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Fake Followers Check Instagram Tips | Increase Engagement Now

Use the best Fake Followers Check Instagram Tools 2022 to remove fake followers, increase engagement rate and finally gain more exposure.

Updated 2022-01-27 14:51:47 | by Gary

Fake followers are bewildering and harmful, given the fact that they will not interact with you, say, view your posts, or like your stories. A heap of many fake followers is bound to harm your Instagram account’s algorithm by decreasing the engagement rate.

So, how do you find the fake followers and remove them? How to be favored by the Instagram algorithm and increase your posts’ engagement rate? How to reach more Instagram users and gain extra exposure?

This passage is going to effortlessly solve the questions above by providing the 3 quickest tools to do fake followers check Instagram. Let’s take a look.

Cover of Fake Followers Check Instagram

Are Fake Followers Check Instagram Tools Safe? Mechanisms

The easiest way to check your Instagram fake followers is using an auto tool. There are tons of Inspection tools out there to help you discern the fake followers from any Instagram users’ accounts, but the efficiency and security can be big problems.

No worries, the section below lists 3 brilliant tools that comprise no malware or spam. And the mechanism behind them is quite simple - they use a powerful AI scanner to analyze your target account and tell you the portion of the fake followers within. Since the whole process is neat and clean, there is no chance to get your Instagram account banned. Let’s just dive in and see how convenient the 3 tools are.

Best 3 Fake Followers Check Instagram Tools

No registration, no password, and fast outcomes, this market has genuinely sent us with quality fake followers checkers for Instagram. Today, let’s see how do they work and what do we need to pay for the services.

#1. Trendhero - First Time for Free

Trendhero is the best tool to do fake followers check Instagram. This brilliant tool gives every registered user one free chance to unlock a full report, which is quite generous. You can use this free opportunity to analyze any Instagram account by just inserting the Instagram ID. And in a minute, a full analysis of the structure of your follower will be shown to you. Just like the picture below suggests.

Fake Followers Check Instagram - TrendHero


Blogger: $15.99/mo

Business, $39.99/mo

Agency, $119.99/mo

What it is able to offer:

1. Give a full analysis to Any Instagram account’s followers

2. Give trends for your follower growth

3. Analyze your followers’ portrayals

4. Provide similar influencers according to the given account

5. Give analysis for the comments and likes on your posts

#2. Socialauditor - Need to Pay for An Unblock

Being another useful tool in the industry of influencer marketing. Socialaudditor works just like Trendhero. This Instagram marketing tool is not free, it offers a complete analysis for users to check their fake followers, engagement rate, and the details of your followers. To use this fake followers checker is easy, just insert an Instagram ID and a detailed report will soon come out. (You may also like: Instagram Instant Likes Free)

Fake Followers Check Instagram - SocialAuditor


1 report package: $49

10 reports package: $390

50 reports package: $1450

What it is able to offer:

1. Analyze the fake and mass followers

2. Analyze the percentage of real likes and comments

3. Tell you the age, gender, country of your followers

4. Give you a report on the growth of your followers

#3. Hypeauditor - Analyze Any Profiles

This Instagram promotion tool serves as a versatile website that provides influencer discovering services, influencer analytics, and other services for YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram. With one simple click, you can get your Instagram followers analyzed and scored. This site can only analyze those who bear more than 1k followers. (You may also like: How to Get A Lot of Followers on Instagram?)

Cover of Hypeauditor


Personal plan: $0/mo

Basic plan: $399/mo

What it is able to offer:

1. Discover potential Instagram influencer

2. Give you a full report about your followers’ gender, country, etc.

3. Reveal your followers’ interests to improve your strategies

4. Reveal the growth of your followers

How to Freely Get 20 Real Instagram Followers Every Day?

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Step 3. Collect your coins and use them to exchange real Instagram followers.

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Do Fake Followers Harm Your Instagram Account?

The answer is definitely yes.

1. Fake Instagram followers can stop users from following you

Although there are no obvious ways to detect if an account possesses a lot of fake followers or not, fake Instagram followers can be found from the disproportional ratio between your posts likes and your followers. Imagine that an account with 1k followers but only got a few likes on its posts. 

2. Fake followers can destroy your account’s credibility

Another reason for eliminating your fake followers is that they can harm your account. The Instagram algorithm is an invisible engine that boosts your posts to reach more audiences. And the algorithm is picky since it only supports those with a good engagement rate when fake Instagram followers can ruin everything. So, using an organic Instagram followers tool is at a strategic status.


This passage introduces 3 safe and effective tools to do fake followers check Instagram. And among these 3 choices, Trendhero provides one free chance to make an instant inspection while the other 2 tools require subscribing to their packages before checking an Instagram account. BTW, the elimination of fake followers will cause a drastic drop in your aggregate followers, and GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is the perfect choice to bring back you with stable & real followers. Please do not hesitate to give it a try!

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