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How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live & When Watching Instagram Live

How to hide comments on your Instagram Live or when watching others’ Instagram Live? How to hide comments on Insta posts? How to hide more? Check it!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

Instagram Live belongs to a kind of special story and has more than 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly. As it always appears in the most eye-catching position on the left side of the story bar to attract the attention of followers for the first time, it is now one of the effective means of business and marketing channels. To know more about Instagram Live is very favorable to your account promotion.

How to Hide Comments IG Live

Have you encountered any troubles when going live? Well, plenty of Instagrammers would like to know how to hide comments on Instagram live. That’s indeed a big trouble. When watching Instagram live, the full screen of comments would block the background and bother you from watching what bloggers say, and sometimes comments are of violence and insult. If you are looking for the fastest way to hide IG Live comments, both when you are the initiator or an audience, this is a complete guide to follow. And how to hide likes and views are also mentioned.


How to Hide Comments on Your IG Live
Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live     

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live

Instagram live allows viewers to interact with livestreamers in the comment area and all these comments can be seen by everyone, including other viewers and the livestreamer. This is a good communication opportunity for everyone to participate. But sometimes when the livestreamer doesn’t want or doesn’t need to see a comment, temporarily turning it off is facilitate to keep the screen pure.

1. Hide Comments on Your Instagram Live Video

Here is how to hide Comments on your Instagram Live video:
Step 1: Open Instagram app, tap ‘Your Story’ at the top or just swipe left to go to the story section and choose ‘Live’.
Step 2: Tap the three vertical dots of the comment box
Step 3: Select the ‘Turn Off Commenting’ option.

Hide Comment on Instagram Live Video

After you set the comment off, viewers will no longer be able to comment, but you can turn it on again at any time.

2. How to Unhide IG Live Comments

To cancel ‘hide comments on Instagram live video', it's easy after you know how to hide comments IG live, because they have nearly the same steps.
Step 1: Enter the Instagram Live and tap the same three-dots of the comment box, too.
Step 2: Select ‘Turn on Commenting’ option.

How to Unhide Comments IG Live

Then your audiences could have their words in your Instagram Live freely.

How to Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live & Unhide

It used to be possible to hide comments when watching live in the Instagram app by swiping right or left and hide the comments, but now Instagram has disabled it. Therefore, you can only hide comments when watching Instagram live on the web page, with the assistance of the Chrome extension IG Stories for Instagram.

1. Hide Comments on Instagram Live When Watching

Step 1: Install IG Stories for Instagram extension on your Chrome browser and launch it. And Log in to your Instagram.
Step 2: Open someone’s Instagram Live and select ‘Hide comments’ on the right side and all the comments disappear from the screen.

Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live

Additionally, dragging from above the comment section downwards to minimize the comments and get more screen space can also solve your troubles anyway.

2. How to Unhide Comments When Watching Instagram Live

Just click the ‘Show comments’ on the right side and all the comments are back.

How to Unhide Comments When Watching Instagram Live

Hide More: Comments, Likes, Views & Followers

Except how to hide comments on Instagram Live video, turning off posts comments is also possible. Of course, it is only your own post comments, and you cannot turn off other people’s post comments.

1. How to Hide Comments of Post

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and find a post.
Step 2: Click the three-dot icon on the top right corner.
Step 3: Select 'Turn Off Commenting'.

How to Hide Posts Comments on Instagram

2. How to Hide Like Count of Post

Likewise, after opening the post and clicking on three dots, you can see the ‘Hide Like Count’ among the options, and click on it to hide likes you have received for this post from others! After clicking, it will be like this:

How to Hide Like Counts on Instagram

3. How to Both Hide Likes and View Counts of Video

For the three-dots selection list of a video post, ‘Hide Like Counts’ changes to ’Hide Like and View Counts’. Click it to hide likes and views at the same time as follows:

Or you could set this when you release a new video:

Hide Likes and View Counts on New Instagram Posts

4. How to Hide Followers Counts on Instagram

  • Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to hide follower counts from others, but you can hide the Instagram followers list, that is, turn your account into a private account.

  • Secondly, if you block someone, he or she would not find any information about your account profile, of course including your Instagram follower counts.

These are two ways to hide followers on Instagram, while it is not possible to hide followers from someone by deleting him or her.

To hide the posts and stories of your following, you could mute someone on Instagram so that his posts and stories would not appear in your feed.

Why Not Increase Engagement to ‘Show off’ Your Comment

Perhaps you hide comments for not being disturbed by noise, and not being spied by the competitors to know your strategies, or maybe you don't want visitors to see your meager popularity on Instagram. For the former, the above method is quite enough to make it. While if you try to hide comments in order not to show shortcomings of your Instagram counts, then it is not the best solution. Because since you turn off the comments, you can’t receive feedback and interaction from followers as well. Thus the lack of engagement makes it difficult for your account to promote, forming a vicious cycle. In that case, why not take the opposite approach, that is, focusing on increasing engagement and showing your high popularity generously on Instagram, instead of turning off commenting.                                                                       

How to Increase Engagement?

With Instagram automatic is fostering in 2021, vast of automatic tools derive to facilitate people’s social life and business marketing, such as Instagram automatic comment tool. But the fact is that these tools only work to attract real followers by creating the illusions built from comments counts, no directly engagement growth and profits at all. Furthermore, the two processes could be reduced to one, using the followers app to attract real followers directly. Only in this way can your engagement get real, healthy and organic growth, saving money from buying comments, likes, and views every time.
Note: The followers app you need should provide real followers and active accounts, not bots to harm your Instagram health provided by many malicious apps.
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Increase Engagement to Unhide Comment on Instagram

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Wrap up

How to hide comments on Instagram Live video? Well, it's easy to hide comments IG live with the above methods, but what is really not easy is not to turn off comments even if you have very few comments currently. How to break the deadlock? Gaining real and active followers with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita first to increase engagement, then to show your huge amount of comments and success on IG!

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