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6 Free Apps to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone & Android Quickly

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone? 6 free FB video downloader apps are shared to download Facebook videos to iPhone and Android quickly 2021.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Grace

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has a large number of users who post content and view others’ texts, videos, or images. Many beautiful, interesting, or amazing videos are sent on Facebook. What if you view a fantastic video and want to download it to your iPhone? Then you need Facebook video downloader apps to help you download Facebook videos on iPhone and Android. As we all know that saving texts and photos to your iPhone is very easy. Downloading videos directly from Facebook, however, is a difficult thing.  The following we are going to share are apps to help you download Facebook videos iPhone and Android for free.  

Download Facebook Videos iPhone

Title List

A Comparison Table of the 6 Free Facebook Video Downloader for IOS & Android

The above 6 Facebook video downloader are designed to download Facebook videos iPhone and Android quickly. We list their unique feature in the comparison table below to help you choose the best one to use.

Facebook Video Downloader Compatibility Unique Feature
Video Downloader for Facebook
iPhone & Android Enjoy videos with captions and auto-play
Video Downloader Pro iPhone & Android Support all download formats
Ultra Downloader Plus iPhone, iPad, Android Stream content directly to PS4, Xbox...
iDownloader iPhone & Android Built-in file viewer and manager
Best Video Downloader iPhone Built-in video player
Free Video Downloder iPhone & Android Download videos from any site

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1. Video Downloader for Facebook [iPhone & Android] 

As a free app designed to download Facebook videos on iPhone, Video Downloader for Facebook is the easiest Facebook video downloader app. It has an inbuilt web browser so as to allow you to browse Facebook within this app. Downloading the desired Facebook videos is very quick and easy. After a video is downloaded, you can share or repost the downloaded video.

Video downloader for Facebook enables users to download Facebook videos iPhone by using the video link. You can enjoy videos with ease. Multi-video downloading is available with this app, making video downloading more convenient and faster. The user-friendly and clear interface makes video downloading easy. It also works well on Android devices.

Note: Videos on Facebook shared publicly can be downloaded without login. But some videos shared with friends can be downloaded after you log in. 

Video Downloader for Facebook - Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Features of Video Downloader for Facebook:

- It supports download HD videos.

- It supports background and multitasking downloading.

- You can manage your videos with 3 modes.

- You can share or repost the downloaded video.

- You can change the download location.

2. Video Downloader Pro [iPhone & Android]

Try to find a free FB video downloader app that can download all online video formats? Video downloader pro, also known as Nova Video Downloader, allows you to download videos from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in various video formats, including MP4, FLV, AVI, ASF, and so on. It is the best app to download Facebook videos for iPhone. It is also available for Android. 

You can use its inbuilt browser to browse videos and download them directly to your phone. Downloading speed is very fast and the app is free. A passcode can be set up to protect your downloaded videos. It protects your privacy by not saving your browsing history to the device history option. 

Video Downloader Pro - Download Facebook Videos iPhone

Features of Video Downloader Pro:

- It has a file manager, media player, and inbuilt browser, with which you can search or browse videos.

- It assists users to download videos from popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo videos, and more.

- It supports all download formats: MP3, MP4, M3U8, M4V, MOV, WMV, PDF, APK, PNG, JPEG, etc. 

- It allows users to download several videos simultaneously.

- It supports to download videos in full high definition.

- You can use the passcode to protect your downloaded videos. 

- It provides fast access to bookmarks and most visited websites.

- You can send videos from iPhone to Mac or PC through Wifi transfer.

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3. Ultra Downloader Plus [iPhone & Android]

There is an app that allows you to stream content directly to PS4, SmartTV, Xbox, etc. It’s Ultra Downloader Plus. Do you want to try?

As a video downloader app, it helps users to download videos from video-sharing websites and keep their favorite videos on iPhone. You can download multiple Facebook videos at one time, and use a password to protect the videos you have downloaded. What an amazing free Facebook video downloader to download Facebook videos to iPhone for free! It also allows you to download HD videos, and remove videos with one tap. And you can download all kinds of video formats and watch videos on full screen on your iPhone. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Ultra Downloader Plus - Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Features of Ultra Downloader Plus:

- You can stream content directly to PS4, Xbox, SmartTV, and more.

- You can set up a password to protect your videos and bookmarks.

- It supports Retina and Airplay.

- It allows downloading several videos at the same time.

- You can add bookmarks for your favorite or most visited video sites.

- Add or remove videos with one tap.

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4. iDownloader [iPhone & Android]

Are you annoying about downloading Facebook videos to iPhone by copying a Facebook video link and pasting it again and again? 

iDownloader can help you out of this situation. How? iDownloader provides users an option to download a Facebook video on the site itself as it runs in the background. More surprising thing is that you can download over 50 videos simultaneously. This downloader is not restricted to videos. Audio files, music, and other documents also can be downloaded and saved to your iPhone. Android devices also can download this app. 

iDownloader - Download Facebook Videos to iPhone

Features of iDownloader:

- It has an inbuilt file viewer and manager.

- You can download videos, audio, and documents.

- You have a chance to download 50+ videos at the same time.

- It provides different video formats and excellent picture quality.

- You can share videos with families or friends via Whatsapp and other apps.

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5. Best Video Downloader [iPhone]

As a widely used video downloader by iPhone users, Best Video Downloader is very famous. You can choose to download a video directly from the site or download it by using its link. When this app is closed, you can still download and playback videos. One distinguishing feature of this app lies in that it provides the sleep mode which will stop downloading a video when the timer is finished. It is a special app for you to download Facebook video iPhone.

Best Video Downloader - Download Facebook Videos iPhone

Features of Best Video Downloader:

- It runs in the background, allowing users to download videos while playing.

- It gives a playback option in the case of the app is closed.

- You can select the sleep mode to stop a video.

- Videos from different sites are accessible in this app for free.

- You can download videos with high audio and video quality.

- It provides different video formats.

- It has an inbuilt video player. 

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6. Free Video Downloader [iPhone & Android]

As its name indicates, Free Video Downloader enables you to download Facebook videos iPhone for free. The most different feature is that you can create a playlist so as to play videos one by one.  

It has a simple and interactive interface. Searching for and downloading a video is an easy thing with this app for it supports you to download videos from any sites without any restriction. The download speed is also very fast. You can download this app on Android devices as well.

 Free Video Downloader - Download Facebook Videos iPhone

Features of Free Video Downloader:

- You can create a playlist to play videos accordingly.

- After closing it, you can play a video in the background.

- You can download videos from any site.

- It supports to download high-quality videos and videos.

- It has an inbuilt media player and file manager.

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Bottom Line

Many videos from Facebook are worth watching and downloading. How to download Facebook videos? We share 6 useful Facebook video downloader. Almost every app has its own unique feature or function, and you can choose one that suits you. With these useful apps, you can download your favorite Facebook videos to iPhone with excellent quality. These apps are 100% free. So you can download Facebook videos iPhone and Android anywhere, anytime.

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