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5 Best Ways on Getting Instagram Followers Without App: 100% Efficient & Free

Instagram followers are the main factor of being influential on Instagram. If you want to get Instagram followers without app, you should read this guide. 100% working!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Instagram is a globally popular app that is used by many people all around the world. People use Instagram for a lot of reasons, like to stay connected with friends or to be familiar with the ongoing trends. 

The most important thing on Instagram is how many followers you have. There are some apps through which you can increase your Instagram followers, but downloading these apps is not convenient for everyone. Here, you will learn the 5 ways to get Instagram followers without app.

Part 1: Optimizing IG Profile to Get Instagram Followers Without App

While using Instagram, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is your Instagram profile. Instagram profile plays a vital role in making you stand out on the platform against millions of other users.  

Through your Instagram profile, you can attract a lot of business, and consumers. Your Instagram profile also helps you engage with your audience, and customers (if you are a businessman). If your Instagram profile is attractive, then you can get a lot of Instagram followers without app. 

To get Instagram followers without app, you must optimize your Instagram profile. Some of the most effective ways about how you can optimize your Instagram profile are specified below.

  • Create a business account

If you want to optimize your Instagram profile and get more Instagram followers without app, then you should create an Instagram Business Profile. Business profiles provide users extra features, and tools through which people can help their business grow. Business profiles are deemed more authentic.

  • Choose an attractive username

The other step for optimizing your Instagram account is to choose an attractive and easy-to-find username for your Instagram profile. Billions of people use Instagram and it is most likely that a name that you may select for your Instagram profile is already taken by another account. So, try to add the first name of your username then add something to it additionally. An online name generator might also inspire you in that way.

This way, it will be easier to search your profile or blog and will get much better reach or followers as well.

  • Use an original profile picture

Using a display or profile picture that is related to the brand of business you own is a plus point in optimizing your Instagram profile. It is always a good idea to choose profile pictures that represents your business logo. 

It also helps to make your page look different from all others by adding some different borders around your profile picture, like the following ones.

Get Instagram Followers Without App

Benefits of optimizing your Instagram profile

There are several benefits of optimizing your Instagram profile while some of them are listed below.

1. Followers’ growth

Optimizing your Instagram account can help you get Instagram followers without app. It might take you a lot of time but it does increase your followers up to a good amount extent. 

2. Increases engagements

The other most important benefit that you will get after optimizing your Instagram profile is the high number of post engagements. If you will post the content accordingly there are more chances of re-shares, likes, and comments that will then automatically help you get Instagram followers without app.

3. Increased number of profile visits

The better your Instagram profile appears to the users, the greater number of profile visits you are going to get. 

The Instagram audience likes to go through quality content and mostly buy stuff from pages or brands that have a good number of Instagram followers, therefore optimizing your Instagram profile will help you get Instagram followers without app.

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Part 2: High-Quality Instagram Posts to Get Instagram Followers Without App

High-quality content or posting high-quality posts on your Instagram profile is very important to get Instagram followers without app. There are many ways through which you can attract followers and make your posts more appealing to the users and some of those ways are specified below.

  • Choose the right theme

The way through which you can make your Instagram posts more attractive is to choose a theme. Your theme can be of different colors according to your own liking or something that you think your audience would like. Themes like soft pastel colors and monochrome colors are also very popular in making the Instagram account look more appealing to everyone. 

  • Choose one filter 

Choosing only one filter for the rest of your posts is the most basic way of making your Instagram account look attractive. Applying too many filters of different kinds that do not match each other is a major turn-off and can make the audience lose interest in your profile.

  • Check the background in your pictures

Most people do not pay attention to the backgrounds in the picture but it is equally important like everything else.

It is also important to write some attractive Instagram captions to get followers.

Benefits of attractive high-quality posts

Having high-quality content in your Instagram profile can help you get Instagram followers without app and it is absolutely amazing. You can get offers from different brands for collaboration. 

There are many influencers out there who are in search of good editors and photographers, if they find your page or blog to be attractive then the chances of getting a big project are more.

Part 3: Giving Posts at the Right Time to Get Instagram Followers Without App

The most common mistake that a lot of people do while posting on Instagram is that they do not check or know the right time. Knowing the best time to post on Instagram can save you from a lot of work to get free Instagram followers without app. 

You can know when to post on Instagram by knowing the active hours of your audience, for example, notice when most of your followers come online or put stories. That is when you should post your content so that it can be reachable to the active accounts more quickly. 

There are some surveys on the internet that tells you about the peak hours of Instagram activity and also the days when users are most likely to be active. 

Free Instagram Followers Without Downloading Apps

Part 4: Interacting with Instagram Users Frequently to Get IG Followers Without App

Interacting with your Instagram followers plays a very important role in getting free Instagram followers without downloading apps.

There are many ways by which you can get to know or interact with your Instagram users and some of those ways are cited below.

  • Use appropriate hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can help start a conversation between you and the Instagram followers. Many people search for hashtags in order to explore new Instagram profiles and blogs. Therefore, use Instagram trending hashtags that can get the highest number of searches.

  • A trending topic

Posting about any kind of hot topic might help your Instagram account for getting all the attention of users.

Users who will find the topic to be interested will comment and start communicating with you and hence, will give you a follow for good.

  •  Going live on stories 

Another way you can communicate or interact with Instagram users is by hosting a live session on your public Instagram profile. This way, a lot of people will be able to get to know you. 

While going live, make sure you tell who you are, what you do and the topic you are addressing should be interesting as well this will help you get free Instagram followers without app download.

Part 5: Get Instagram Followers Without App – the Fastest Way

The above-specified points to get Instagram followers without app are effective but require a lot of time and patience. Also, they do not guarantee the best results. 

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The above points will tell you ways to get Instagram followers without app. This article will also help you to learn how to earn free Instagram followers without downloading apps or free Instagram followers without app download. 

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