare brands won’t look for influencers in the field of pets and technology but, they like cooperating with micro-influencers dedicating to lifestyle, beauty, health...


  • More Filters to Drive the Most Traffic

Brands don’t want to waste money. Every penny spent on Instagram Influencer marketing counts. So the selection of the right micro-influencer sometimes goes very far. They may narrow the candidates to specific counties, gender, age, and even the style of the posts.


What If I Don’t Have 10K Instagram Followers?

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 Most micro-influencers with 10k Instagram followers fall into the range between 50$ to 150$. But it is really hard to give an exact number, for how much can you make with 10k Instagram followers depends on your engagement rate, the type of your followers, the location, gender, age, etc. Those elements vary from one influencer to another. But there are two sure things that will bring you a fortune - manage your account wholeheartedly with quality post and grow your followers strategically with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita!

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