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10 Free Instagram Followers Trick: 10K Followers Hack in 2022

Ten exclusive free Instagram followers trick are listed inside. All the ways are effective and tried by many Instagram users. Check them and increase followers.

Updated 2022-02-11 11:13:15 | by Kevin

Since free Instagram followers trick has been prevailing on the internet; it is impossible that you come to this page for some duplicated methods which you have already read and tried. Therefore, this page can proudly state that the 10 tricks listed below are the conclusion from the Instagram trend in 2022. Keeping with the trend and adopting methods on this page, your Instagram followers count will boost in the new year.

 Free Instagram Followers Trick

10 Free Instagram Followers Tricks: From 10 to 10K Followers

The free tricks that will promote your Instagram account dramatically in 2022 are listed just below this part. These 10 tricks are the bridge to your next 10k followers! Check them now.

Try Instagram Profile/Post Embed

Instagram launched post embed long ago, so people can put an Instagram post into a website page. In this way, more people have chances to see your posts and view your profile from that. What often the case is that people just view posts on that page and then nothing will happen. Even you let more people see your content but do not make them your followers. For that case, Instagram finally released profiles embed which enables you to embed a profile on a website and they can visit it on Instagram from that. This feature increases your profile views and chances of getting followers greatly.

Add Link to Instagram Story

Link could only be added to stories if you have an account with 10K+ followers. This is the past tense. Instagram unlocks this feature to all the users, so every user can add links to Instagram stories. Link sticker in the story is the way and you can choose the style of it too. You can put the link of your content and let more people see it.

Engage with Followers in Various Ways

Increase engagement with followers is an important part of expanding followers. Usual reply to comment is not enough, and here are 2 more things you can do.

  •  Instagram Reels visual replies

Instagram Reels used to be a comment-reply-only feature just like a regular post. While now Instagram updates this feature and brings visual replies to users. “With Reels Visual Replies, users can respond to comments on their posts with a Reel. (A similar feature has been available on TikTok for well over a year.)” This interesting update could bring more possibilities to your content creation and engagement with followers. Just try this feature sometimes.

  •  Create a group of followers in WhatsApp (or any chatting apps)

For more interaction with your followers, you can create a group in WhatsApp and invite them to join. Of course, this kind of group needs followers to join voluntarily. You just need to make a call to action. In that group, you can share more interesting things with them about creating content. They can also learn more about you and your work during that process.  

  •  Use Instagram Playback

This feature “allows users to choose up to 10 of their favorite Stories to re-share with followers.” An ideal way to make a summary of what you have posted in the last year and activate your followers’ memories.

Post More Instagram Videos (Reels\Stories\Live)

Videos, especially short videos are the mainstream of 2022. After the popularity of TikTok, Instagram launched the Instagram Reels. All of this signifies the same thing: short videos are the future of social media. Your content structure may need changes to adapt to this situation if you don’t want to be left behind. Short videos present content in a more explicit and easy way to followers and they can keep swiping up to watch Reels, and that is the magic of short videos - users will keep watching Reels and swiping up constantly because it is short and entertaining.

 Free Instagram Followers Trick - Post Instagram Reels

Instagram Story is also important. Setting up Polls, quizzes, etc. are very popular with users and, “57% of people like seeing polls and quizzes from brands on Instagram.” This feature can be the main field for you in 2022. Instagram Live is the same - an excellent way to communicate with followers. Just try more things in the new year!

Looking for Cooperation with Others

Cooperating with other creators is an ideal way to attract new Instagram followers. It is a mutual partnership and win-win situation. Both of you or all of you can enlarge your followers community and reach followers never reach before. During that process, followers of your partner can see your content and has the potential to become your followers. Instagram put forward some ways for creators to co-create like:

  •  Instagram Reels remix

Reels remix is a new feature that encourages you to work with another creator, making Reels, reacting to his existing Reels, etc.

  •  Instagram Live Rooms

Live Rooms, just like its name signifies, is a Live that can support multiple people to join. Use this feature to do more live and engage with followers.

Besides the 2 methods mentioned above, you can just cooperate with others on posts, stories, videos, etc. in a way you prefer.

The Ultimate Free Trick for Instagram Followers

Methods listed in the previous parts are the updated ways for followers count increase in 2022. But those ways are indirect and need you to take some time to practice, therefore, a much faster way for followers is also prepared for you. Of course, this way will work better if you adopt the approaches illustrated in the last part.

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 Free Instagram Followers Trick - Post Instagram Reels - Get Free Followers

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Bottom Line

All the free Instagram followers trick has been introduced to you. Hope some of them can help with your Instagram account management in 2022. In the last, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita appeared as the ultimate followers trick for you. Getting free Instagram followers, hacking unlimited free Instagram Reels likes, etc. are no big deal for this app. Download it to your devices and enjoy its free services whether at home or on the go. 

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