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[How to Get Verified] How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram?

How many followers to get verified on Instagram? How to get verified? Or in other words, how to get 10,000 Instagram followers free? Follow the guide to make it.

Updated 2022-06-30 13:40:09 | by Tom

Have you ever seen an Instagram account with a blue badge? Perhaps in your mind, the owners of these accounts are all public figures, well-known brands, celebrities, or Influencers.

In fact, to combat the increasing proliferation of fake accounts, Instagram officially announced in August 2018 that it would relax the restrictions on applying for blue tick and set up a new channel to review verification to encourage more popular users to become verified accounts, which means you will be granted the blue tick as long as you are influential enough on Instagram.

How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram

Although Instagram has explained the eligibility (Authentic, Unique, Complete, Notable) for blue badge verification, it didn’t state how many followers to get verified on Instagram for common users to be notable. But there are still some hints that show the lowest followers to get the blue checkmark.

How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram?

10,000 Instagram Followers.

Since Instagram has not officially stated how many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram, how did this answer come about?

In fact, there is no limit to the number of followers for obtaining the blue badge on Instagram. The only criteria are the notability of your Instagram account. But this means that you must be a public figure, internet influencer, celebrity, brand, or business. If you are not, then you must have at least 10,000 followers to make your account notable.

Why? Because Instagram Stories provide an exclusive function, the Swipe Up feature, only for Instagrammers that have more than 10,000 followers. This feature allows those users to add a link that their followers can get to by swiping up while watching their stories. So, the lowest followers to get a blue tick on Instagram is 10,000. Now, you may look forward to hacking Instagram followers 10k free. There is no need to worry, the method follows.

Reasons Why You Consider How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram?

According to a survey from Morning Consult, more than 86% of the United States are willing to try to become an Internet influencer, and 12% of them think they are already one. The reason behind this result is exactly your motivation while considering how many followers to get blue tick on Instagram: flextime, money, fun, sharing, make a difference.

By now, whether you are a millennial or a generation Z, you may be more curious about how many Instagram followers to make money. In any case, no matter whether you have made the first pot of gold with few fans, as long as you want to rely on Instagram to realize your value, then your ultimate goal is to get the blue badge on Instagram.

In addition to subjective reasons, some direct objective reasons will also drive you to get verified on Instagram, including exclusivity, brand protection, trust, authority, the privilege to ‘beta’ tools when you think of how to get swipe up on Instagram without 10k followers.

How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram

Two Solutions to How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram?

For common users, even if you set about getting verified on Instagram for the reasons above, the following official Instagram review is much more matters. In Instagram’s blue badge evaluation system (Authenticity, Unique, Complete, Notable), the most difficult to achieve and the most difficult to complete in a short time is notability. After all, a hard rule for measuring Instagram’s notability is always the number of followers.

Now, how to be notable, how to get 10 000 Instagram followers free? And even how to get free Instagram followers in a short time?

Method 1: Traditional Method

  1. Position your account clearly: research the IG trending and decide your field - travel, fashion, entertainment, education, and so on.

  2. Use relevant #hashtags: Instagram trending hashtags can help expose your account as possible as you can, attracting more followers.

  3. Use IGTV to gain followers: IGTV allows you to make money ASAP while getting more new and loyal free Instagram followers for your account.

  4. Use other social media to promote your Instagram.

  5. Increase & track your Instagram followers over time.

  6. Maintain your account!

Method 2: Fast Method - GetInsta (Step by Step)

Although method 1 is safe, it costs. Method 2 allows you to get the blue badge in a predictable time.

Step 1: Build your account strong first, you can prove you are influential enough once your Instagram followers (must be real) reaches about 10k.

One detailed instruction in a later step will guide you to get 10K real followers fast.

Step 2: Register 3 -5 alt accounts. Note that the registration time interval for each account is 1-2 months.

Step 3: Use the registered alt accounts to copy the post from your main account. And even the profiles imitate the main account, including similar usernames (Adidas as Adidas), Bio, Hashtags, and even URL. In short, make people confused.

Remember, don't tag your main account when copying your post on your alt Instagram, and try to get followers as much as possible.

In the next few months, grow your alt Instagram quickly. Of course, if you want to speed up this process, you can buy Instagram followers for the alt. Because your purpose of registering these alt accounts is to lead IG officially to ban them, so you can buy followers as much as possible to make the number of followers of the alt accounts close to your main account.

Step 4: The next job is to use your main Instagram to report the copycat account you created.

Report the first copycat account, and then wait for IG official action to ban it, and then report other accounts in turn, so that all your alt accounts will be banned by IG. Note that there must be a few months between the reports.

Then, Instagram officials will notice that someone copies the content of your account. At this time, they will have two reactions. The first is to verify your account; the second is to tell you: "Unfortunately, we have no way. If you find a similar account, report it in ..."

If it is the second case, don't be discouraged, please continue to repeat what you did before, continue to register + report + feedback.

How to Get 10,000 Free & Real Instagram Followers Instantly?

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How Many Followers to Get Verified on Instagram - Effect

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Since your IG account is notable after getting 10,000 free Instagram followers, it comes to getting an Instagram blue check.

Step 1: Log into your main Instagram account.

Step 2: Go to the Settings on your profile page.

Step 3: Scroll down and click the Account button.

Step 4: Tap Request Verification.

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Step 5: Confirm your identity. Fill in the required details, including your full name, professional name (Known As), and the correct category (including news/media, sports, music, fashion, entertainment, government/politics, business/brand/organization, blogger/influencer, or other).

Step 6: Attach a government-issued photo ID that shows your basic info.

Request Verification

Step 7: Tap Send to start your application.

In The End

How many followers to get verified on Instagram? There is no answer, but 10,000 real Instagram followers make you notable enough to get the blue badge. However, how to get 10,000 free & real Instagram followers? GetInsta can give you a shortcut.

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