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The Best Guides to Get Paid for Instagram Posts in 2021 [New]

Do you want to get paid for Instagram posts? 4 ways cast out for you to help to get paid for Instagram posts!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Thea

By 2021, the number of Instagram users has exceeded 1 billion, and it keeps growing. Therefore, if you are making money online, this is where the battle is fought. As we all know, in the age of the internet, traffic is money especially when the rise of mobile terminals during past recent years. Moreover, social media is also becoming increasingly popular as a channel of engagement and Instagram exactly fits in. 

Get Paid for Instagram Posts.png

You may ask how to get paid for Instagram posts? People have to win Instagram in order to take advantage of their business. This article lists 4 ways to get paid for Instagram posts, they are respectively are promoting for business donors, selling pictures, becoming cross-border electronic commerce, and selling your service.

Get Paid for Instagram Posts by Promoting for Donors

When you focus on a certain field and have accumulated a certain number of followers, you would have the qualifications to assist brand owners to promote their products. There is a requirement for the number of followers, for little followers create little influence. What you have to do is just posting content related to their products. Advertising company pays you based on how much traffic your influencers in your followers bring to them. Therefore more influencers in your followers, the higher chances for you to get higher pay. In other words, once you become an internet celebrity with extensive followers, it would be easy for you to get paid for posts on Instagram.

Get Paid for Posts on Instagram.png

As internet celebrities, they always have new and flexible ideas and followed by extensive solid followers, which is exactly in line with the characteristics of precision marketing. Those internet celebrities including you can be easily found on many platforms. For instance, ShoutCart is one of them. In ShoutCart, Donors or sponsors select you to promote their products, the market price is about $50 per time. But the price will be different for different products and promotion methods. Think about it, if you have an Instagram account with thousands of solid followers, you can keep getting rich by doing promotions for others every month.

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Get Paid for Instagram Posts by Selling Pictures

Compare to the previous method, selling pictures is relatively narrow. However, if you are a shutterbug, things would be different. For not everyone can find a job that pays for what they love. After signing up for an Instagram account, you can post your self-made pictures, add your logo, and patiently wait for followers to come. Lots of artists coming from Instagram, countless fantastic photos were first posted on Instagram. Here are some photo trading platforms which may help you:




Get Paid for Instagram Posts by Selling Pictures.png

Get Paid for Instagram Posts by Being a Shopify

You may have known cross-border e-commerce for lots of years, and this kind of industry. The E-commerce platform has contributed to China’s super-high annual GDP growth. With the increasing pursuit and improvement of people’s living standard. The future of e-commerce is still very promising.

At present, many sorts of products are popular in Facebook Shopify, such as dress and personal adornment, fashion bag, shoes, and many other new and strange stuff. Since it can be done with FB, why not try Instagram? Instagram highlights the advantages of photos and has increasing users, so it may be more advantageous in marketing compare to Facebook.

Get Paid for Instagram Posts - Shopify.png

Get Paid for Instagram Posts by selling service

This would be another popular way for Instagram users to get paid for Instagram posts. Especially for those university students, this would be the best platform to get a part-time job. No matter what kind of services you can offer, Instagram can exactly meet your needs.

Get Paid for Instagram Posts - Selling Service.png

For if you want to sell a service on composition modification, you can post some relevant information like an ad to promote. Or, if you are good at language translation, tag your concrete service category, post your ads on your Instagram account and wait for your followers to come. For increasing the authority of your profession, it is recommended to join a platform. For instance, as a translator, you can go to Fiverr and sign up for an account. This is a professional crowdsourcing site, and most of the services here are $5 per time. You can put your translation service here for $5 per article and get paid for Instagram posts of Fiverr.

To sum up, the ideas above, to answer the question “how do you get paid for Instagram posts”, the most important thing we have to do is to make sure if we have enough influence to support every plan we’ve made. In other words, do you have enough followers?

Get Paid for Instagram Posts by Increasing Followers and Likes

Based on all the methods above to get paid for posts on Instagram, it can be easily found that in order to make everything running smoothly, what you have to do is getting enough followers. Keeping posting content is one of the workable ways to attract followers. However, this way is too energy-consuming as well as the growth of followers is extremely slow. You may ask if there is an efficient way to increase followers in a fast way. The answer is absolute YES. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, as the best and most popular app, accurately design by a professional and specialized team, can help you to increase your Instagram account followers in an instant.

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This is a free app, which means you can either choose to increase your follower for free or directly buy corresponding followers based on your needs. This app makes use of “coin” to make “free” possible. Once you sign up and log in, you will have the qualifications to do the simple coin task to follow Instagram users and like posts of Instagram users in the taskbar. The reward is consistently 100 coins per follow and 20 coins per like. It likes this below.

Coin Task to Follow and Like.png

Tip: The coin reverse is on the top right of the screen.

When you accumulate enough numbers of followers, you can exchange your corresponding followers. It likes below.

1000 Free IG Followers Trial.png

As you can see, if you go through the option for free, you can earn at most 1000 followers once and for all.

  • For those who are not willing to take time to do the coin task, you can choose to buy followers directly online as a visitor, or download the app, and buy after signing up. Basically, buying online is easier to operate, for you don’t need to register. Buy instant Instagram followers here >>

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The Bottom Line

There are many ways to get paid for Instagram posts, much more than the ones mentioned above. It is recommended for you to try to get paid for posts on Instagram, for making money through Instagram is one of the most popular ways to make money online nowadays. But before that, you have to get enough followers, because follower in your account is the cornerstone for everything on Instagram trading. You will not regret choosing InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, this safe followers app will be your strongest support for your career. Download InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita now, and prepare to reap your surprise!

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