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Should You Use a Fake Instagram Account Maker? - Benefits & Drawbacks

There are various reasons to engage a fake Instagram account maker. Learn about them and various ways to create a fake account and safe methods like GetInsta.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Carol

You may have encountered a fake Instagram account maker during daily life on Instagram. It’s something that is happening quite often of late. Some of the fake accounts are easy to distinguish, some of them are just like real users. Have you ever thought about it, why people use fake Instagram accounts? who made them? How have they are been created?

There is no doubt that a fake Instagram account generator has both advantages and disadvantages. Check out the content below to know the benefits and drawbacks of fake Instagram account maker. You can see 2 ways of how to make a fake Instagram account as well.


What is a Fake Instagram Account Maker and What Can It Be Used for?

Well, before you use a fake Instagram account maker, you should know what exactly it is and where you can use it.

Fake Instagram account maker, also called fake Instagram profile maker, fake Instagram account generator, is an account-generating tool that allows you to feed in a few inputs before creating an account that doesn’t represent your true identity. That paves the way for the wicked to conduct dirty activities, but that’s not what we want to reflect on in this blog.

Following the definition above, it means that everything from your name to the bio has nothing to do with you. That does not restrict you towards not including your correct details. Using someone’s identity could land you in trouble with the law.

That is why we want to highlight some of the best-case scenarios where you can apply a fake Instagram account maker.

Analyzing Instagram with Business Goals

If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, going for a real account may seem too bold. A fake Instagram account generator will help you create a fake account in line with your business culture and motives to see how it would perform.

Presenting an Idea

You may want to try a new marketing idea that applies to Instagram users. Since you don’t know how it would go, picking a fake account option will help you see how the trial and era goes.

Time Utilization

Instead of creating a fake Instagram account, the fake Instagram profile maker will help get rid of the rigorous process that involves inputting your name and checking the privacy policy before acceptance.

Show off to Friends and Increase Likes

Do you have friends with thousands of likes while you have a few hundred? If you can’t stand the laughter and ridicule, you can boost up by having a fake account to get you the likes and profile status that matches their level.

You need to be careful with this idea, though, as you try to show off.

How to Get Fake Accounts with A Fake Instagram Account Generator?

Now that you know what the fake Instagram account maker involves, it’s time to see some of the two methods you can utilize to make the fake account happen.

Method 1: Use a Fake Email to Create a Fake Account

Creating a fake Instagram account needs you to have other credentials that are not attached to you. So, we will go through the process of creating an Instagram account using a fake email.

The verification process may be tricky, though, and via this method, you cannot access your account often since Instagram may detect and block you.

Step 1: Open your browser in a new incognito mode and then head to to see which countries your devices are connected.


Step 2: Create an email that adheres to the country’s style. To do that, visit Select the country you prefer and then generate a fake name.


Step 3: Visit the Instagram website and proceed to register a new account with it. If you get an invalid email alert, recheck your email and try again. You can also choose another temporary email.


Method 2: Using a Modifying Website to Edit Account Online

This is the method you need if you want to show off to friends. We will use the MediaModifier website to edit the profile online or even create a new profile and boost it later. You don’t need to create fake emails and names here since you will be editing an account online without software downloads.

Step 1: Get all the necessary details you need to fill in as the primary inputs. That includes your name, a website (optional), a picture or logo, and a short description.

Step 2: Prepare a few mocking posts (about five or six), which could include photos and videos. Also, have three categories that you would like on the Story highlights in Insta.

Step 3: Visit the MediaModifier website and pick the template that suits your intentions.


Step 4: If you pick the Instagram Profile and Highlights Mockup Generator, for example, you can insert the text you need, drag and drop pictures and add highlights. If you don’t need some of the highlights, you can turn them off via the sidebar. 


Drawbacks of Fake Instagram Account Maker

Having a platform or method that delivers a fake Instagram account is a good way to win the masses. Your friends will see your new levels, and offers may come knocking on your door. The problem is that it’s a fake account with no realness in it.

Therefore, you should be prepared for consequences when the deal goes south. Some of the disadvantages include:

Effect on the Engagement level which Affects Overall Value

The more followers you have on Instagram, the less the engagement level. Therefore, more followers mean that the likes will not go up. A good example is this. If you have 1000 followers, the engagement level is about 8%.

At the 10,000 mark, the engagement level falls to 4%. Therefore, if your account has five hundred likes and 2000 followers, someone can easily tell that you have a fake account.

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No Income

Fake followers will get you the influence but converting them to real customers or subscribers is another story altogether. You need real people to act on your comments and the information you provide in the end.

Instagram Will Get You

With a fake profile from a fake Instagram account maker, Instagram may check on your activity and pardon. The worst-case scenario is getting locked out of your account, but it doesn’t end there. If you are convicted, there may be jail time for you.

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