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How To Get Instagram Followers Fast for Free

Learn 7 free ways to Instagram followers fast from real people who are really interested in your brand and interact with it.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

Instagram is one of the most popular social network and with more interaction. Its growth in these last 5 years has been excessive so you have made the right decision to focus on Instagram. Here are 7 tips to get Instagram followers fast for free.

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Create and Optimize Your Profile

You probably know that you should personalize your Instagram profile to attract the eye, introduce yourself to your potential followers and make them want to follow you. What’s more, you should change your name on Instagram so that you can optimize your SEO (search engine optimization).  

For example, if your posts are mainly about apple watch, you can also add “Apple Watch” to your profile name. This is important, because when you actually go into the search for “apple watch”, your results are more likely to show up at the top. 

Optimize Your Profile

Once you make your username is clearly identifiable and easy to find, then you can choose a profile picture that matches your brand's image on other social networks, for example, your logo.

In the Bio field, provide compelling, concrete and useful information about your brand. Your biography should allow users to know you and convince them to follow you. Describe who you are and what you do by expressing your personality.

The URL field is the only one that can contain a clickable link, so be sure to use this opportunity wisely to promote your stuff. It is also recommended to use a custom Bitly shortened link to encourage clicks.

You may hear about the automation tool to synchronize your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically publish your Instagram posts on multiple networks. However, each platform has different purposes, different audiences, and different user habits, so the types of posts recommended are specific to each platform.

Follow for Follow

When you just getting started, the fastest way to get Instagram followers is by following others. Generally, more than10% will follow you back after you follow them. For those who you follow don't follow you back, you can use free an app like " Follow Track " to unfollow them.

To increase the follow back ratio, you can look for people who followed your competitors and those who liked publications that interest your target audience. To go a step further, you can also use Instagram bots to follow targeted people automatically. You can check this detailed guide to learn more about Instagram follow for follow.

Posting Timing

You should have at least fifteen posts before you start actively interacting with other users, so when users view your profile, their screen will be filled with amazing photos and they will expect you to regularly post engaging content.

Make sure to adapt your publication schedule to your target persona. The frequency and time of publication will vary depending on your target audience (especially if there is a time difference). 

Optimizing your schedule based on your audience takes time. Studies show that it is better to publish your Instagram posts from Monday to Thursday at the time of your choice, except between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. because users tend to interact with the content in their free time rather than during their work hours. Therefore, pay attention to the time zone of your target audience and test different times to see what's right for your audience.

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Since it is real people, not bots, you can increase Instagram followers without violating any rules and policies of Instagram.

How to Get Instagram Followers Fast Free

It is simple to use and grow your followers and likes. Let me show you how. When you first download the app and register an account, you will get 1000 coins, which can be used to buy

Followers and likes. To get more coins, you can complete some tasks in the app like following others or liking others’ posts. 

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to spontaneously share exclusive images to represent your brand, which will stay online for 24 hours only. The trick is to use at least 1 hashtag in the story and geolocate the place where you made that story.

When you upload a story with a hashtag and geolocate it, your Instagram Stories will appear highlighted on Instagram in the "Search" section and whenever someone searches for a hashtag that you have used.

Do not forget to put your own username in the story, so users can click on it and enter to see your profile.

Then in your story, you can see how many people have seen it both by the hashtag and by the location you have put. If your story is featured in one place, you can get many more followers in the area.

Make a Contest by Giving Something Away

Contests are very useful for getting new followers. The key to this trick is to give away something that appeals to users who may be interested in your profile and not just some random cool stuff. Otherwise, you get many followers but they are not interested in your other posts, eventually they will unfollow you. 

Therefore, your mission is to find something related to your profile, your activity or your profession and in the meantime appealing to your audience. In this way, you will surely get a large amount of loyal Instagram followers.

Write Captions That Convert 

Photos and videos are the essences of Instagram because these allow someone to stop by, but it's the caption that allows them to engage or start to follow you. Therefore, it is recommended to write long-form captions into your posts. You can treat your Instagram account like a micro-blog.        

If you actually want to treat your Instagram like a true business and create those long-form relationships, then definitely write deep captions. Surely, not everyone is going to resonate, but the people who do, they become a loyal follower or potential clients, because they feel a stronger connection with you. Deep captions personify your brand, attract subscribers, and encourage them to share your content, thus helping to increase your brand awareness. 

It is also recommended to ask questions or insert call-to-action into your captions to encourage engagement.  

Bonus Tip: Sharpen Your Skills in Shooting and Photo Editing

On Instagram, the quality of posts is absolutely essential, but there is no need to hire a professional photographer or train for months before you get started. To grow Instagram followers organically, you must know a few basic tips for shooting and photo editing should do the trick.

Shooting skills

Focus on a single subject

Play with negative space

Discover interesting perspectives

Look for symmetry

Capture the details

Capture laughable moments

Photo editing skills

Instagram offers some basic editing features, but these may not be enough. Most of your photos will go through one or two editing apps before being opened on Instagram. These applications allow all kinds of modifications: enhance the sharpness of certain elements, lighten certain tones to illuminate your photo, etc.

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