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How to Get 1M Followers on Instagram: Fast Hacks

How to get 1m followers on Instagram free? Follow the feasible tips and tricks and become the next 1m Instagram followers account even if you're a starter.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

It is known to all that influential accounts on Instagram can get a lot of opportunities. Getting targeted followers and making money are relatively easy. How to define influential accounts on Instagram? The number of followers is the first and foremost index one pays attention to. An account with 5000 followers is common while an account with 1m followers will be eye-catching. How to get 1m followers on Instagram for free? The article has put forward useful and practical methods for different phases to make sure you can get 1m Instagram followers free.

 Get 1M Followers on Instagram

Phase 1: Hack 1M Followers on IG Free with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita App

For ordinary people, it’s hard to get first 1000 Instagram followers. Many are trying every way on the internet but the result is disapproving. This part is to help you get 5000 Instagram followers effortlessly. Not to mention getting 1m Instagram followers.

Taking advantage of Instagram followers apps to get free followers with unlimited coins is a must-try method. But you need to find the right app or you’ll get bot even fake Instagram followers. It’s not friendly for the Instagram algorithm. To save your time, we test some apps and find one top followers app that helps you get real free Instagram followers fast, no hidden charges, no bots - GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. When using it, you’ll not be required to perform human verification, fill a survey or input Instagram password.

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Some may ask the question: is GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita safe? The answer is definitely yes. It is designed by an experienced team. No leak, no virus, no ads. All your info is encrypted and visible to you. Different from other similar apps, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita gives you extra free Instagram likes when giving free Instagram followers to make your account grow naturally.

How to get free IG followers?

1. Download the app and install it instantly.

2. Do simple tasks to get enough coins. For example, following one profile will get 100 coins,

3. When collecting enough coins, use them to reach 1 million Instagram followers. And you can get extra free Instagram likes as well. They’ll be fast delivered and changes can be checked within 24 hours in the app.

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Phase 2: Get 1M Instagram Followers Free with Specific Tricks

Except for the usage of the Instagram followers generator, you need to do a lot to maintain and keep Instagram followers increasing day by day. This part provides specific tricks to be done before and after posting. Read them carefully to be closer to a 1m-follower account.

Trick 1: Plan UGC Content with High Quality

In most cases, planning content on Instagram matters much. Many users expect to view something meaningful or useful with limited and precious time. It’s not so popular to post content randomly. If you like, you could also make use of an Instagram schedule app to plan content ahead of time. And the quality of content is also essential. As a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has thousands of daily active users. How to stand out? Make sure your image or video is clear and high-quality.

Trick 2: Edit Content with Tools

You may be not a skilled photographer. Even though, you can make the most of editing apps or tools. Take the tool Instagram filters as an example which allows you to add amazing effects to your photo or video. Most popular filters from around the world are Clarendon, Gingham, Juno, Lark, and Valencia, according to Canva, a widely-used editing tool. Of course, different materials can be applied to different filters.

Trick 3: Write Descriptive Captions with Hashtags

Captions are must-needed if you want to get targeted and engaged Instagram followers, especially when there is a story behind your content. Try to use contact, descriptive, eye-catching words to tell a story in the caption. Or cover call-to-actions words to encourage people to follow you or like your posts instantly. Of course, adding relative trending Instagram hashtags does help you get free followers. Here we take the account the.nature_page as an instance.

 Write Captions with Hashtags

Trick 4: Choose the Best Time to Post

The best time to post on Instagram is one of the most important things to consider before posting. It decides that whether users can view your recent posts in time or not. After all, there are thousands of posts on Instagram daily. If you misuse the best time and post randomly, you miss the chance to get lots of free Instagram followers by reaching more people.

Trick 5: Cross-Promote IG Content

Tapping “Share” on Instagram and publishing posts are not the end to get 1m followers on Instagram free. Believe you’ve registered accounts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok... Reshare your Instagram content on other social media to increase reach and visibility and hack free Instagram followers.

Cross Promote Instagram Content

Trick 6: Make Analysis & Inspire More Ideas

Most users focus on the number of likes and comments one post gets. To get closer to 1m IG followers, there is another thing on the must-do list to effectively increase Instagram followers. That is, make an analysis of your followers and posts. Get to learn the gender, location, language or other info of your followers with the aid of Instagram followers analytics tools. And keep an eye on Instagram insights to observe the performance of your posts. Make a summary and get more ideas from the past data.

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Trick 7: To-Do List When You Have A Budget

The above tricks are Instagram 1 million followers hacks. But if have a budget, you may achieve your goal faster by following the to-do list.

  • Run giveaway. Running giveaways on Instagram is a shortcut to create buzz and reach potential new followers. It enables you to attract a number of audiences in a short time.

  • Post ads. To reach more people, try to post ads on Instagram. Similar to offline marketing, online marketing also promote your posts or products to a large extent.

  • Make shoutouts. Instagram shoutouts are created for two users who have the same goal: increasing followers. You can seek for influencers to make shoutouts for you and get followers quickly.

What Benefits Will You Get from 1M Instagram Followers

It’s not easy to get 1m followers on Instagram. But as long as you insist on using tips and tricks above, you’ll get an ideal result at last. Besides, you’ll get more benefits than you can imagine. At first, since you have a large audience, other influencers are more likely to cooperate with you. In addition, you can make a lot of money with 1m Instagram followers by selling products, cooperating with other brands, and so on.


It’s really a wonderful thing to get 1m followers on Instagram and you can get things you want easily. With smart tricks introduced in the article, you can get much more followers organically. And the fastest way to get Instagram followers is to use the best Instagram followers app GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to get unlimited Instagram followers. Download and try it now to increase followers instantly.


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