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How to Hide Followers on Instagram

You can only hide followers and who you have followed by making Instagram private, but that doesn't hide the numbers of followers or following.

Updated 2021-09-06 11:09:25 | by Cody

Instagram has become a high-traffic social network today with more than 60 million registered users, and more than 40 million daily active users. With the growth of social media, privacy has become a serious concern to most. That is why many people ask the question of how to hide followers on Instagram, how to hide followers list on Instagram.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram

In this blog, you will find out how to hide Instagram followers, following activity, and other Instagram settings you can change to protect your privacy. You probably already know that you can set your Instagram account to private to solve how to hide your followers on Instagram from friends, this time we are going to go beyond that.

Hide Instagram Followers by Depriving the Instagram Account

You can only hide followers and who you have followed by making Instagram private, but that doesn't hide the numbers of followers or following. Even so, the private account on Instagram is the only way to not show which accounts follow you and which you follow. 

There are still some methods for you to hide followers, it is worth reading the following content.

So how to hide your followers on Instagram? Can you hide followers on Instagram? It is worth mentioning that your followers will still have access to followers and following. That is, with the private account you hide from profiles which profiles you follow, but the friends who follow you can access the list without problems. So if you don’t want some people to see your followers or following, you should not accept their follow request

Instagram is testing hide likes so users do not fix both tanned numbers, but it is unknown if they have a plan to do the same with followers and the following data.

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How to Hide Followers on Instagram to a Single Person

Unfortunately, so far, no concrete way has been discovered on how to hide followers on Instagram without completely blocking. This is because within the application policies one accepts that the information of the activities of his profile is open to the people with whom you approve of sharing. If you want to hide followers from a specific person, you must block him or her, so that this person cannot see your activity, your followers, followers, photos, or even find your profile.

To block an Instagram account is very easy. You can hide followers on Instagram by blocking someone. The first thing you need is to go to the profile of the person you want to block. Already in the user profile, which is the page where the name, photo, biography and all the publications of that user are shown, click on the menu button, which is the three points vertically. In this menu, there are options related to this specific user, including blocking. In the pop-up menu that opens you will find the option that interests us: Block. 

Hide Followers on Instagram by Blocking Instagram User

Another option that may interest you is to report, which in addition to blocking the user will inform Instagram that something in this profile does not comply with its regulations.

It should be noted that if you do not want to block, you can put your profile in private mode. Then block the person you want to hide your followers from, and finally unlock them again.

This will make you have to make the follow-up request again, and therefore (as long as you do not accept it), your profile will appear as private and will not be able to enter your list of followers and followers. The good thing about this is that the person doesn't know you blocked it.

How to Hide Following in Instagram

Besides how to hide followers on Instagram, "how to hide my following list on Instagram from everyone?" is another question on Quora frequently asked recently. Although this is not only for people with many followers, it is for any Instagram user who does not want to show people who have followed him or her on Instagram. For whatever reason, you don’t want your friends to see who you have followed recently, you can follow the steps below to change the Instagram Settings.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app and log into your account to hide followers. 

Step 2. Then enter the Profile page and select edit profile.

Similar Account Suggestions

Step 3. Among all the options displayed, uncheck the option "similar account suggestions". After that, nobody will be able to see the people you follow on your Instagram.

After several updates, Instagram is increasingly taking into account the option of how to hide your following list on Instagram from everyone. That is why what we teach you is to have less reach to people who can see who you follow, since when it comes to entering your profile, friendship suggestions usually appear, that is, they are the people you follow and the person who looks at your profile.

That is why deleting Instagram history is an option to have even less reach and to hide those that you follow on Instagram.

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How to Hide My Following from Someone without Blocking

In one of the latest updates to the app, a new feature has been added. This is you do not want to block a follower. Since when you block a follower, it is possible that said profile will find out because it will not find you anymore. "User not found" will appear.

But thanks to this new update we have a new method to hide those that I follow a person, and it is simply going to the profile of that user which we want to hide our followers, and at the top within their profile, you will have the options. A window with options will be displayed: we must put "Delete Follower". In this way, we save ourselves from having to block a user, we simply delete it, and the other user will be able to see your profile, but only the preview. Since you will have to send the follow-up request again and you decide to accept it or not.

That’s all about Instagram hide followers, how to hide followers on Instagram, hope all these methods mentioned above could give a hand. In case you need free Instagram followers app services, this blog also introduces you GetinsupGetInsitaGetInsita. No matter you want to hack free followers or buy them directly, this app will satisfy you.

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