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6 Effective Ways on How to Get More Views on Instagram Story in 2021

Want to get more free Instagram story views? The article lists 6 easy and effective ways to get more views on Instagram story for free 2021.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Lane

Instagram story is an extremely popular tool. You may spend time on the Instagram story, especially editing your photos and videos for better effect before you post them. Lots of views on Instagram stories show your success in making stories, sharing things with others, and even displaying your products.

Want to know ways about how to get more free Instagram story views to reach your own goal, fame, money, or both? The article lists 6 easy and effective ways on how to get more views on Instagram story in 2021.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Story

Title List

1. Use Instagram Story Views Apps to Get More Video Views on Instagram 

How to get more views on Instagram story? The first step that we want to share is to take advantage of free Instagram story views apps. Think that they will save your time, help you enjoy the story-making process, and get more views on Instagram story. So why not try them?

  • Mojo is a practical app to get insta story views by editing and posting attractive videos. You know that videos account for a large portion of Instagram stories. Mojo provides hundreds of animated templates, a wide range of text animations and fonts you can choose, allowing you to have access to edit your video quickly and effectively. Creating vertical stories also can be realized by using Mojo as vertical storytelling has been a trend, especially among young generations. 

Multiple Moji Functions to Get More Story Views on Instagram

  • Afterlight 2 is a photo editing app with 15 photo editing tools. It has more than a hundred frames and filters for users to choose from. Many creative effects are selectable: dusty textures, light effects, chroma and double exposure. This app also has vintage film filters and dusty-effect overlays, satisfying your multiple demands for photos. With those functions in Afterlight 2, even a simple photo can be turned into a new photo and get more insta story views.

Instagram Story Views App to Get More Instagram Story Views

  • Buffer is another useful tool used to plan, preview, and schedule your Instagram stories ahead of time. You can prepare stories and choose the time you want to post. Even if you have a lot of images and videos that are going to share with your story from Buffer, you don’t need to worry. This app offers bulk uploading of images and videos. It is especially convenient for those who have a busy day and those who expect to prepare things in advance.  

Besides, many other apps are available. For example, Font Candy allows you to add and customize plenty of fonts. Foodie is a tool designed for food pictures. It has many tools you can use to edit pictures of delicious food. These apps will help you edit and manage your photos and videos, making you have a chance to increase your Instagram story views free. Using these tools to edit your posts, you can increase your Instagram views greatly.

2. Hack Followers to Get More IG Story Viewers Free

Your story appears at the top of your followers' Instagram. So if you have more Instagram followers, you will get more insta story views. It is not easy to get Instagram followers with traditional methods. Here you can try to use the best Instagram followers app - InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita. It is an Instagram followers app with coins, as well as an Instagram likes app, designed to help Instagram users get high-quality followers easily and organically. Everyone can get coins by registering, downloading, and sharing the app. With the coins, you can get Instagram followers without a password. If you want to get more coins, just follow others or like other's posts which you are interested in. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita is free but guarantees real followers and likes. All the followers you get from the community are active and real Instagram accounts. Get more than 1k Instagram followers as well as Instagram Story, Live views free with InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsitaa now.

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3. Make Use of Kinds of Stickers to Get More Free Story Views on Instagram

Stickers are popular among Internet people. You can see them on many social media platforms, including Instagram. There are kinds of stickers that can be applied to Instagram stories by all users. Just click the stickers icon and you will find a complete list of stickers. Adding proper stickers to your story will make your story more attractive and get more insta story views in 2021. 

Kinds of Stickers Used to Get More Views on Instagram Story

If you have no idea of which sticker to choose, just scroll through these stickers. There must be a kind of sticker that is fit for your story content. If you have determined what kind of sticker you want to use, you can also search for it in the search box at the top. 

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4. Make High-Quality Content to Get More Views on Instagram Free

No matter how many tools and features you have used in your story, the quality content of your story is the focus. After all, good stories will attract people’s eyes and leave a deep impression on them, which means they will spend more minutes on your stories and would like to make suggestions or comments. More engagement indicates that your stories can get more free Instagram views

For example, if you want to add multiple photos to one Instagram story, make sure those photos you are going to post are in high resolution. Try to avoid posting obscure images. Of course, those obscure photos aimed at creating a misty effect are exceptions. Why? People browsing obscure photos think that the person who posts them is a new user or a bad poster and they will skip the story quickly. In contrast, you post photos clear and amazing, they are willing to use their time to view your story and even become your next follower. Then your story views will increase without stress.

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5. Adjust Your Story Content According to Your Viewers’ Suggestions

People view your Instagram story because your story content includes something they want to see or something they are interested in. The main content you’re going to post depends on what kind of people you’re trying to attract, like a writer, a gourmet, a traveler, a business person, or others, and on what your viewers want to see.

If you’re a business person, you will post large photos and videos to introduce your products to attract viewers and buyers. If you have certain viewers, they tend to pay attention to your products and even make some suggestions or advice. Do not ignore their comments. They could be your potential clients. Absorb their suggestions and add your own ideas, your Instagram story will get more video views and attention.

6. Keep Regular Posting on Instagram Story to Get More Views

Before giving this tip, I’d like to ask a question: whether you will unfollow someone or not when you find that he or she has disappeared (i.e. posted nothing) for several weeks. Usually, people follow you because you will post something for them to kill time or to find something funny. If you post a story and then keep silent on your Instagram for several days, even several weeks, people who follow you will have thought that your Instagram account has lost value. They will not view your Instagram as well.

But if you can continue to post on the Instagram story, your story content is in various kinds and there must be certain content that can get views from different people, which means the more stories you have posted, the more views you may get. More Instagram stories sometimes also mean that people will spend more time on your stories. So keeping regular story posting is simple and also an easy way to help you get free story views on Instagram.

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Worm Note: Getting free Instagram reels views is also important to build up your account. Don't forget to grow real and organic followers, then you can make an increase in both story views and reels views.

The Bottom Line

The Instagram story has been a famous photo and video-sharing platform. Getting more free Instagram views means that your stories and posts have been shared with more people. That’s a fantastic thing. In this article, we have shared 6 easy ways about how to get more views on Instagram story for free. Anyone can try these free story viewers hacks easily. So open your Instagram and try these methods on your story right now! 

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