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7 Perfect First Instagram Post Ideas on Your New Account [Get Likes Now]

Looking for the first Instagram post ideas on your new account? This paper will show you 7 ideas for first post on Instagram to help you get 10k+ likes.

Updated 2022-06-27 13:21:59 | by Lane

When you start a new Instagram account, are you thinking about such a question: what should my first Instagram post be? Are you looking for some first Instagram post ideas on your new account?

First Instagram Post Ideas

This issue seems to plague many people with new account. In fact, the first Instagram post represents your first impression. So, when you are starting a new Instagram account, it is necessary of you to carefully pick the first photo you post. In this way, you can quickly engage followers and likes. So, how do you pick your first photo? This article will show you 7 ideas for first post on Instagram on your new account. Besides, there is a bonus tip on how to get likes for your first Instagram post. If you care about it, go directly to part 3.

Based on the different purposes, Instagram accounts are divided into three categories: personal account and business account, and creator account. For personal account, the purpose is to let people get to know you. For business account, the goal is to promote the products and the brands. For creator account, the intention is to retain influencers on this platform. According to the three different types of accounts, this article will give 7 different ideas on what should my first Instagram post be. Check out these first Instagram post examples, then start yours!

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Part 1: First Personal Instagram Post Ideas

Personal account is the most common type of accounts. If you have a new personal account, you are supposed to share your personal life and let people get to know you. So, what kind of photos can you publish as your first Instagram post? Here are 4 ideas for personal Instagram post ideas.

Idea 1: A photo of you to let everyone know you

It seems to be one of the best Instagram introduction post ideas to publish your first Instagram post with a photo of yourself. In order to let people know you, you are supposed to show your face clearly. Thus, people get a simple and generous impression of you, which will arouse their interest in you. David Beckham, for example, published a selfie on his first Instagram post, showing his handsome face and engaging huge Instagram posts likes.

Ideas for First Instagram Post

Idea 2: A picture with important people

You can also publish the picture with important people as your first Instagram post. Thus, people will learn about your social circle. And maybe the followers of the important person will start to know and pay attention to you. What’s more, your first Instagram post will be meaningful and memorable. Leonardo's first post, for example, is a picture of him with the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the UN Climate2014 Summit. He published the meaningful and sacred picture as his first Instagram post.

First Post on Instagram Ideas

Idea 3: A picture that is relevant to your theme

For web celebrity bloggers, before starting a new account, deciding the theme of your account is a good Instagram content idea, such as travel, food, photography, and so on. Your first Instagram post is supposed to be consistent with your theme. Thus, people will know your Instagram theme and follow you if they're interested. Singaporean Instagram blogger Girleatworld’s first post was a picture of ice cream she ate on a trip to Germany. This is a direct and clear introduction to her blog's theme, which is travel and food. She combines local scenes with local food to create a different visual aesthetic and get a large number of likes and followers.

Ideas for Your First Instagram Post

Idea 4: A picture presenting your colorful life: books, movies, music, travelling, etc.

Everyone likes to follow the people with colorful life, which can arouse their interest and attention. You can choose to share a great book, movie or music on your first Instagram post. Meanwhile, there are some first Instagram post caption ideas. For one thing, you can give a simple introduction to what you share. For another thing, you can express your feelings and opinions about the book, the movie or the music you share. Not only will a good and interesting post help your new account quickly engage likes and followers, but also it can set a good example and inspire your followers to do the same.

Part 2: First Instagram Post Ideas for Business Account 

Business account or Instagram professional account is used to promote brands. For example, Nike, Adidas and other brands all have Instagram accounts. Instagram has turned out to be an engagement goldmine for brands in certain industries. A first useful Instagram post can promote the products and engage more users for brands. There are 3 first post on Instagram ideas with the first Instagram post for business examples.

Idea 5: Introduction to the brand or product

An introduction to the brand or product is an effective first Instagram post idea for business, which can include the logo, slogan, and the features of the product. That way, based on your first post, people have a general idea of your brand or product. Meanwhile, in order to make customers have a clear and intuitive understanding, you can also choose to show some visual pictures of the brand or product.

Idea 6: Customer comments and feedback

Customer recommendations and user-generated content are both great first Instagram post ideas to show how people actually use your product or service. People love to hear what other people feel about the brand or product. Customers can share more authentic and meaningful stories about your brand or product than you can. According to the customer comments and feedback, people have a general impression of your brand or product and they are likely to be attracted. So you can share your customers' content about the brand or product on your first Instagram post. 

Idea 7: Cause-related marketing

Sharing the cause-related marketing of the brand on your first business account post can build a good social image of the brand, improve the brand's exposure rate and market share, and have a huge advertising effect. Secondly, it is conducive to the construction of brand culture and the improvement of staff's sense of honor and belonging. In a word, project the ideals and values the brand stands for by using cause-related marketing. Thus, through the first Instagram post, your brand makes a good impression and people start to follow you.

First Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Part 3: Bonus Tip – How to Get Likes for Your First Instagram Post

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 How to Get Likes for Your First Instagram Post

The Bottom Line

That’s all for 7 perfect first Instagram post ideas. Each idea is feasible and you can choose the one that suits your needs best. When it’s time to select your first Instagram post, make sure it makes a good impression to help you engage followers and stands the test of time so you can be proud of your first photo. Besides, to get likes for your first Instagram post, InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita could be a good pick. You can get free Instagram likes daily with it. Start your new account and try out InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita

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