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GetInsta - Free Instagram Followers/Likes APP for Android/iOS/PC

GetInsta, an Instagram followers/likes app, is available on Android, iOS, and PC. Read the blog to learn more info and free download GetInsta app.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Grace

GetInsta has been a famous brand name of a product designed to help you get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. In brief, it is an Instagram followers and likes app that allows you to get IG followers and likes without one penny. What you need to do is earn coins by doing simple tasks. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC with different app names, which will mention in the main body. Besides, the app has an official site, where you can get overall info about the app, submit problems when using the product, as well as buy Instagram followers and likes. Go on reading to get everything about GetInsta.


Common Points of GetInsta App for Android/iOS/PC

The brand name GetInsta refers to an Instagram followers app that works on Android, iOS, and PC. Up to now, because of some changes, the app name is different on the 3 specific devices. Even though, there are some important common points: getting real Instagram followers and likes, no password/no login, no survey, no human verification.

Real Instagram Followers/likes. No matter what kind of device you’re using, GetInsta has set a consistent rule for all users to enter the platform: real users only. Bots or fake users are prevented all the time. In this way, you get real Instagram followers from the community and authentic Instagram likes for your posts.

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No password and no login. To some degree, they refers to the same thing: requiring no password when connect to an Instagram account. GetInsta puts safety in a high priority and needs an Instagram username only to link with an Instagram account to get Instagram followers. That’s one important reason that the app becomes popular since its release on Google play and App Store.

No survey and no human verification. The goal of GetInsta is to help you get Instagram followers and likes directly. Besides, it’s possible to leak personal info when filling in a survey. So it requires no survey for your convenience. Human verification is also unnecessary in the app. Read the article to know all info about is GetInsta safe.

Of course, slight differences also exist among the 3 devices. The detailed info is shown below. 

GetInsta: IG Coins App for Android on Google Play

GetInsita is the app’s name on Android devices. It is an Instagram followers coins app, allowing you to get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes with virtual coins. Compared with other coins app, it offers more ways to earn large numbers of coins including following profiles, liking posts, claiming daily login rewards, the lucky draw, the lucky box... And your first logging into the account can be rewarded with several hundred coins as a gift.

 GetInsta App for Android

The interface of GetInsita is also simple and user-friendly. At the bottom, there are four icons: coins icon, cart icon, dollar icon, and three-line icon. Tapping the coins icon, you’ll be directed to the follow and like page, where you can choose to follow profiles or like posts. For uninterested one, there is skip buttons for you to tap. To get Instagram followers free or Instagram likes free, tap the cart icon.

First tap the “Get Followers” or “Get Likes” button, then select an Instagram account by tapping the “Switch Account” button. The last step is to choose an offer and get IG followers or likes instantly by spending earned coins. If you have a budget and want to get Instagram followers or likes as soon as possible, then tap the third icon at the bottom to buy coins with money directly. Wonder to check the progress of followers/likes delivery? Tap the last icon to see how many followers and likes have been sent to your account.

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GetInsta: IG Followers App for iOS on App Store

The iOS version of the product, Getinsup, is almost the same as the Android version. The difference lies in that there is no chance to get free coins. In other words, you need to buy Instagram followers or Instagram likes in the app. Easy to use, it is preferred by many Instagram users who want to become viral and make success on Instagram as it offers high-quality Instagram followers. Besides, since you choose to buy a certain number of Instagram followers, you’ll get an extra equal number of Instagram likes sent to your latest post. In this way, even if you choose to buy Instagram followers, your IG account is in organic growth.

GetInsta App for iOS 

GetInsta: IG Followers App for PC/Windows

The PC version keeps the original name GetInsta. The interface of the PC version, similar to the Android version, is clear and easy to use. Free coins can be gained by following profiles and liking posts you’re interested in to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes without paying. In addition, you can choose to buy instant followers and likes directly with PayPal or other payment methods after choosing a plan and entering an IG username.

GetInsta App for PC Windows

The Official Site of GetInsta: easygetinsta to easygetinnta

At present, the official website of GetInsta has changed to from Except for the comprehensive info of the GetInsta app, the site offers more IG-related services.

Multiple Instagram Followers and Likes Packages

Indeed, you can buy instant IG followers no password as well as instant likes in the GetInsta app. The site provides you more choices: buy auto Instagram followers and gain followers daily continuously. Buy auto Instagram likes for upcoming new posts and buy daily likes for a daily increase in reach and visibility of your posts. Anyway, the site can meet the majority of needs for IG followers and likes growth. 

Several Free Tools You May Need

On the site, you can enjoy kinds of Instagram tools: Instagram captions generator, Instagram fonts, Instagram followers counter, name generator and more. These tools are free to use and help your post stand out and take your IG account to the next level with beautiful and stylish captions and fonts.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers with GetInsta App

Having learned everything about the GetInsta app, you just need to take your phone to get free insta followers. You’ve known how the app works. The following are an example to get free IG followers on Android devices.

Step 1: Download

First download the followers and likes gainer for Instagram and launch it.

Step 2: Create an Account & Connect to IG Accounts

Then create an account with an email, and log into the app. To connect with 1-5 IG accounts, you just need to add an Instagram username. No password is needed.

 Connect to IG Accounts

Step 3: Earn coins and Get Free Followers

The last step is to spend enough coins to get free Instagram followers that are real and active. The more followers you gain, the faster your IG account grows.


In summary, GetInsta is a fantastic app to use. No matter what the name is on different devices, it always allows you to get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes that are real and authentic. Instant delivery and refill are guaranteed. Hurry up to download and use the app without any worry to witness a miracle on Instagram.

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