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How to Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags for Free [No Verification & No Password]

It’s completely possible to get likes on Instagram without hashtags quickly & safely for free. This article offers an alternative Instagram likes app and 3 available tips to help you gain as many IG likes as you want.

Updated 2022-01-29 12:42:05 | by Ann

Believe it or not, the approach to gain more likes with Instagram hashtags is dying. Because as the number of active users on Instagram increases, so do the posts with the same popular hashtags. Unless you are an influencer or you are lucky enough, your post has a high chance to be buried in a sea of increasingly new posts.

Hence, the question of how to get likes on Instagram without hashtags is becoming a new hot topic. Be calm and continue reading, the following parts share with you a more direct and fast alternative to get likes on Instagram, as well as 3 tips to take the place of adding hashtags.

How to Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags

Get more likes on Instagram without hashtags? Stay stunned.

Why It’s Less Helpful to Get More Instagram Followers with Hashtags? 

Undoubtedly, using hashtags is one of the important ways to search for things on Instagram. And adding hashtags to your post is equally important for you to get free Instagram likes on posts, furthermore, to explore your profile, and be your followers. 

However, if you follow the trends to add popular hashtags that even though only 10% of active Instagram users add them, you still need to compete with 100 million Instagrammers. And if you are a nobody on Instagram with general post content, it is saying that your post will sink to the bottom of the feed as quickly as a wink.

Some people may go the opposite way. Since hot hashtags are hard to lift your posts up, the unique hashtags may create a surprising reaction. Though special hashtags have fewer posts to compete with, it also means fewer opportunities to be searched and noticed. 

In short, the age of getting more likes on Instagram by adding hot hashtags is passing away for normal IG users. Whether you use popular hashtags or unique hashtags, your posts have little chance to be exposed to your target audience. Therefore, it’s time to sort to other methods such as Instagram likes app to get likes on Instagram without hashtags.

Alternative Method to Get More Likes on Instagram for Free Without Hashtags  

Have no idea about how to get likes on Instagram for free without hashtags? Here is the free Instagram likes app, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, steps in to help you. It will guide you to go straight to the smooth way, getting more likes on Instagram safely and quickly. More than that, it comes up with a list of organic and effective measures to increase your page’s exposure to the largest extent. As fame rises, Instagrammers regard it as the first choice to grow their IG account. 

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What are its truly attractive features on earth?

  • Support Free & Paid Plans. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita likes and followers app offers totally free and cheap paid plans. There is no quality difference between the two plans because both of them are exchanged with coins. As long as you can get coins with various simple tasks or surprising rewards, you can get free likes on Instagram without hashtags.

  • High-compatibility. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita allows you to use it on 3 devices, so you can get Instagram likes iOS, Android, or on PC. 

  • Fast & Safe Delivery. In general, some Instagram likes apps will promote their products with words like deliver 10k followers and likes in 5 minutes. However, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita only guarantees to provide fast followers and likes in a safe and reasonable delivery time. All this is for protecting your IG account security.

  • No Password & Risks. Personal data security is always one of the most concerning issues. So GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita has no inserted surveys, ads, or IG password requirements. So you can get Instagram followers no login. And it implies a best-in-class anti-virus system, so you even needn’t worry about malware attacks.

How to Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags  

Kowing the main features of GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, the next need is to learn about its operational steps.

Step 1. Download this Instagram likes app from the App Store, website, or Google Play as you wish. And next register it with a username and an email address.

Step 2. If you choose the free plan, you need to spend several minutes doing some simple tasks. And if you opt for the purchase plan, you can go to the store directly.

How to Get Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags for Free

Step 3. Use the coins you collect from tasks or buy in the store to exchange for likes and followers on Instagram in one minute. Finally, you can check the task list to see the progress of the delivery.

Warm Notice. In order to offer every user be utmost free likes on Instagram, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita enables you to add at most 5 IG accounts to gain coins and share them to exchange for more free Instagram likes.

3 Tips to Figure out How to Get More Followers on Instagram Without Hashtags  

Even if GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, the best Instagram auto liker app, is high-efficiency enough to help you get more likes on Instagram without hashtags, some people are still not used to applying an Instagram likes app in a short time. For their convenience, there are 3 tips also available to get fast likes on Instagram without hashtags. Check them out.

Tip 1: Tag Your Location

Adding Instagram locations to your posts is similar to adding hashtags but means different things. With a “Geotag“ on your posts, you’ll be able to reach more potential audiences and get 100 free likes on Instagram easier from the people situated in the same limited place or those who are going to your place. However, remember to post the content with location tags after you’ve left that spot, or it’s dangerous to show strangers where you are now.

Tip 2: Be Active to Others’ Posts

It’s kind of like give and take in this way. Whether you leave praise, feeling, or even a negative message, you’ll definitely gain attention. You’ll get a reaction from not only the people who upload the post but also other viewers. More people show their attention to you, a higher possibility your posts will get more likes on Instagram. So be active to interact with others’ posts, and you’ll get the same engagements back on your content. 

Tip 3: Share Positive & Useful Info

Why do people buy books? Because there is something practical and educational in it that can guide people in various conditions. Same with Instagram posts, if you upload something really helpful and essential in daily life, people will voluntarily like your posts and automatically follow you for the next time review. No matter if it is a quote, a writing tip, or a photography technique, people who are fascinated by it will take action immediately.

The Bottom Line

How to get likes on Instagram without hashtags for free? It was not a worrying problem if you’ve read this article. Surely, if you're still relying on hashtags, you have to consider changing your strategy on choosing hashtags. But if you are not, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will open the door to easily gain Instagram free followers & likes without hashtags. Try it out and see what happens.

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