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Use Best 4 Free YouTube Views Hack APK to Get Free YouTube Views Free Forever

Do you want to get unlimited free YouTube views? Here are 4 free YouTube views hack APK shown here. You can hack free YouTube views easily and instantly.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Cracy

YouTube is a place sharing videos service that allows users to watch videos posted by others and upload their own videos. It was primarily designed for video sharing, but now many subscribers use it to boost their business or help others to promote brand influence. Well, YouTube views seem to be an important metric for subscribers and marketers. This blog introduces 4 best free YouTube views APK and some normal ways to gain free YouTube views for you. Choose one to meet your needs.

Free YouTube Views APK

Free YouTube Views Generator APK 1: ViewGrip

ViewGrip is the first free YouTube views APK to show you. Its slogan is to get more viewers for your videos. This platform is built with dedication to help subscribers get free YouTube views. It offers a safe and effective way for users to get views. Every view is brought by a real person. No fake views here. What you should do is to start a YouTube campaign, and enter the details of your YouTube video. Then your video will be watched by members in this app. As a result, your free YouTube views increase easily and instantly.

Free YouTube Views APK - ViewGrip


Free Views

Extra Subscribers

Unlimited Coins

Safety Guaranteed


Features are limited.

When you are in an urgent need, you should buy coins to get free YouTube views.

Free YouTube Views Mod APK 2: XDRabbit

XDRabbit is a real free YouTube views booster as shown in the picture. It can help your videos connect with people all over the world and they can watch videos anyone they are interested in. As a free YouTube views APK, XDRabbit allows users to get YouTube views for free. You can earn diamonds in this app. Then use these diamonds to promote your videos to others. It’s an app to hack YouTube subscribers. There will be more and more people who will watch your videos. YouTube views increase in this way.

Free YouTube Views APK - XDRabbit


New users will get 600 diamonds.

Connect users videos to more people in the world.

Free to promote YouTube videos.


You cannot buy or get views directly.

You have to do tasks to earn more diamonds.

It cannot increase your channels’ profit.

Free YouTube Unlimited Views APK 3: ViewBoost

If you want to get more views or subscribers to promote your channels, ViewBoost is a free YouTube views APK that you cannot miss. It’s a great tool to get more views and watch duration and it is easy to use. Just watch videos of fellow members and in return earn virtual currency. Then redeem your virtual currency to promote your videos. People in this app will watch your YouTube videos and your free YouTube views increase. With ViewBoost, you can become a member of this huge community to help each other and grow together.

Free YouTube Views APK - ViewBoost

Steps to Use:

1. Install this free YouTube views APK and log in.

2. Watch videos to get points.

3. Start your campaign by entering your video ID in campaign section.

4. Select number of views and watch time duration that you want for your YouTube video.


It’s easy to use.

You can get more views and watch time duration here.

It’s a YouTube subscriber generator.


You should watch others videos to earn points.

Sometimes, you cannot create a campaign.

Free YouTube Views Increase APK 4: Video Promoter

Video Promoter is a video watching app that helps you get more free YouTube views on your video. You can watch others videos and they watch your videos in return. It’s also a kindly app to help you go viral of your channel. Just some simple steps you can make it. This views APK offers you a way to reach more people. It can expand the community of people who can watch your videos.

Free YouTube Views APK - Video Promoter


You can get auto YouTube views here.

Use virtual coins to promote your videos.

YouTube likes are also available in this app.


You cannot buy YouTube views directly.

There may be some errors when you earn coins.

The delivery is slow.

More Ways to Get Free YouTube Views Without Downloading APK

Create Compelling Content

Except for getting free YTB views with YouTube views hack APK. Content is the king of all these channels on YouTube or accounts on Instagram. If you want to promote your videos or channels, you should post videos on YouTube with attractive content. People like to spend time watching interesting videos rather than boring ones. And based on data, people visit YouTube to watch some “how to ...” videos, such as “How to screen record on Windows?”, “How to get free Instagram views?” and so on. Cause they want to find answers. So, you can make some “how to ...” videos and receive numerous free YouTube Views.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel is a great action. Cause subscribers bring more to your channel, for instance, subscribers can increase the number of YouTube views and they can recommend your channel to their friends. Well, how to ask viewers to subscribe you? You can mention “subscribe for more ...” at the beginning and the end of your video. People who are really impressed by your content will subscribe to your channels.

Optimize Your Video Titles

YouTube is a search engine. You can search all you want to watch on YouTube. The first sight that came to viewers’ eyes is your videos’ titles. So, it’s vital to optimize your videos title. Make them compelling, attractive and interesting enough, including video covers, titles, descriptions, and hashtags. Furthermore, you need to add keywords in your title or descriptions, which will increase your rank on YouTube. So, optimize your YouTube title appeal to viewers. There will be more chances to be viewed. 

[Bonus] Get More Free Instagram Views, Followers & Likes

Now that you know how to get views with free YouTube views generator APK and other more normal ways, here is a bonus for you to hack free Instagram views, likes, and followers. As Instagram is also an important and famous platform for people to boost business, Instagram followers and views are the metrics you cannot ignore. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is a free Instagram followers mod APK. You can hack Instagram followers free here.

GetInsitaGetInsmartaGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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Followers to Instagram are just as subscribers to YouTube. If you want to have a strong community of audience, loyal followers are your promoting key point. This app offers people a safe and clean way to get followers and likes no password, no survey, and no human verification. Now, add your Instagram username and get your followers right now. Then Your Instagram views and likes will increase accordingly.

The End

That’s all for introducing 4 free YouTube views APK and some common ways to increase free YouTube views. You can choose one to start. To further promote your brand or business, you’d better take YouTube and Instagram or other social media together. So do not hesitate to use this Instagram free promotion APK on Android or Getinsup on the App Store to get more followers on your Instagram account. Enhance your community and increase your brand reputation with these tools mentioned above now!

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