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How Many Instagram Followers to Make Money - Make $1000 Per Post

How many Instagram followers to make money in 2020? For various brands, here is a list of how many followers you need on Instagram to make money.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Joy

When you see influencers making $1,000 or more per post, do you want to be the next influencer and make big sponsorship deals so you can travel the world and eat the best food? Actually, the number of followers on Instagram is usually one of the first indicators of an account's influence. Then, you might wonder how many Instagram followers to make money and how to increase IG followers. Don’t worry. This article will analyze it for you in detail. Just keep reading.

How Many Instagram Followers to Make Money

Title List

How Many Followers You Need on Instagram to Make Money [By Industry] 

When you start to become an influencer, it's likely that you'll get free products, coupons, or discount codes in exchange for content. That's all well and good, but the real fun will start when you earn cash. There are all kinds of brands on Instagram, so how many followers you need to make money on Instagram for different industries?

The most influential people in every industry are growing fast every day. It also makes it difficult to determine where they started, when they first traded, and how much they got? Through our team's survey of more than 50 brands, here comes a comparison table. 

Industry Average IG Followers Average $USD Per Post
Food 10,000 $50
Clothing 15,000 $85
Tec 35,000 $105
Fitness 25,000 $130
Outdoor 28,000 $200
High Fashion 60,000 $395
Makeup 88,000 $500
Travel/Hotels 75,000 $636

There is no clear, firm, quick answer to the question of how many fans people need to make money on Instagram, but a general conclusion is that Instagram follower count matters. Although many people have doubts about it, the hard data above proves it. The number of IG followers is one of the key ways brands select influencers. In all of the industries surveyed, there are certain follower levels that many brands want to know before seeking partnerships. 

How Many Followers You Need on Instagram to Make Money

Typically, people will pay or get paid only if they have more than 10K followers on Instagram. The figures vary from industry to industry, but if you want to make as much as $1,000 per post, you'll usually need 100K, 200K, or more Instagram followers. Let's analyze the specific results of this survey, such as how much money followers can earn from 10K to 1 million. Note that it is only a general range as there is no specific answer to the question. The data are for reference only. After you read the analysis, you won't have to ask, “how many Instagram followers do I need to make money?”

8K ≤ IG Followers ≤ 10K

The "Micro" influencers usually have 8,000 to 10,000 IG followers. According to a recent survey, these accounts can only earn less than $50 per post on average. Moreover, most of them don't charge for the time being, so they can get a bigger and long-term presence first. Note that the follower levels can be understood as a dedicated hobby that can make your Instagram a gateway to future collaborations or sponsored posts, with some free perks in the process.

15K ≤ Insta Followers ≤ 100K 

Influencers with 20, 000 to 30,000 followers can get up to $200 per post, and accounts with 40, 000 to 80,000 followers will earn about $600 per post, but the price point still varies depending on the advertiser. Some Instagram users trade with brands to post promotional codes on their feeds, and each time a new user uses their code, they will make a percentage of sales. Other accounts may choose to do giveaway transactions to purely boost their Instagram followers.

How Many Instagram Followers Needed to Make Money

When you reach 100,000 IG followers, you can expect to be paid $10 per 1,000 followers, which means you will earn about $1,000 per post. Note that charging for posts before you publish them may result in getting paid less.

Instagram Followers ≥ 100K, 500K, 1M

When your Instagram account reaches 100K, 500K, or even more than 1M followers, you have become the biggest winners in Instagram's influence. Of course, you'll make more money. Accounts with an estimated 500K to 1M followers will earn an average of $5000 per post. 

Note that large accounts have features that lower-level handlers can't access, such as authentication accounts (blue endorsements) and Instagram stories' "swipe up" features, then brands can use them for more effective influencer advertising campaigns.‍ Once an account gets more than 1 million fans on Instagram, there is no cap on how much they can charge. Want to be the fastest to reach 1 million IG followers? Keep reading the following tip.

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Bottom Line:

Generally, if you have a larger number of IG followers, you usually get paid more per post, because the more eyes see the content, the more brands are willing to pay. Judging by the analytics above, you can easily get the answer to the question "how many Instagram followers to make money?"

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