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[100% Working] How to Grow Free Fans on Instagram

Seeking methods to get free fans or followers on Instagram? Just check this article to get 100% real & active Instagram fans/followers now!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Instagram gives the world a big surprise. It has evolved to have more functions to help people gain benefits. Whatever your purpose of using Instagram, growing many free fans on Instagram is a basic and essential thing.

However, facing competitive social media marketing in 2021, it is not easy to get many Instagram fans. Thankfully, there are 100% efficient and quick methods in the following article to help you grow mass fans on Instagram.

Grow Mass Fans on Instagram

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How to Grow Instagram Fans

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So, how to use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita?

Step1. Free download & install GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, and log in

Step2. Get free coins through following and liking others.

Grow Instagram Fans.png

Step3. Use coins to get fans and likes on Instagram. If you don't have enough coins, you can share GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita with others to get coins. Also, you can buy Instagram fans and likes directly.

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Complete Your Profile to Grow Instagram Fans

The first Instagram trick to get followers is to complete your profile on Instagram is your first thing to do. A good Instagram profile (including your picture, name, profile name, and your description) can be seen as the digital billboard on Instagram, it can maximize your engagement on Instagram and attract free potential fans on Instagram.

Fans on Instagram.jpg

How to complete your profile to grow free Instagram fans?

If you are new on Instagram, you can finish this process simply and directly during signing up. But if you have signed up an Instagram account, and you want to change your Instagram name, and add more information to your profile, just do the steps in the following.

First, click the profile icon and then click "Edit Profile"

Instagram Fans.jpg

Now, you can edit your information to reflect your identity and what valuable things you can provide to your fans. There are some tips as follows.

  • Fill in your real name or your niche name in the name field.

  • Choose a profile photo that is approachable, reliable, and representative.

  • Use a unique username, if your name has been taken, just add some letters to make it different.

  • If you have your official website, just add it to the "website", and your fans can enter your website through this link.

  • Fill your bio with a brief introduction to yourself, and show what valuable things you can provide.

Use Relevant Hashtags to Grow Your Fans

Using relevant hashtags on Instagram can give you visibility. Instagram users always like clicking hashtags, they are finding their interested Instagram users. If you use relevant hashtags to post your content, your posts will reach more users who are focusing on these hashtags. 

So, how to choose relevant hashtags to hack more fans on Instagram?

Step1. Build a sheet on your mobile to collect your hashtags, you can classify your hashtags. That will be efficient and convenient for you while using hashtags.

Step2. Type a simple hashtag that relevant to your Instagram audience. For example, you may type"#catfood" It will show you many hashtags related to #catfood. You can see the post count of every hashtag on the right side. 

If you are less competitive on Instagram and still want to promote your accounts, you can use less popular related hashtags(low-competitive hashtags), then you will have more possibilities to appear at the top of the Instagram feed.

Free Instagram Fans.png

Step3. Observing your competitors. Both of you have the same targeted audience. If the hashtags work for them, it also does work for you possibly. So, find out your competitors and collect hashtags they are using.

Step4. Testing which hashtags work best. Not every hashtag you collected is useful for getting fans on Instagram, so you should test them and see which one can help you increase fans on Instagram.

Use Instagram IGTV to Get More Fans on Instagram

Instagram users know they need to post videos on Instagram. Video posts can have higher engagement than image posts, it is more likely to grow free Instagram followers organically. But the key to the video is whether it is long enough and engaging. 

Now, Instagram creates IGTV, which provides longer videos to Instagram users. You can upload videos up to an hour, which allows you to explore your video topics in-depth. A deeper understanding of video topics is beneficial for attracting Instagram fans.

Increase Instagram Fans.png

Besides, If you post a 15-minute video, you can choose "post a preview'' to share your video in your feed and profile. The first 60 seconds can appear as a preview. Once the audience finishes the preview, they can click ''keep watching'' to see the full video. That means you not only upload your video to IGTV but also promote your video through your feed to expand more fans on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Growing fans on Instagram is not an easy thing, but if you follow these methods, you will make progress on growing Instagram fans. Remembering growing fans on Instagram is a basic and important thing. Only based on a lot of Instagram fans can you promote your products or be influential on Instagram. So, try out these 4 methods to grow more fans on your Instagram.

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