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Instagram Like Bot Free Working in 2022: Hack Unlimited Instagram Likes

Here are 3 Instagram like bot free that are working. Check them and get free Instagram likes bot now!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

Since June 20, 2019, Instagram has become good at detecting bots. Many automation services offering services like growing followers, auto liking posts, generating comments, or even sending private messages discontinued since then. 

Luckily, this year 2022 is expected to be better than the year of 2019 in terms of Instagram bots. If you're looking for the best Instagram like bot free app or service to use for your Instagram account, here is all you need to know along with a selection of the best-tested automation tools that are available in 2022.

Title List

Free Available Instagram Bots for Likes in 2022

There used to be many free Instagram bots. However, claims to work for your account will still be blocked within a week or two of the operation.


Gramto is a solution that will help you increase your visibility by increasing your number of followers and boosting your engagement rate and has been there for a very long time. Several years of experience in automation and Instagram services. You don’t need technical knowledge to use Granto for Instagram automation.


It provides a free plan that allows you to add 1 account for auto like/comment, schedule posting, auto DM, etc. If you want to manage multiple Instagram, you can always upgrade to a higher plan. 


They used to provide a completely free Instagram bot on Github. It was the best Instagram bot for likes until Instagram killed it. Now, they have provided a similar service for growing Instagram likes and followers. 


LikeUp works like an automated Instagram engagement group. You will give likes to posts in your Feed, with specific hashtags, or in certain location and in the meantime you will receive likes from other participants automatically without any manual work.

To get started, you need to install the Chrome extension and login with your Instagram account. Then you will receive likes on your last post and you can also check your status in the Dashboard. 

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Likezoid is a desktop app for Instagram likes automation. It is completely free, but with less features. Once you download and install this app on Windows or macOS, you will be given 50 gold which can be used to get 50 likes to any of your posts. Of course, you need to login with your Instagram account first. 

Once you connect your Instagram account, this app will use your account to automatically like other posts. You will see whose posts you liked but you can decide which or what kind of posts to like. You will earn 1 gold for liking 1 post and you can connect up to 5 accounts to earn more gold. All these will be done automatically without manual actions once you keep the app running. 

Do Instagram Bots Really Work?

Yes, in the short run. It is great to like, follow, and comment automatically to attract awareness when you don’t have a large following. It works even greater if you have 0 followers. But you should be smart and don't overuse it, otherwise, you risk being blocked by Instagram.

When you like a post, the Instagramer who published the post will get notified. As you like more posts, your profile will be viewed by more people, namely, more people will start to check your profile, like your posts, and follow you back. 

At the beginning, you can use these Instagram auto bots to get real Instagram likes and followers. As you grow, you will get more awareness, so you can grow faster organically. However, Instagram does have a limit of the number of posts you can like. Though Instagram has never revealed the specific number, it is believed that you can like at most 1000 photos on Instagram per day. If you overdo, you will probably find out that Instagram won’t allow you to follow people or like other posts. 

Pros And Cons Of Using An Instagram Bot

Using an Instagram bot may seem a good way to increase likes and grow awareness. However, a coin has two sides. There are both advantages and disadvantages while using Instagram bots. 

Pros Of A Good Instagram Bot

You can adjust your automation tools to avoid most of the problems associated with posting to certain photos and types of accounts. It takes time to learn, but it's worth it.Using these bots wisely can save you from problems like suspending your account.

Do not try to use Instagram like bots excessively ! Your business or your profile remains precious, do not overdo it. You can use the analytics provided to improve your engagement rate, build awareness of your brand, and grow your customer base.

Cons Of An Instagram Bot

Like all automation tools, Instagram bots have a few drawbacks. Using bot / automation may violate the terms of use on Instagram. Using a bot excessively will make you look like a spammer. Sometimes you will have to intervene manually because tools cannot replace all human interactions yet, so always take care of your account and observe to make sure all is well.

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A More Secure Way to Grow Your Instagram Likes and Followers

If you worry about using Instagram like bot free may get your account terminated, you really should try the free app GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, a better way to grow Instagram followers for free. It works like follow for follow on Instagram and like for like, so GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita help you get 100% real and free likes and followers on Instagram quickly without violating Instagram community guidelines.


Once you create a free account, you will get some coins for you to try it out. You can use these coins to buy Instagram likes or followers to see if it can do as it claims. The best part, you just need to provide your Instagram name without sharing your Instagram password for getting followers, so you don’t need to worry about your account being blocked by Instagram.  

To get more coins, you can follow other Instagram profile or like others’ posts within this app. If you have a budget, you can also buy a large number of real followers or like with little money. 

No bots are allowed within the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app, and all followers or likes will be from real people, so you will see your followers grow gradually (not instantly) when you buy a large number of followers.

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