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The Most Detailed Guide of How to Get IG Profile Link

Check on how to get an Instagram profile link on your mobile and PC. Gain more followers and influence by sharing links or earning them via the GetInsta application.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kelly

It’s possible to access Instagram on desktop and mobile devices. However, the prior is quite challenging to use since Instagram was initially designed to be used on mobile. Apart from the accessing issue, you may want your profile link for various reasons.

Profile links are shared with friends and businesses who request it, not to mention that your link can be featured on a blog. So, we will look at how to get Instagram profile link using various ways.

How to Get IG Profile Link

You can get it via the PC or mobile, and it will be pretty easy by the time you finish reading. So, if you are wondering where can I find my Instagram profile link, it’s not tricky as others may put it out there.

How to Get Instagram Profile Link on Mobile

If you are on your mobile device (Android or iOS), how to get Instagram profile URL is easy, and there are several ways. We will share two of them here. Since most users are on mobile, these steps will make it easy for anyone who needs to copy their profile URL and share quickly.

Method 1:

Step 1: Access your Instagram account on your mobile via the app.

Step 2: Go to the bottom right corner of your screen and click on the profile icon.

Step 3: You will see your username on the top left. You can use it to create your profile link.

Step 4: All URLs have the website’s domain name or the web address. So, in Instagram, you will have the Instagram URL combining with your username using a slash. For example, if your username is ndungu1270, then the URL will be

It’s that easy.

Get Instagram Profile Link - Method 1

Method 2:

Step 1: Open your Instagram application and log into your account.

Step 2: Click the three dots button and then select ‘Copy profile URL’.

Step 3: Paste your URL where you need it to be.

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How to Get Instagram Followers Gathering on My Feed

One way to get more followers and market your Instagram page is by learning how to get Instagram profile link and share it with the relevant prospects. It’s, however, a tedious process to earn a name that way.

So, is there an easy way out? Yes, and it involves getting the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita application. It offers a natural way to gain real followers by performing tasks, earning coins and then using them to get Instagram followers and likes.

You may wonder why GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is unique and why you should use it. It will allow you to have another way to get the masses apart from how to get Instagram profile link. Next, it connects you with real Instagram accounts, which means there are actual people behind you.

GetInsitaGetInsmartaGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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A highlight of the features here include:

● It’s 100% safe with no viruses. The team behind the app is experienced in cybersecurity matters, and you get 24/7 customer support.

● GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita works with both Windows and Android. In Windows, it’s compatible with XP and above.

● You don’t need to pay a single cent unless you buy followers using your credit card or PayPal.

● There are no survey questions, and the only password you will use is for your Instagram account.

● Changes to your account happen in real-time

● It supports 16 languages

All of the above guarantees you more followers and security, among other things. Using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is easy, and it starts with acquiring the application. We will focus on how you can use it on both Android and Windows.

How to Get Instagram Followers Using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita

Step 1: Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita on your phone, install and then log in to your account using the application.

Step 2: You can also create an Instagram account using it and add more too. Once you access your account, you earn 20 coins instantly.

Step 3: To get more coins, completes tasks such as liking posts and following other pages. There are 20 coins for every like and 100 coins for every follow.

Step 4: Once you earn the coins, you can then use them to buy the followers you need and likes.

How to Get Instagram Followers Using GetInsta

How to Get Instagram Profile Link on PC

If you use your PC to access your Instagram account, you can learn how to get Instagram profile link and share it. It’s also relatively simple, and it involves a few steps to get it done.

They involve the following:

Step 1: Visit your Instagram account via your browser and log in. Once you access it, you will be taken to the homepage.

Step 2: Click on the profile picture at the top right to access your profile.

Step 3: The Instagram profile URL will be in the address bar on your browser. Copy it and then paste where it’s needed. That’s it

How to Get Instagram Profile Link on PC


Promoting your Instagram account is essential for various reasons. Whether you are promoting a product or simply chasing more followers, you can always start by learning how to get Instagram profile link and providing it to those who need it.

If that seems slow, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita has a way to gain more followers without getting your link. All you need is to download it, use it to access your account, and the rest will flow. It will take less than five minutes to get the app and start using it without paying anything.

To see how it works and getting the app, visit the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita website. 

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