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2021 Ultimate Lists to Become Instagram Famous – 14 Fast and Free Tips

This guide will show you 14 step-by-step tips on how to become Instagram famous and you will earn popularity soon.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Neal

Can I become Instagram famous? It seems that Instagram famous is far away from us. But in fact, becoming one of them is not so hard as you think.

How do you become Instagram famous? Reading this guide all, you will know the answer and make great progress on your Instagram popularity. Here I will share 14 tips on how to become famous on Instagram in 4 steps.

Title List

Step 1. Positioning

Wanting to stand out on Instagram, you need unique factors on your account. In other words, you need to know something special you can bring to your followers. Think about what you are good at and take advantage of it to build your brand. You need to care about the following two factors to show your style and form a good first impression in their minds.

1. Unique Instagram Name

Should I use my real name as Instagram username? That depends. If you have some popularity in one realm, using real names can help you a lot. If not, you can choose to use some special name that can meet with your style. For example, if you are a blogger of food, you can name “xx kitchen”, “xx dinner time”. Of course, you’d better make it different from others.

2. Attractive Profile Page

Besides your username, your profile photos and introduction deserve observation. Your profile photos depend on what you want to bring your followers. According to the style of your account, choose profile photos. Selfies, natural photos, or even cartoon pictures, whatever are all ok. Whether it is beautiful or fun is the key. For example, recently Taylor Swift has changed her profile page by her nice photo from her new album.

How become Instagram famous – Profile Pages

Introduction on the profile page is another good way to catch the first sight. As you can see, Charlie Puth adds the words, “girlfriend text me...” to his introduction. Can't you feel his humor? It is really a nice place to show your humor and even something special about you.

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Step 2. Convey

The most important part of how to become Instagram famous must be the value of what you convey to followers. So it is necessary to know what to convey and how to convey. Here are 4 tips to improve your content.

3. Sincere, Moving, and Real

The more sincere you are, the more easily you move people. Have you ever thought about why Ariana Grande can be the most followed woman on Instagram? It is not only for her career but also for her Instagram posts that appeal to people. All she posts on Instagram show the real girl inside, optimistic and sincere. People are moved by the cute girl so that she gets so famous on Instagram and career now. You can do the same with Ariana Grande. Don't add too much pretending to your posts. Just show your real life, and your real feelings at that moment.

4. Quality over Quantity

A large number of posts can draw some attention at one moment, but only high-quality content can appeal to people to follow you continuously. There is no need to post a lot per day, which could tire your followers. Instead, you’d better edit your Instagram photos, screen out the best, and post them with nice words. We advise you to share no more than 3 single posts per day. (The number comes out by our investigation.)

5. Regular and Continuous

Don’t post too casually, instead choose the regular time to post your photos continuously. And there is best time to post in a day, which can draw the most attention, like a morning on the train, the time after a meal or before sleeping. This way will make your followers adapt to your regular posting time, which will help you build the brand of your accounts.

6. Diversified Forms of Posts

Don’t limit yourselves in posting. There are so many forms provided on Instagram, like video photos, multiple photos in one post, Instagram stories, etc… Make your Instagram post diversified and you will get more from that.

Step 3. Interactions

You need to always remind yourself that Instagram is a social media to build a relationship among people. So Interaction plays a key role in how to become Instagram famous fast and free. Don’t miss any opportunities to get in touch with others on Instagram, which may bring you more possibility to get popularity. Here is some advice you will wish to know.

7. Learn about Your Followers

Keep in touch with your followers in the comment area. If possible, you can directly chat with them by sending messages on Instagram. Know what they want from you and create targeted content they may like. 

8. Learn to Tag People

With the popularity of famous people, you can get more visibility. Try to link your posts with other famous people and tag them. If they interest it, clicking to like or reposting, you will get a lot of views on Instagram.

9. Use Live Video

Is there any better way to communicate with others online than live? Actually, IG live provides a one-to-many way for people to communicate online. With IG live, you can chat with your followers in your spare time, or you can show them some interesting performance you are good at. You can get new followers in this way easily and strengthen your relationships.

10. Take Advantages of Social Media

There are so many social platforms we can use easily. Every social platform can bring us popularity. You can share your Instagram posts to other social media to increase visibility like Twitter, Facebook, etc… You can also put your Instagram links to your profile pages on other platforms to draw more attention. But there is a key you need to care about. You’d better post what can only be seen on Instagram. Or you may get followers and likes on Twitter, Youtube, etc…

11. Join the Group

You can join some off-line Instagram groups you may interest in. Generally, the real touch can contribute more to your relationships than that only online. In this group, you can organize some activities to widen your Instagram social circles. There may be many of your potential interested followers who will recommend you to their friends.

Step 4. Promotion

12. A Secret Tool to Become Instagram Famous

Here you need to know about the Matthew Effect. That means if you own something more than others at first, you can get it more easily than them. On Instagram, it works the same on your followers, likes, and views. If you have owned some popularity, you can increase it more easily. And there is a feasible tool, GetInsta, which is the best Instagram followers and likes app to give you a shortcut to becoming Instagram famous.

How Become Instagram Famous – Shortcut Tool GetInsta

On the platform provided by GetInsta, you can get free following and likes from verified people. Of course, if you are anxious to get some followers, you can choose to pay for it and this will not hurt your wallet.

How Become Instagram Famous – Buy Likes and Followers

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13. Hashtags of Hot Trend

It is common to see that many Instagram users like to add hashtags to their posts. By adding hot hashtags, for example, the recent popular Squid Game, your posts will be more visible and more likely to draw attention. You can make a post to give your comments on the hot event with multiple hashtags. It is easy for you to find people who have the same ideas. You can build relationships easily.

How Become Instagram Famous – Using Hashtags

14. Special Hashtags

There are two kinds of hashtags you need to concentrate on. One is location hashtag. When you are in travel, tag your location on your posts and you will get plenty of views nearby. The other one is your own hashtag. Creating your hashtag is building your brand. It is necessary to operate it if you want to show your unique factors on Instagram. Every time you post a photo, you need to add your hashtags to it.

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Bottom Line

Believe you have some ideas on how to become Instagram famous with what I share. Here is some key information I want to emphasize:

  • Be irreplaceable so that you can be remembered on Instagram

  • Don’t miss any chances to get in touch with others

  • Learn to use hashtags on Instagram

  • Try the shortcut tool - GetInsta and you’ll get unexpected results

Now it is your turn to start your way to become Instagram famous.

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